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  1. I'd be fine with only three at this point, it allows me to introduce NPCs that are memorable and can work with the group on multiple occasions. I've got a plan for the future, I just didn't expect it to work out so smoothly for me.
  2. So I feel like I need to talk this out a little bit with others who play and enjoy the game. So my current group and I just finished our campaign, which a lot of people enjoyed. I had them start making up new characters for a follow up we're doing in January and last night one of my players insisted on being a Lepi, those silly rabbit humanoids that only made small appearances in random comics and books here and there. I like to keep my games as close to Star Wars realism as I can, I try to craft this believable world with believable characters even though there's space magic and travel. So I told her no, that there are other races she could pick. But she refused. I told her over and over that I just want her to be something less comical for the campaign, I'd rather her be a gungan, at least they show up in the Nexus of Power book. She was getting to the point of being mean when I was just trying to keep out something I personally thought was ridiculous. I basically gave her an ultimatum that if she's not going to change this ridiculousness and not do what I'd like her to do, she can leave. She and her friends did, bringing the group I had from 6 to 2. I honestly felt like I wasn't asking too much, I only wanted her to change her race but she insisted on it and it became a personal attack on me for not letting her "express herself". Granted most of her friends were the ones that left, I honestly feel liberated. Throughout the whole campaign there's been tension between me and her, and more between the others that left. I allowed them a say in what kind of sessions they wanted to see, I allowed them to find the cool equipment they wanted, but when I ask them to change a race that I think is silly and doesn't fit in my story? Total chaos. But get this, it all worked out for the better. The two that stayed are committed, and put the most depth in their characters and enjoy the game the most. I feel like these two aren't showing up just to hang out and goof off instead of be invested in the campaign (one of the players that stayed even said he loved the drama of the stories I was crafting, but its seriousness and awe factor were ruined by the way they silly role played, his words not mine.) I honestly feel like this was a long time coming, but the good news is someone who wanted in but I said six was too many is joining us, putting us at a confirmed 3. Only one or two more people would be the perfect size for me, and I'll press on them early on I want them to get more out of the game and their characters than those who left. So in the end, people I did not want in my group left, and people I wanted stayed, and I have new people looking to join in. I honestly didn't think it would end up like this, but I'm happy it did. It felt like a toxic environment for me sometimes, so hopefully the next group is better. I know this is a lot, but I just feel like I needed to share it, get people's opinions and plan on what to do in the future if something like this happens again. Cheers
  3. So in the new campaign I'm trying to pen, I'm trying to get the PCs to go on an exploratory adventure where they put together a map of an ancient artifact lost to time, and are united in their pursuit to discover this artifact and "save the galaxy". Since the Empire, a rival archaeologist, and a crime lord all want their hands on this, the PCs will have to be smart with how they use it. Does saving the galaxy mean using this wonder against evil, or destroy it to keep it out of the hands of evil? There will no doubt be heavy implications to their use of this thing. Long story short: I was trying to figure out what my campaign was missing and I think this is what I was looking for, thank you for the story idea!
  4. After much consideration I've settled on the character, Malè Arc-Turo, Twi'lek Archaeologist / Con Man. Going to do my best with a French accent and everything, he of course has his own tragic backstory and a personal Zabrak bodyguard named Zaado along with his near army of paid goons. But wait, there's more. Also joining the rogues gallery is Nemoidian Crime Boss Mon Gutza, a criminal enterprises extraordinaire, having his fingers in all kinds of situations the PCs get into. And to top it all off is Inquisitor Natalia Forscythal, also known as the Second Sister. Known for her speed and precision, her hunts always end in humiliating her quarry before ending them. All three will give my group quite a bit of trouble.
  5. Believe it or not, an old GM of mine actually introduced a Mon Calamari with a fedora and a whip. He was an archaeologist named "Dantooine Johanas". Maybe I'll go with Tatooine Roberts though ha ha
  6. I think it's personally easier to develop Nemeses using the character's backstory over their obligation due to the changes as stated before. For example, a mad scientist nemesis that was the creator of my PC that was a military bred clone encountered the group, tried to capture them, and they were at odds with him ever since. Talking with your players about their backstories will help introduce characters to hinder them
  7. Thank you all for the ideas, I have it narrowed down to these now: Muun, Chiss, Sakiyan, and Twi'Lek. I actually already have a Nemoidian crime boss as a villain in this campaign as well as a crafty female Inquisitor. At the end of the campaign I see the three of them teaming up to take down the PCs but then they inevitably betray each other, making an impossible task for the PCs become a manageable challenge.
  8. So one of the bad guys in my next campaign is going to be like Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark, an archaeologist with a ton of resources and at odds with the group, swinging in at odd moments to steal what the PCs are trying to find. Not necessarily evil but not good either. I cannot for the life of me think of what race to make him. I know I want him to be an alien of some kind but I just can't decide on what makes sense with the kind of character. Any ideas would be fantastic
  9. So the member of our gaming group that has Stay on Target is out of town until next Sunday, and doesn't have access to his book. I need the stats for the kybuck and the ruping from that book for someone that's interested in pursuing the hermit spec. Does anyone on here have access to these stats and can share them, either writing it down or a link to a compiled resource page? Thank you I would really appreciate the help.
  10. Everyone, Thanks for the advice, the session went very well and I feel like they grasped the evil of the nemesis without the torturing needing to get graphic. They role played very well and got quite shaken as their characters after the encounter. Everyone thought it gave a lot to the narrative and backstory of characters going forward and all in all that was my end goal with this.
  11. So tonight is a session focused on the PCs being subject to torture at the hands of their nemesis, some of them have been asking for this as an opportunity for role play and backstory reveal, and I was wondering how dark is too dark in what happens. The nemesis is already a sick dude, one step away from insanity. He's going to kill two of their NPC favorites a la Negan from the walking dead (some went out of their way to tell me this would be cool) so I'm catering to that but I don't think they grasp how serious it will get. He'll also chop people's arms off with his lightsabers. This is going to be a session where the PCs "lose", where they don't necessary come out without scars. But in regards to the actual stuff that happens is there anything I should avoid or keep in mind? I know this is probably a little different than what most of you do in your sessions, but my group likes dark natured content so it isn't coming out of nowhere. Thanks everyone
  12. I do not change the difficulty of the same task, like I said I still have easy checks to sneak by minion characters or hack simple computers. I simply have more challenges they must face, as their story path has led them to try to get by advanced sensor equipment or hack encrypted databanks on top of what's easier. I just want to scale the difficulty a little bit so they don't succeed on every check they make.
  13. So, by making them harder, are you changing the difficulty of checks? Some of my players have used dedication and implants to get characteristics of like 4s and 5s, so in order to keep it interesting I upgrade and increase the difficulty a lot more than in earlier sessions. They don't complain as I still put easy checks here and there, but the challenge die keeps them on their toes
  14. My group is absolutely terrified of despairs because of how I've used them in the past, so they try to avoid unnecessary risks when they can. Since they're higher XP characters I've made the checks a lot harder, and rather than just roll and see what happens they sometimes opt out of taking risks. It's fine though because only one or two people really do this while the rest want a challenge and to see if they can triumph (get it?) over what I have in store for them.
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