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  1. Maybe it's just because I suck in English, but I can't seem to fully grasp what this bullet in the Hunted Down mission briefing is supposed to mean: Does this mean that only the figure carrying the data chip can perform the tech attribute test on the terminal? Because we played it that any hero or Han Solo can perform the test, regardless of which healthy Rebel figure is carrying the data chip (specifically, Gaarkhan was carrying the data chip but Mak performed the test).
  2. We incorporated the errata in our ongoing campaign and played Target of Opportunity (Rebel Saboteurs as reward) yesterday. It seemed the side mission was created to abuse the Saboteurs' Pierce 2 ability, and the nerf considerably made it much harder for the Rebels to win the mission. I nearly lost, if it weren't for Saska Teft's device tokens.
  3. The "Extra Effort" event can only be used once every round as the cargo advances when it moves at least one space. If the cargo moves more than one space, it still only counts as one instance of advancing.
  4. Oops, my bad. Really should've looked at the Agenda card first before replying.
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