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  1. i really would try the new luke so Yoda can go elite. Use the profitable connections plot to fill out the points.
  2. Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were insane
  3. Are you saying Kylo isn't one of the best characters in destiny? Because if that is so, you are sadly mistaken. He is currently the second most winning deck (with grievous or baby vader) at 20% and probably the most played villian in the game.
  4. Also, R2P2 is really new. Remember how OP people thought Palp was?
  5. Maul was on the side of the box, what do you think his stats will be. Who else is coming out?
  6. E-Luke 2/ Old Ben is gonna be fun. E-New Ben/Luke might be good also. Heroes version of Vader Raider. Except that Luke is much better at destroying people. Kanan is worse in pretty much every way, except I guess for speed. But he has a worse die, less health, and doesn't have Luke's ability. But, I do agree that we will have to see what the upcoming metagame will be. Mill and control could become more popular, or we could just get a better character then Chewie for Luke to pair with, or it simply might be worse then all the other aggro decks that come out.
  7. Now I know Chewie is Chewie, he is not the best 12/16 character out there. But paired with Luke, the combo is really destructive. It has very consistent damage, and is very explosive with Luke's ability and (sometimes) Chewies special. It is fairly tough thanks to blue removal and second chance, and with access to running interference, fast hands, and force speed, it is pretty good at claiming. The only things that mess it up are mill decks, and resource control. I usually build the deck with around 18 free cards to make sure this isn't a problem, but lack of resources does hurt it. What do you think? Tier 1.5?
  8. This is true, but ani is better then both because he deals damage more consistently high. This is why baby vader is so good. Alot of his sides cost him something, but because they are there, it makes him good. So that two for a cost is better then that single damage on Kanan, and the special is (depending on the meta) usually gonna be better then Kylo's, cause it's never just going to be nothing, or a one. Yeah, the new Emo's is going to be scary.
  9. Well, after the nerfs none of those are very good anymore. FN is probably still good, but he is not even the same point cost, so ani will probably be the new 10/13 character for villians at least.
  10. Anybody else proxied him yet? He seems really good so far. Qui-gon seems like the partner to use so far (for heroes) and daddy kylo seems pretty good to. Any other good lists. Am I the only one that thinks he is broken?
  11. To be honest, your right. Poe is better. obi just intrested me.
  12. Explain to me then how mace is competetive, or Dady Vader. And also, the situation u just described is super lucky. And seriously even a take cover would have saved k2.
  13. I've changed the deck around and its been untouchable. I took out second chance and cut the deck down to just ten upgrades all weapons. The rest of the deck is almost all mitagation. I also changed out cargo hold for frozen wastes. And now the deck is even more awesome. Basically it's crazy hard to kill anyone, and Obi just pumps out damage. The only problem is if they take out maz. Then you lose speed and consistency. Try changing your deck like I've described though, and I think you'll find it's better.
  14. Hmm interesting, you'd have terrible dice though.
  15. Play tested this and it seems super good, especially with Obi's new saber. Will this be heroes long awaited dominant blue deck? With both of Maz's dice able to be used, it easily hits six damage every turn, just on character dice, often without re-rolls. And its fast, and really tough. Been using cargo hold and second chance to slide second chances off of Maz, onto Obi, or just mess with opponents upgrades. Is this the next biggie?
  16. Oh wow. Good point. Everyone has been raging about the Sabine interference loop, but I guess it doesn't work quite as well. I guess ambush upgrade from hand plus fast hands still works.
  17. Oh there will be power creep. I am fairly sure of it. I've played many FFG games and it always happens, heck any game with expansions/waves usually has power creep. It's unfortunate, but it keeps people spending money, which is good biusness. Lukas seems pretty awesome and honest, but I doubt money won't win in the end. It may be a year or two down the road, but it should happen. To be honest though, destiny seems incredibly well balanced currently. I will probably drop less money on EAW then any previous wave. We'll have to see what happens I guess.
  18. I'll use 6 sometimes if I feel its appropiate.
  19. PFFF! If A-wings work for you, I envy u. Don't go to a tourney, there not that bad, but you wouldn't say what you just said.
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