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  1. I've had this pre-ordered since before GenCon so I don't even have the delay to blame for me spending too much money on games in October...I'm just going to do it anyway on other stuff. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, MISSION: RED PLANET! Also, MAD PROPS for the Jade Empire love in your sig--never hear about that game anymore. So under-rated. It drives me absolutely mad that they've never made a sequel for it. Of all of Bioware's amazing games, Jade Empire was the single best one, or at least the franchise I enjoyed most. Sincerely wishing they'd come back to that world, especially considering it's been two console generations since they last touched it.
  2. What'll be interesting is playing around with banner options. I'm tempted to run a Dothraki-focused Targaryen deck with Tyrell strength boosting support first. It may not be the most competitive build, but looking for synergies in the mix is half the fun.
  3. I burned out on the series around Book 7. Nothing like reading 800 pages of crap where the story doesn't move forward at all to kill the buzz! However, I still love the setting and would be all about an LCG, and even a second go at an RPG (though I don't know if there's a substantial enough audience for the latter).
  4. Thanks for the update! Been reloading that screen way too much. Looks like the first week of October is gonna be super expensive, between these boxes coming into my store AND all the new Marvel comics that are starting up the same week.
  5. Don't forget Arcadia! Guardians is the only ccg that FFG needs to buy besides L5R. What's better than bribing monsters with beer, babes, or cash? Besides, the game still has some of the best artwork I've ever seen in a card game and this is a game from 1995. haha, my personal wish is that they would revive Decipher's mechanics for the LotR CCG in LCG format, but I doubt if I'll ever get that. The core design of that game was elegant. While I never properly had a chance to learn those complex rules (tried on my own, but there was really no one in the area playing it, at least that showed up at my main store), I have a deep and abiding love for what Decipher did with Star Trek and Star Wars. Esp in Star Wars with the location-building mechanic. I'd love to see that return to a game. Right now, Netrunner provides the most similar feel to that, and I love it.
  6. Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel and L5R. These are my people!
  7. Ahh, I remember back in the day when this newfangled game called Magic: The Gathering came out, angering a bunch of silly hyper-religious parents who'd grown tired of bashing D&D (and not for all the reasons it deserves to be bashed!) I also remember "Rage". Obviously, one of those games is still around. Glad to know that the gaming community is thriving, to say the least. It's not like I'd have time necessarily to play GoT, L5R, Star Wars, LOTR, Blood Bowl Manager, Star Wars RPG, X-Wing, Netrunner AND 7th Sea, lol, but still.
  8. This news, plus the new GoT 2.0 have finally given me the impetus to join the forums community at FFG. I've enjoyed a number of card, board and mini games made by FFG. I suppose this question might be better suited and directed to an email or contact page, but in case there's already murmurs out there I thought it would be worth asking the community: Has FFG also potentially picked up the 7th Sea I.P.? As a fan of both the card and RPG game, I would absolutely love if they had plans to resurrect them alongside carrying on the torch for L5R! Swashbuckling heroes and villains of a fantasy alternate Europe of the 1600's, with magic and exploration and intrigue galore... how can this not find a strong audience, especially with FFG's track record? I will be eagerly following the updates for Legend of the Five Rings. This is an ideal marriage of developer and franchise!
  9. A fantasy world based on real historical culture. Both L5R and 7th Sea from AEG fired up my imagination, and my friends and I continue to play table top games of both settings from time to time!
  10. Just putting in my two cents, I'd love Tyrell and Night's Watch resin cards. I have the others! T'would be wrong not to make these!
  11. If the canon is being reset back to zero, that means even Mantis won't be part of the game at launch. The Unicorn shall not be forgotten! I sincerely hope we come back to that standard as a fan of the game's first edition.
  12. As an outsider of the game who only ever played the RPG (and still prefers 1st Edition over the subsequent ones), who wanted to dabble in the card game but it was far too old at that point and CCGs in general are too much of a randomized expensive money sink, this game is awesome news to me. I always prefer getting into something on the ground floor and have come to trust FFG because of their other LCGs. I do think that part of the interesting appeal of the game was how tournaments would shape the story, though that was tempered by how many repetitive apocalypses amd strange (not in a good way) turns were caused by the function, making the story weaker by comparison. I think a good middle ground should be aimed for, something along the lines of the writing team creating a set of possible outcomes for tournament winners/participants to choose from. If only the high end regional or larger tournaments do this, it will disenfranchise and disincentivize part of the appeal of being part of the community at the local organized level. Perhaps the wider, numerous tournaments being held could either whittle down the options, or say, provide 1 vote per, while top tier tournament votes count for more? Either way, I don't want the strength of the story to be undermined by providing players too much control, as stated above in this thread, because you end up with bizarre results.
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