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  1. A/B/4 with Autoblaster and Marksmanship does sound like a lot of fun -- can't wait to find out what the points will be. Even without Autoblaster available, though, changing the original list to IG-88A/IG-88B/4-LOM and adding Mist Hunter + 3x Jamming Beam seems decent. Jamming Beams aren't good but when you get free bonus shots it seems like they could add up, and the Mist Hunter title is pretty nice on its own for the barrel roll. @Jake898 how important have the evades from IG-88C been?
  2. I don't think I'd consider switching Han to Lando, but Zuvio could be fun with the option to drop bombs either direction -- that's a much larger threat area and pretty usable on the initial engagement. He could also decloak to get away from the bombs rather than rely on reverse maneuvers. However, higher I is kind of a disadvantage for Quadjumpers. If I were to switch to Zuvio, the easiest way to afford it seems to be dropping the Rigged Cargo Chute to something like Deadman's Switch, but I'd like to think that extra debris cloud would be pretty valuable.
  3. @KingmanHighborn That list has enough similarities that I’m really curious about your experiences with it. How do you try to engage, what are the good and bad matchups, and which of the upgrades have been the most important?
  4. Unfortunately it hasn’t been officially addressed yet either way. Until it is, what I’d probably do is ask beforehand and if it’s ruled as not being able to shoot then bring some debris.
  5. There's a list I've been working on with lots of ways things could be switched around. The current version is: Han Solo + Title + Trick Shot + Qi'ra + Greedo (65) Asajj Ventress + Title + Heightened Perception + Rigged Cargo Chute + Zuckuss (91) Unkar Plutt + Cloaking Device + Cikatro Vizago + Proton Bombs (44) Total: 200 Turn 1 Unkar cloaks and swaps Cloaking Device for Asajj's Rigged Cargo Chute. Unkar can then fly around tractoring and dropping debris and bombs with 4 agi (or can decloak to do all those things from an unexpected position). Ideally he'll also set up a block for more tractoring, since he doesn't care about his own shot while cloaked. Han locks a rock turn 1 and then lands on or right behind it turn 2 for 4-6 red dice and 3-4 green dice. Later in the game he does Han things, trying to hide behind rocks and such. The extra debris cloud (Rigged Cargo Chute) and stress handed out by Asajj to trigger the Lando's Millenium Falcon title will hopefully help. Asajj hands out stress (or strips tokens) and then tractors ships at I7. Zuckuss seems like a good fit here since Asajj has lots of blue on her dial and no red actions, and she really wants her shots to land to trigger the Shadow Caster title. Asajj will also be able to cloak once per game after it's been handed off from Unkar. Lots of fun tricks, but I'm not sure if it will all work together well enough. I can see many places I could strip down points (e.g. Hate instead of Title + Heightened Perception on Asajj, getting rid of some or all of Unkar's upgrades, etc.) but the only thing I can think of that I really wanted to fit into the list and couldn't is Tobias Beckett. With all the tractor options plus Han caring about obstacles, pulling one from the back into an awkward position after setup seems great, but I'm not sure what's worth dropping for him.
  6. One example of when this would be useful: RAC and Sai are in a squad together. Sai moves first and bumps, getting no action. RAC takes a red coordinate action, allowing Sai to coordinate RAC back, and RAC can focus before the stress from the red coordinate is applied. Normally that’s a waste, but Sai turns a coordinate into two (or 3 with the Lambda title) effective actions, and it only works if the coordinates are nested and happen before the stress from the first red coordinate is applied.
  7. There’s an unofficial rulings doc that seems to have a lot of work put into it: Even that doesn’t directly address Qi’ra shooting on a rock, though it implies it’s allowed by giving the example that if her lock is removed, she’s unable to shoot on a rock: “If a ship equipped with Qi'ra crew is overlapping an obstacle that it is locking, and that ship removes that lock (by locking another object, as a result of being jammed, etc.), the ship only suffers the effects of being at range 0 of the obstacle (example: it cannot perform attacks if the obstacle is an asteroid).”
  8. Has it ever been officially clarified whether Qi’ra lets you shoot while at range 0 of a locked Asteroid? I’ve read through pages and pages of posts going back and forth on it and still haven’t seen anything official. Personally my reading is that RAW she doesn’t allow it, but I’ve seen posts saying it’s been ruled at major tournaments that she does allow it, so I’d like to know what to expect. Is this one still in the state of “Ask the TO when you show up”? I’m specifically not interested in arguments of why it is or isn’t RAW (seen plenty of those already), I’d just like to know if it’s being consistently ruled one way or the other at tournaments.
