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  1. I'll look into doing building when I have a work break; possibly in early September. But anyone is welcome to access tile scans I have and start putting it together. We've had some great community contributions in the past by map-builders. šŸ˜€ PM me with your email for an invite (preferably Gmail as the files are on Google drives).
  2. Best balanced against what is a good question. So instead let me answer with some favorites that I think are well designed generally to create interesting play experiences and tactical possibilities. Bantha Rider - No question one of the most unique and interesting units to play with and against. IG, Vader, Han, and (to a lesser extent) Chewie after their fix cards - Each of these cards pushed the figures deeper into what they were before to make them much more interesting and fun. Shyla, Onar, and Vinto - Each does a different thing that's pretty unique in the game and does it really well. Elite Jet Troopers - Their survivability and damage is often surprising but they're very well balanced and play a great variety of roles in skirmish thanks to being Mobile Chopper - Great tool for punishing terminal sitting but it's his Ram ability that is super neat and useful very often too. R2 just Scomping cards is a bland substitute. Other great mentions: Terro, Thrawn, Death Troopers, 0-0-0, and Jawas. I also think Weequay's are some of the worst designed units (I partially blame myself) because they spend way too much time just hiding and shooting.
  3. I did some basic testing on this back in the day and it was promising. You can require a certain value of cards to be exhausted (eg more than 6 points or something in that range) that makes TI much more balanced. That's the whole problem with TI in the first place: its effect is much better than its cost so it makes sense to me to increase its in-game cost, such that you wouldn't always play it at the start of round 2 even if you weren't getting initiative. This kind of limit also makes it less valuable in the late game when you might not good deployments that you can safely exhaust for more than 6 points.
  4. I see 4 colored zones for deployment on the mini map. (One is in each corner.) šŸ¤” Are you referring to something else?
  5. No one posted the actual map that my team put together yet. So here it is for context (no Ewoks included):
  6. My last Printi order was 10 maps (in two strips of 5) for about $45 basically $4.50 USD per map. (But this was during a Black Friday sale, normal price would have been about $5.30 USD per map) So Vista Print sounds very high at $40 (!) per map or am I reading that wrong?
  7. Would be great to have a strategy discussion here. To start off, do people have an opinion on which deployment side they prefer? Map for reference šŸ˜‰ (click to make bigger): The sides seem pretty similar so, without having played it yet, I think I start with the blue side to have a bit more manuring freedom in my deployment zone due to less blocking terrain.
  8. The 4-player Temple Gardens map from Heart of the Empire is ready! Again thanks to @leacher, @Oslatir, and @fabiofotomoto to thank for their work (roughly respectively) of scanning tiles, cleaning the images, and arranging into the map. It's so big in both directions it doesn't fit in the standard height, I didn't make any PDF strips for it. Also, I pushed this one out a little quicker and experimented with using less of a key. Instead I tried putting more and larger symbols on the map. Hope it works well for everyone. You can find the full res version and printing instructions on the project website. Speaking of printing, Printi still doesn't have vinyl in stock. šŸ˜ž If anyone else has suggestions of other print shops that could provide similar services on vinyl or other materials for reasonable prices, please let me know and I can place a test order.
  9. Helps to see the whole card thanks to cards.boardwars.eu I almost played this back when Nelvaanian Warzone (from Leia) was in rotation because it was useful for getting a group of Troopers over the ice trenches. It's over-costed at 1 point though so it never made the cut.
  10. Yes, won't have time today probably but will do it this weekend for sure. I'll update this post when done. Regen is done. You might want to redownload any you were planning to print as the regeneration touched a few PDFs. PS: FWIW Printi.com vinyl seems to be out of stock right now. I hope this comes back soon otherwise we'll have to find another US-based printer.
  11. @Fightwookies found a mistake in the Tarkin Labs map with the position of the experimental weapons next to the yellow console on the minimap. Sorry that this mistake wasn't caught earlier, but luckily is was symmetric and should have had only a minimal effect on gameplay. Here's the fixed & updated map: Note that the updated map has indicators overlaid onto the main map to help differentiate it from the previous version. I also bumped the text size of the instructions to be the same size as newer printouts since there was plenty of room.
  12. And if you want 300DPI assets, all the tiles have been scanned for the Skirmish map project. Many have been edited down to the individual tiles, though other's remain scans. DM me for an invite.
  13. I didn't make this but here's a 4-player skirmish map made by a certain Mr. or Mrs. Bone Shovel: Death Station Beatdown
  14. The final map from Lothal is ready! Again thanks to scans from @leacher and @Oslatir along with lots of image editing work from @lorunks and particularly @fabiofotomoto Iā€™m pleased to have a version of the Imperial Tower skirmish map from Thrawn's pack ready: (Woah, 2 floors is different! šŸ˜³) You can find the full res version and printing instructions on the project website. I've updated all the printable strips for Lothal and the full set of all maps too. JSON metadata is also complete for @kingargyle streaming software. BTW: I got my printouts for some maps on this wave a few weeks ago: the tweaks we made with larger font sizes and on-map indicators are a nice upgrade. Maybe worth upgrading previous maps... someday. As for the 4 player map from HotE, I'm kinda burned out right now but if someone wants to take charge of editing tiles and assembling, you're welcome to get in touch so I can share the files with you.
  15. I added doors (though not to the printable strips yet, I'll pick up those changes in the next Lothal map generation). You may need to refresh the page to see changes here. Interestingly, the door between the outdoor and indoor areas is incorrectly placed in the middle of a space (see picture). @a1bert and I agreed it made more sense moved towards the indoor area so I did so on my map. LMK if there's an official ruling that moves it elsewhere though.
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