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  1. nickv2002

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    FWIW: Splinter Cell seems designed to address 3 issues in order to make the all-Spectre list competitive: Lack of Trait Synergy Lack of Focus/Move-other-figure support Limit of 6 activations I think that this list-assist was needed and I'm hoping that having a straightforward & thematic list helps bring new players to the skirmish game. However, the degree to which it accomplices this while maintaining an appropriate power levels for both stray Spectres and the Spectre list as a whole is something that's going to take the community a few months to really iron out.
  2. nickv2002

    Death Troopers. Thoughts so far?

    Yeah I know. It's kind of a nonbo, but there's still plenty of room in your list for other Troopers & Leaders. I was surprised heavies didn't get a mention here already. To be clear: I'm not saying this is a tier 1 strategy but I think it's one of the best uses of the power tokens eDTs hand out. Blast 2 is really good (so good they had to take it off the Rebel Sabs).
  3. nickv2002

    Death Troopers. Thoughts so far?

    What about pairing eDT with eHeavy Stormtroopers to give out surges to the Heavies? There was a winning strategy like this using Blaise to hide them for a while but eDT's are more reliable giving Surge Power Tokens than Blaise ability to hide Troopers. Heavies have 2 good surges (2 dmg & Blast 2) and but low chance to roll them off of Blue Red attack.
  4. I can scan them once I get my copy but to get the ball rolling I could use scans from someone else. @IndyPendant If you can fit the cardboard sheet fully on the scanner bed it could work. You could just send me a sample that I could compare to the existing scans from the core set. I'll pm you a place to upload if you have time to try it. Thanks. I heard back from @leacher he's waiting for his copy and will scan and upload once it arrives. Yay! Thanks all.
  5. I don't have my own copy of Lothal yet (waiting for a friend to paint it). I was hoping @leacher would be able to scan the tiles as he generously did last time, but I haven't heard from him recently. If anyone else has access to a flatbed scanner they could help out by scanning the Lothal map tiles at 600 DPI. The catch is that it cuts down a lot of work if the tiles are scanned before they're punched out of the cardboard (then you can use the corner of the flatbed scanner to keep them at a constant & straight angle and avoid having to rotate them later, plus the bleed helps the later retouching). If you can help out please pm me. I can give you a place to upload the scans. Thanks.
  6. @karatechop Nice. I'm in the area, but don't have time for campaign much. I do like to skirmish though, and we're always trying to get new people to come out to the events. If you and your group eventually wants to try Skirmish let me know. 🙂
  7. nickv2002

    Gencon North America championship

    Yeah, I heard this list was in the final game. WTF?
  8. nickv2002

    How good would the whole Rebels gang be?

    Neat: I haven't seen a lot of the show, so it was good to hear that perspective. 🙂
  9. nickv2002

    How good would the whole Rebels gang be?

    It would be cool if there was a better thematic use for those remaining 3 points than just shoving in Gideon. Maybe something they'll think about in the future. 😏
  10. nickv2002

    Doing is own skirmish maps easily

    With my work on the Imperial Assault Skirmish Map Project I've got a bunch of high-dpi scans of all the tiles. Many have been edited to remove the puzzle-piece borders. Happy to share them with you or anyone. DM me an email to send an invite to the Google Drive shared folder (Gmail accounts work best here). Also, to be double clear: every existing map is made of core-set tiles, or core-set plus 1 expansion. PS: there are several existing projects to combine X-Wing and IA. I don't have any links handy but be sure too search around for existing work.
  11. Thanks to lots of help editing the HotE B-Side tiles from @lorunks I've updated the map project with 2 new skirmish maps today! We've got the 30th Floor Plaza from the expansion box and Coruscant Back Alleys from Maul's pack. Enjoy their trash-littered & neon-lit beauty: I've also updated the GitHub project page with more links and details including an updated HotE strip with all 4 skirmish maps. As always, let me know if there are any errors. Because I know folks will ask: the 4-player HotE map and the upcoming Lothal map are both is in-the-works. @lorunks has been diligently working on getting the map tiles ready for both of those. I plan to work on them more soon. And @leacher is already planning to scan the Lothal tiles for us, as he did for HotE too. Finally, if you have image-editing skills and want to help out please get in touch. 😀 Thanks!
  12. nickv2002

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Jyn can't use it during Hair Trigger because that's outside of her activation as @a1bert mentioned above.
  13. nickv2002

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    @Kalandros, something you might be missing (that others might be too), is that when a figure picks up an experimental weapon they only get to use it once per activation. Meaning, a regular Stormtrooper group of three figures would get one 3-die attack and two 2-die attacks assuming the group one figure had picked up a weapon (and there were no other other effects). At least that's how I read it, quoted below:
  14. nickv2002

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Have Junk Droids been a problem in your local Meta? They weren't popular at Worlds AFAIK.
  15. nickv2002

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Bigger with rules 😉 (click to zoom). Note that it's all Core-set tiles so could enter rotation any time.