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  1. I mean, yes. Obviously. That's what is going to happen. Are we ignoring the story group, which (as demonstrated by the clone wars cartoon which gave a bit of depth to the prequels, rebels which is really shaping up to be a good series, rogue one which made a good story out of a crazy suicide mission) is trying to go back to the roots of star wars and avoid Lucas controlling the vision of it? I mean, nobody but Disney (woooh the big bad villain!) would ever make pointless backstory about tiny characters who have no implication on the plot but then appear in other stuff later on. Nope.
  2. We've got a very competitive core group of 10-20 players with some impressive credentials, along with lots of newer/more casual players (At least 8-10 joining in the last 6 months). Our local league has 40+ players across 3 divisions and the standard of play is high across the board - something I'd say is due to the atmosphere which is always welcoming but geared competitively. People aren't shy to talk about what went wrong in a game for them, or how they think a list could be improved. We also have a group playing through HotAC alongside the standard games, which is going well. All that competitiveness aside, one of the local players runs monthly tournaments that are basically aimed at being anti meta, and everyone still turns up & has fun. I'm going to miss them, as I'm moving away for uni. It's vassal time for me!
  3. I think they were purely focusing on the starwing being wanted by the community, the Phantom II fitting for the rebels, and a random 3rd ship for scum. It's also (IMO) a filler wave really, fitting in the gap before new releases.
  4. I would say that anything legends is ruled out, effectively from now on honestly. We're about to get Ep VIII, IX, Han Solo spinoff, and more rebels plus more content in Battlefront etc, not to mention books/comics. However, the story group have proven that they can bring in legends stuff and make it canon, so seeing some of your wishlist in there may happen, just not solely via FFG.
  5. You could paint sand trooper armour? Or maybe tatooine dirty armour
  6. Just announced via in flight report! edit - https://www.facebook.com/teamcovenant/ live stream
  7. That was actually my thought. Either you make it killable the rescuing team needs a buff, or you make it unkillable in which case you need a buff for the attackers.
  8. Or even Ketsu/Asajj with Burnout SLAM & C.measures, they've got the 5 straight.
  9. I think the idea could be interesting - but it could very easily be abused if not worded correctly. The "Let's get out of here" condition could be worded "If this ship flees the battlefield from your deployment edge, you win the game" to clean up the wording. Taking some concepts from Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, how about requiring you to overlap the token to pick it up? Also, is there a way of killing this thing? That would change the dynamic massively.
  10. Sounds like yet another ban list which only picks on your hated items, and as such will not mean people want to play it. You didn't even touch Biggs, regen or mindlink (3 things which a lot of people dislike) but completely removed kylo ren, which is barely in the meta. Why would you even bother banning score to settle? It's thematic, fun and not OP in any way (further evidence this is a personal "I don't like x" list) No primary weapon rolls more than 5 dice at any range currently - so why bother adding the restriction? If someone wants to spend all their points on one overkill attack, then by all means go ahead ("I don't like x!" NERFED!) That vader/luke thing is just silly. TIE swarms -> OP (especially since you didn't even ban crack shot, but decided they needed a massive boost...)
  11. I reckon a Raider could take 6 Black Cracks & Howlrunner, which is 108pts - maybe make it 7 for a nice 8 TIE swarm.
  12. 150pts of TIE fighters equates to Howl and 11 academies, or Howl and 8 black cracks with 1 academy. Each TIE (assuming it evades, so lowballing the estimate here) will do 1.5h of damage with the howlrunner reroll, and howl will do 1h of damage. That's 17.5 damage from the academy swarm, and assuming the corvette player reinforces the front, the corvette will actually only take 5.5 damage (since reinforce removes 1 hit per TIE). So 150pts of academies + Howl will not do much. However, the black cracks are another matter. If they evade, then the damage dealt will be 14.5 - and the corvette can only reinforce against 2 of them, because the evade will be crack-shotted. So it'll take 12.5 damage that round. Basically, 150pts of TIE should be an even match for the corvette if it reinforces or removes TIEs before they shoot (assault missiles, proton torps, cannons etc). I'd want to test it out, but the corvette is maybe on the weaker end of the matchup because we aren't accounting for crits.
  13. (1) You can't really define it that way because the points invested in your squad/playing the game don't divide equally. For example, the 3pts of Soontir getting a 97 bid are probably going to save more games than a 3pt stealth device on him, before player skill is considered. I don't think initiative is often a game changer though - unless you run specific ships. I was going to give you some statistics on how often as a % you'll face someone of the same pilot skill but I have a short attention span so... (2) Sure, it makes it interesting, but already a good pilot can elect not to take the bid in order to get use out of the extra points if he can rely on his good flying to overcome losing initiative.
  14. I disagree - bidding is equivalent to spending x points on saying "I really want to go first/second because I can win with 100-x points if I get to go first/second" so is more strategy than randomness. Maybe if points are tied then you get switching initiative.
  15. Sure. It might be. But, as I said, the evidence clearly suggests that it isn't. I fully admit that my analysis might miss the secret anti-meta cabal of people who hate tournaments... but it's somewhat unlikely.
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