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  1. Well, I have no love of those mega online stores that deep discount everything and have in the past made it impossible for brick and mortar stores to compete, so if that's the silver lining to this whole thing, I'll take it.
  2. I'm not so optimistic, based on the last two decades of gaming, that your evaluation of access to the product is accurate. Less distributors doesn't mean a better experience, and frequently means a worse one. Less competition also hurts the market and the ability of storefronts to thrive. Alliance has not been the favorite supplier for any of the stores and owners I've known over the years. Now, when they f*ck up, and they WILL, there is zero recourse, just the same old "stores have to wait, potential customers/fans of FFG lose interest and move on."
  3. It's idiotic assumptions like this that make you a complete as*hat, Tyler. Sorry, but no. The implication again being that they are somehow negligent isn't true. What IS true is that they are smaller, that the market isn't large enough in all areas that there are that many gamers for something that is a niche hobby, when most people aren't even aware anything outside of Monopoly and Checkers even exists. They handle larger clients. Yes. This does not make them better clients, nor does being a small store make the people running the store negligent or incompetent. Your arrogance is disgusting.
  4. Yeah, that's another concern I have as well. Growing the player base is vital, and while L5R has a built in fanbase from prior, not all will embrace the new gameplay or show up, and new fans can only try things if they're available to sell. I'll do what I can to make extra decks so they can test-play it, but yeah.
  5. Don't go victim-blaming here. Alliance has shown a clear bias toward larger stores and stores that order mass quantities over smaller stores that don't have as large a customer market (outside of, usually, MtG and whatever the Japanese card game fad of the time is). I've heard many times before, and again with this recent news, of Alliance being the most incompetent and/or intransigent distributor to work with. My main store here has been in business for nearly 30 years, and the guy there knows how to run it and do it well, so kindly keep your obnoxious insults to yourself. Capisce?
  6. And Alliance has a pretty stinky track record dealing with smaller gaming stores. Which, is, uh, the vast majority. Including all the ones in my entire *region.* If this sinks and reduces the number of distributors that can stay afloat, that means it'll also be harder for other gaming companies to get product out. And, eventually, even difficult for FFG and the others under the Asmodee umbrella. Bottlenecking distribution hurts the retailers and end users, and eventually bites the publishers in the a*s. So, uh, yeah, this is a big red flag. Worse, Asmodee isn't doing any interviews with outlets about it until they announce their new "rules" at the END of this month. That's a whole month to throw things into chaos in the meantime. I've asked that my orders be updated, but if I see heavy allocation and other issues of product getting to us, or worse, my local gaming stores folding as a result, I have zero problem pulling the plug on my future FFG purchases. Ugh. I'm gonna cool off. But yeah, if you're like me and you essentially subscribe to most of the LCG chapter packs, just be sure to check in with your shops of choice sooner than later.
  7. From Asmodee's FAQ, if I'm understanding it correctly, all new product coming out after August 1 must be ordered through Alliance. So I guess let this act as a friendly nudge to everyone who preordered to check with their stores and ensure their orders can be switched over as early as possible, in the offchance we risk another Star Wars Destiny-type logjam. https://retail-cdn.asmodeena.com/filer_public/c2/9c/c29cb596-3247-449f-84e4-9717d734a5d5/ana_agd_faqs.pdf Second question on the PDF.
  8. Sorry, here's a link to the news: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/37650/asmodee-north-america-goes-exclusive-alliance
  9. Firstly, I'm worried and not very happy about today's news regarding distribution. My local stores placed orders for me through Southern Hobby and now those orders are up in the air, considering the release isn't until after the August 1 transition date when all FFG stuff will be handled through Alliance. I'm old enough to remember when Marvel tried to monopolize by making itself its own distributor. DC and Image went exclusive with Diamond, and all the other distributing companies ended up tanking, leaving us only with Diamond having a monopoly for all comics distribution. Diamond owns Alliance. So, I see the trend, I see the risks, and this only helps Asmodee's bottom line, NOT the gaming customers, as that press release claimed. Multiple distributors creates a healthy economic environment. One monopoly, especially for all FFG products (the company I buy the most gaming stuff from by a large percentage), is the opposite of healthy. So yeah, I had orders placed. Those orders are now in limbo following this news, and if there's any allocation, or hiccups on Alliance's end (not unheard of), suddenly a lot of us are going to be sitting there waiting for a chance to play the game, especially competitive players. Has anyone else checked with their local gaming shops regarding their pre-orders for L5R? Any that ordered thru a company other than Alliance? What has your store told you, if so? Mine are hopefully going to find out quickly. Cheers.
  10. As a returning player who just caught up and now has all the xpacs, two cores, two Edge of Darkness, definitely needing to dive into the current meta. Thanks for pointing there, and here's a convenient bump!
  11. I see no reason why this game should be enslaved to canonicity. Not only would it alienate the current player base only a couple years into the game's existence, there's really no reason to do so. This is a card game, not an ongoing story being told. Not to mention, there is very little material in the new canon to draw from. We have the final Dark Horse Darth Maul miniseries before the comics switched to marvel, which was on the list with the new writer group. We have half a dozen novels (and about a dozen kids' chapter books). We have one upcoming video game. We have the films, and we have the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons. In terms of content, there's just not a whole lot of variety, tbh. Not yet. Also, never forget the Caravan of Courage!
  12. 5 tentative decks built! Targ/Martell Stark Fealty Night's Watch/Tyrell Lannister Fealty Greyjoy/Baratheon To some extent, I just like some absurd pairings, like the Baratheon family supporting the Greyjoys (hah!), and on the flip side, for any new player who wants to live out their Stark vs. Lannister family wishes, that's set to go.
  13. Doing a little celebration! Just reached the end of a 9 day work sprint, only to hear the stuff released and my preorders were at the store! I'm now home, defragging from an exhausting work stretch, and poring over the cards. First up, a Targaryen/Tyrell deck idea I wanted to mess around with. Who else is in the same boat, and what decks are you putting together first?
  14. I enjoy smash up too. I just don't have any expectation that a property they've been sitting on doing nothing for a decade will actually get anywhere.
  15. In the end, I trust FFG to do whatever will work best. I think the only thing I didn't immediately care for was how the Star Wars game is set up with the Death Star dial escalation. That's just not a mechanic I particularly care for in the game, instead wanting a more traditional gameplay feel along the lines of MtG, the old SW game, AGOT, etc.
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