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  1. So I just saw Rogue One (loved it, glad to see the Star Wars fan-base mostly love it too.) Rogue One clearly provided LOTS of content for the Original Trilogy time periods, and FFG has already done a few new ships for Armada and X-Wing. Its likely Imperial Assault will get a few wave ideas. I don't have statistics or card details, just ideas: Death Troopers Villain Pack (The Elite soldiers not the zombies) Director Krennic Villain Pack (They did a wave on Obi-Wan, Greedo, and the Grand Inquisitor, it makes sense. Saw Gerrera Hero Pack Any other ideas for mercenary factions are welcome
  2. Thank you So you don't draw the top 3 for rebels then the next 5 for imperial. You draw until you have 3 with the rebel icon and 5 with the imperial icon. Then you use the first 3 rebel cards, then the first 5 imperial. Since there are only 5 planets with rebel icons, you'll start the game with 3 of the 5. I saw the part, however the wording through me off. In the book it only states that Rebel Systems are defined by the rebel Token, likewise for Imperial Systems
  3. So I had just finished my first game with my group using the starting game setup in the Learn to Play group, it was a blast. However, the starting game specified which planets the factions held and what units were on them. I found the advanced setup rules that stated how to setup planets and units for regular games (Draw top three probe cards for rebels, 5 cards for empire etc.) However, in the rules it never specified if we have to draw from a specific set of planets for "realism." I've noticed a few probe cards have a faction icon on them, while the majority of the rest simply have a circle. Rebel Probe Droid Cards are: Naboo, Kashyyyk, Ryloth, Bothawui, and Mon Calamari. Imperial Probe Droid Cards are: Sullust, Mustafar, Corellia, Saleucami, Mygeeto, Rodia, and Mandalore. Does anyone know if we have to pick our starting planets from these sets or does it include populous neutral planets?
  4. Looking back at my topic I realize we're probably not going to get any expansions based on what I've observed from FFG's other Star Wars games. Any Wave 1 packs in Armada, Imperial Assault, Star Wars: The Card Game, and I believe X-Wing were all announced prior to the game's release. Rebellion is out and nothing has been announced, so sadly, I'm not counting on anything
  5. I haven't been here long enough to say I'm a veteran of FFG. I usually only stick with the Star Wars games, and I hope to pick up the Star Wars LCG for my birthday next month. I think its fair to say that I am new enough to be amazed at the quality and quantity of the expansion released last month. Return to Hoth is FANTASTIC, and I only just got it today. I believe that I was skeptic due to the problematic video game industry in which many games tend to be underwhelming, and I am glad to say that not all entertainment industries are entirely corrupt. I cannot wait for more major content. P.S. I don't have any pictures to show you, and I don't plan to.
  6. ... but he has a tonfa, not a mace. Source? The Final Script, I can't link to the PDF but I have tried to post a new topic containing the link a while back, but it would reveal my personal files so I had to take it down. Needless to say they describe him as a "Mace Trooper," but the weapon itself may not be a mace.
  7. Anakin WAS the chosen one, not Luke. He was conceived by the force, and he brought balance to the force. Those were the stated criteria, and they fit Anakin. He didn't do what the Jedi expected the chosen one to do, but he still fulfilled the prophecy... Personally. As I said, it was disproved. Two days ago Andy Serkis said there was no correlation between the two
  8. Nevermind, I had a plagueis Theory in this comment and then I looked up and saw that it was already mentioned as disproved.
  9. He has a mace and his formal unit type is called a Mace Trooper...so VERY possible if they touch that area.
  10. While I sort of approve, I do worry that it would bring to mind one of the worst parts in all of the prequels. It would be interesting though, tiles with huge amounts of impassible terrain. That would offer an interesting challenge to the designers, come to this no of it. It would make no sense for mobile figures like nexu or huge figures like AT-STs to be able to enter lava, so they'd need a new terrain type to stop them, Dealy, maybe? On the other hand, floating figures like a Probe Droid should be able to hover over it, but how would you differentiate between a Nexu and a Probe Droid for example? You could list which units are allowed, but that's terribly ungrateful and would need to be kept up to date. My guess is we'd just have to live with figures that logically should be able to enter the terrain not being able to. Lava Tiles: If a figure is not a small figure, then the Mobile keyword has no effect
  11. I can't tell - did you like Force Awakens? He hates it with a passion actually... just look at the other parts of the forums
  12. The whole Death Trooper idea should be replaced with something along the lines of a Rakghoul (which are the creations of the sith.) Only due to the fact that not everyone approves of the idea of "zombies" in Star Wars. Rakghouls were BioWare's way of introducing a zombie-like creature into the mythos. What they could do lore-wise is say that this sorcerer has discovered a way to creature Rakghouls out of pure dark side energy.
  13. I feel like "Maul of the Nexu" for the Third Brother should be a depletion rather than an exhaustion. Cleave 4 is extremely powerful, at least in my eyes.
  14. AMAZING But could you find a name for the Shadow trooper rather than just "Shadow Trooper" and then we're set
  15. I don't mean to be rude but you clearly don't understand this game or this market. 1. Imperial Assault heroes are ALWAYS never before seen heroes. If they were to do The Force Awakens, then Poe, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 would be allies that you could bring with you. 2. I'll just state it, the reason we LIKE Imperial Assault is because it DOESN'T APPEAL TO THE MASS MARKET (At least that's why I love it.) You can't just cut those out. 3. No comment as I am not a skirmish player 4. 12 stormtroopers is quite a lot for a core set. We have 12 Stormtroopers NOW with just a core and Wave 3. Maybe 4 Flametroopers, 1 Rathtar, and a few others. 5. No 6. Eh...Kylo is a big character, while it would make sense, I have a feeling they will choose another character (Rey and Finn perhaps?) 7. They can't, they have to make up for production. $40 to $60 isn't enough for the amount they have to spend to print all the cards and tiles (or cardstock if you have your way)
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