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  1. Well, you seem to be a party holdover then since you reacted. 😉
  2. I do not limit them to dictionary definitions but when I am being criticised, I am allowed to bring in said definition as a reference, am I not? It has the advantage of not being as subjective as how "actual people" use a specific word. Also, to dismiss generative grammar just because it is not en vogue is ignorant. Instead of just criticise, you should have told us which basis - other than a dictionary - would have been stronger in your opinion.
  3. Presumably because the person recognised my statement as purely academical whereas your ego seems to be threatened by it.
  4. I know, it is the same in my mother tongue and it is listed as the second meaning of this word in said Dictionary. I concern myself about linguistics and I work with definitions. I deliberately use words according to proper semantics in the hope that it might educate people in a subtle way. Thank you for the opportunity to explain it explicitly!
  5. Long story short: I am disappointed because of magnitude of the reboot and others seem to like it. That is really all this is about.
  6. Thanks, I do know what a retcon is and in my post I brought the Sun/Moon phenomenon up as my apperciation for consistancy. But one could argue that it is a retcon to the set Heavenly Order which was - up to that point - an integral part of the setting.
  7. Thanks for asking and not stupidly alleging something I did not say - unlike so many others here. Yes, that is exactly my point! I do not care that FFG make such changes if they do not suggest by using the name it would be the same. It raises expectations which cannot be fulfilled.
  8. I ignored posts like this so far but yours is simply over the top. Do not talk about a "valid argument" when you demonstrate in the same post that you have no idea what that is nor what I am talking about in the first place. I did make my argument but you choose to ignore it, instead you repeat what others said multiple times already.
  9. Thank you for the hint! I usually choose my words carefully. Accourding to Oxford Living Dictionaries a perversion is "Distortion or corruption of the original course, meaning, or state of something." which is exactly what I mean. Regarding your second comment - I explained my standpoint already.
  10. Of course I assume that. As you point out yourself it is about the name. Change it and then you may change everything else - I do not care! But as long as the name stands for a specific setting I expect it to be this setting.
  11. I appreciate your attempt of objectivity but as I implied before: Why then use the exact same name which stands for a different thing? Also I do not like the "It does not hurt!" approach, I am the "Is it beneficial?" type and I do not think it is in this case.
  12. I was refering to the earlier mentioned alignment not that a reincarnation has to be of the same gender per se but by that "logic" it should.
  13. Of course they can. But you made your argument against yourself considering your earlier post: If an apple is not an apple on the inside then your metaphor does not work. You "appreciate" and call it a "pity" at the same time and talk about "too institutionalised with the ccg" while I clearly stated I was playing the RPG - it makes no sense at all. I understand that you like what FFG is doing, I do not. So let us agree on that we do not agree with each other, shall we?
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