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  1. Yeah, I heard this list was in the final game. WTF?
  2. Neat: I haven't seen a lot of the show, so it was good to hear that perspective. ?
  3. It would be cool if there was a better thematic use for those remaining 3 points than just shoving in Gideon. Maybe something they'll think about in the future. ?
  4. With my work on the Imperial Assault Skirmish Map Project I've got a bunch of high-dpi scans of all the tiles. Many have been edited to remove the puzzle-piece borders. Happy to share them with you or anyone. DM me an email to send an invite to the Google Drive shared folder (Gmail accounts work best here). Also, to be double clear: every existing map is made of core-set tiles, or core-set plus 1 expansion. PS: there are several existing projects to combine X-Wing and IA. I don't have any links handy but be sure too search around for existing work.
  5. Thanks to lots of help editing the HotE B-Side tiles from @lorunks I've updated the map project with 2 new skirmish maps today! We've got the 30th Floor Plaza from the expansion box and Coruscant Back Alleys from Maul's pack. Enjoy their trash-littered & neon-lit beauty: I've also updated the GitHub project page with more links and details including an updated HotE strip with all 4 skirmish maps. As always, let me know if there are any errors. Because I know folks will ask: the 4-player HotE map and the upcoming Lothal map are both is in-the-works. @lorunks has been diligently working on getting the map tiles ready for both of those. I plan to work on them more soon. And @leacher is already planning to scan the Lothal tiles for us, as he did for HotE too. Finally, if you have image-editing skills and want to help out please get in touch. ? Thanks!
  6. Jyn can't use it during Hair Trigger because that's outside of her activation as @a1bert mentioned above.
  7. @Kalandros, something you might be missing (that others might be too), is that when a figure picks up an experimental weapon they only get to use it once per activation. Meaning, a regular Stormtrooper group of three figures would get one 3-die attack and two 2-die attacks assuming the group one figure had picked up a weapon (and there were no other other effects). At least that's how I read it, quoted below:
  8. Have Junk Droids been a problem in your local Meta? They weren't popular at Worlds AFAIK.
  9. Bigger with rules ? (click to zoom). Note that it's all Core-set tiles so could enter rotation any time.
  10. A few bits of relevant info: Printi has sale for Memorial Day: 20% off site wide until Wednesday, May 30th (ending at an unspecified time) with coupon code MEMORIALDAY20 No progress on the HotE tiles yet because I've been busy: I'll again solicit help for image editing work finishing up the last of the HotE tiles as well as future expansion tiles. I hope to have a bock of staycation time in July to do some more work on the project. Have a great holiday US-based folks and I hope everyone gets a chance to see Solo! ?
  11. Since the 4-player maps are of greatly varying size I don't have a pre-created PDF of all of them. You can download the 300 DPI JPGs and combine them as you like to create a PDF to submit to Printi or use the code provided on the website if you have some familiarity with Python. (If anyone an assembled image already let @GottaBadFeelingAboutThis know.) BTW: To get the size in inches you divide the pixel dimensions of the 300 DPI image by 300.
  12. I've updated the project with a spelling correction for Ahsoka on the Uscru Entertainment District map that rotated in to tournament play (thanks @a1bert). I also updated the strip of 3 in-rotation tournament maps to use this new map. See these updates on the main project page. PS: as far as the project goes: no updates on new maps. I took a new job in January that's kept me busy. The B-Side tiles from HotE have been scanned but need to be edited to remove the puzzle pieces before we can build the remaining maps. If you're interested in helping please get in touch via PM.
  13. My partner and I will be at Kubla either way. We'd be happy to play in a tournament if there is one. (She's in the IA NorCal FB group too.)
  14. It's almost like they came up 3-points short on purpose...
  15. Now pinned! Yay! Great work @wannabepudge and thanks for the links to my podcast and map project.
  16. Pixart/Printi in the USA prints at 300 DPI which makes the printouts look close to the tiles (sometimes even better depending on my retouching). I'm pretty sure that Pixart EU did the same 300 DPI. At 100 DPI you're sacrificing a lot of detail but things should still be playable. You could use the lower resolution images for 100 DPI prints. These smaller images are half scale so effectively 150 DPI. The pre made PDFs are made with the 300 DPI versions and are expected to be printed at 300 DPI (which is a common printing DPI value).
  17. You are correct with respect to the 2-player maps. There is also a 4-player map from the HotE box that has not been made into an image yet. Since there have been a number of recent changes (around the Printi switch), please let us know how your order goes and if there are any difficulties that could be smoothed over. Thanks!
  18. Thanks for compiling all those links @wannabepudge If you're okay being the editor go ahead and make a new thread with appropriate title. Then we can use the 'Report Post' link that shows in the upper right of each post on mouseover to let the mods know about it. Normally this is for bad posts but we can write in the note that we'd like the thread to be pinned.
  19. I noticed some of the other IA sub-forums have pinned topics (like Sorastro's Painting), but we don't have any here in the Skirmish sub forum. Are there any threads that are worth pinning? I'm thinking specifically of skirmish resources (list builders, vassal etc) and/or advice for new players, as those are common questions on here. Do people have nominations for good thread we should pin? And/or does anyone want to compile a number of suggestions into a single post in a new post/thread (and continue to edit it) that we could ask the mods to pin?
  20. I updated the script to generate PDFs (as noted by @Fightwookies) and key off the 108 inch limit that @Ragemundo and @wannabepudge discovered (the script now stitches as many maps together in a strip as it can under 108 inches in width). So all the strips have been updated because of these changes. (@jconway2002 the All Maps group is now updated as you were asking about.) Everything is available on the GitHub Project Page
  21. Unfortunately no: the changes from the switch to Printi required a number of changes and I haven't made them all yet. I'll try to get those updated this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.
  22. Hey @Mandelore of the Rings it's a good idea to ping me ( @nickv2002 ) and/or respond in the map project thread so I see your issue. I'm assuming you're looking at this image: which you should be able to right click and "Save As" (or similar verbiage) in any browser. Hope that gets you sorted.
  23. Printi currently is offering 15% Banners (the product for printing these maps) with code BANNERS15 Should bring the per-map prices down to about $6 each if you order a few at a time.
  24. Thanks to corrections and info from @ricope, @Ragemundo, and @wannabepudge I've updated the GitHub project page and maps with the following changes. Fix typo in Paps map thanks to @ricope Create HotE group for printing (just 2 maps so far, but will expand as more are created) Adjust sizes in AllMaps group to be max of 6 maps in a strip and less than 108 inches wide (thanks to @Ragemundo and @wannabepudge for separate bits of info here)
  25. Thanks again to the valuable contributions from @leacher and Paul Windram, I'm pleased to make another skirmish map from Heart of the Empire available! It's Coruscant Senate Office from Palpatine's pack: Full size images are available on the GitHub project page. (JSON has been updated too @kingargyle) A couple of other housekeeping announcements: I'm starting a new job next week and will probably have much less time to work on IA stuff like this project. I'm not abandoning it or anything but all the B-side tiles from HotE still need image editing to cut them out and fix the puzzle edges. These B-side tiles are used with the remaining two 2-player maps in the HotE wave, while the 4-player map largely uses A-side tiles that have been converted (but also relies on some unfinished tiles from the Core). In any case, please get in touch if you have the time and skills to help with this endeavor. Pixartprinting has transformed into Printi, with a new interface and new prices. The order interface is probably a step up from before but the prices are also higher. Hopefully we'll get a sale soon but if anyone here wants to shop around for other online print shops that could also print stuff economically, please let me know. I'm happy to place a test order (even for an EU shop).
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