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  1. What abilities on the targeted deployment card can be used when using close quarters? Under 'attack' with different dice pool is says surge abilities can be used but under 'close quarters' is says she doesn't gain access to surge abilities. Can someone smarter than me please clarify what she can and cannot use?
  2. Ok, so it's not just me then =). Inspiring leadership looks good on paper, especially when you have a heavy hitter to order around like you mentioned. I almost got an extra attack of on vader one mission but then Biv attacked and by rolling just ONE surge applied stun, bleed and weakened. Seems like this deck is too easy for competent rebels to counter. Next time I play empire I'm going for military might. Or maybe the op and easy to play subversive tactics o_O.
  3. My gaming group is currently playing our 4th campaign so we are all reasonably experienced players but it is the first time for me playing the empire. The campaign started out good balance wise with me winning aftermath and the rebels narrowly winning the next few missions. But as the campaign has progressed and rebels pick up more and more xp/gear they just tear though my guys way faster than I can replenish and some missions have been completely one sided. The score now is 6-2 in favor of the rebels. The only other mission I managed to win was "predator and prey" which seems heavily stacked in favor of the empire, especially when played early in a campaign. I decided to go with inspiring leadership as my class deck because it was new and cool but I feel I do a really poor job getting value out of it. Any advice from more experienced empire players would be greatly apprecieted. The cards I got so far are: Press on, Strategic Planning and Field General. Side note: Aftermath is stupid. If you want to win the campaign, doesn't matter if you are rebel or empire, take a dive during aftermath. As rebels all you loose is some credits but get a way easier story mission 1 (under siege). And by winning under siege you get the easier story mission 2. This arguably holds true for the next story mission as well. Perfectly designed to get the snowball rolling.
  4. Can extra effort only be used once per status phase or every time the cargo advances one space? For example if there is an imperial figure adjacent to the cargo in advances two spaces. Does extra effort apply once or twice?
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