  9. I’ve also flown this a few times and had fun with it, though with Crack Shot on Duchess. I’m thinking I’ll switch to Crack Shot on Maarek, too, to get one crit through more reliably rather than try for multiple crits. Maybe I’m just not flying against enough low-def opponents. Except for Scourge, I don’t go out of my way to line up bullseye, but you have enough ships pointed the same way that something usually lines up. I've usually set up with a tight 4-abreast formation plus Howl alone in the back rank if I’m planning to joust. It means you need to use a mix of maneuvers when turning but this squad has the dials for it, especially with Duchess on the outer flank. The initiative and firepower make for a good first engagement, but it gets a bit awkward turning around. Duchess can swing around quickly with ailerons but the rest will often want to K-turn and they feel pretty vulnerable when they do. No Leia or other tricks to help... Blockers can also be pretty awkward for this list, including in an initial joust. At I5 almost anyone can block you, and if you’re flying in formation one block can turn into a pile-up. Lots of TIE fighters without actions start popping very easily. You can mitigate pile-ups somewhat with activation order, but you really need to think carefully about possible blockers and plan around them. The list is also significantly at the mercy of its green dice — you have I5 but lack of Boost and (optional) formation flying make arc dodging hard. Not my favorite property to have in a list, but I do love flying TIEs, and all I5 plus a good set of pilot abilities make this list in particular fun to fly.
  10. I’ve been looking at a control/jank list — ion, stress, tractor, etc. I especially like 4-LOM (crew) with Static Discharge Vanes for auto-ion. Han + Title + Trick Shot + 0-0-0 + 4-LOM + Greedo + Static Discharge Vanes (78)Asajj + Title + Heightened Perception + Zuckuss (87)Unkar Plutt + Tobias Beckett (35)Total: 200 Lots of effects that combo with each other. Not sure how well I can make it work in practice but I’m sure it will be fun trying!
  11. Ah, got it. No FCS on Maarek, either. So you can get double mods a couple times during the game but may have to spend more actions on refreshing target locks later. I guess it makes you more flexible in choosing targets over multiple rounds.
  12. I've been playing with Maarek in other lists and have seen lots of times where double mods would have made a huge difference, so I like the idea of Afterburners + Composure. For this list, though, it looks like it adds up to 1 point over: Rexler + Juke (87) Whisper + Juke (59) Maarek + FCS + Afterburners + Composure (55) Total: 201 points What was different about your list?
  13. I was flying a decent amount of Rexler/Whisper before the points update (usually with Redline). Both at I5 with Juke lets them work really well together. I've been looking at options for a third ship and I think Soontir, Duchess (adding Fifth Brother on Whisper), and Palp shuttle are all good options, but that version with Maarek looks really solid.
  14. I'm not sure about dropping the TIEs to I4, since that means they fire last and you really want Maarek and Rexler firing last to take advantage of their pilot abilities (after shields are stripped). Mithel and Scourge have more situational pilot abilities but they're at least decent and I5 seems like a real benefit in this list. From your original list, maybe drop Marksmanship and Crack Shot from Mithel to add FCS on Maarek? There's a list on ListFortress from Adepticon (6th in Swiss) I really like that's similar to yours but swaps out Rexler for Howl + Duchess. I'm thinking of it as "Imperial 5x5" though the creator might have a different name: Maarek Stele + FCS + Marksmanship (49) Duchess + Crack Shot (43) Howlrunner + Crack Shot (41) Mauler Mithel + Crack Shot (33) Sourge Skutu + Crack Shot (33) Total: 199 I do love Rexler, but this is exactly the kind of list I love to fly where you have a strong in-formation joust but also lots of maneuverable ships with good abilities for when things degenerate into a furball. I'm not sure about all the Crack Shots (I've had trouble making them work in 2.0) but it's definitely one I'm planning to play and experiment with.
  15. One of my first thoughts would be pretty simple: Grevious as a solo flanker and as many red dice as you can get for the main jousting block: General Grevious + Soulless One + Impervium + Outmaneuver (69) Separatist Drone + ESC (26) Separatist Drone + ESC (26) Separatist Drone + ESC (26) Separatist Drone + ESC (26) Separatist Drone + ESC (26) Total: 199 Does anyone have experience flying a fully-loaded Grevious like that? Seems pretty strong for the points but he doesn't have the init or repositioning to really fly like an ace, and he cares a lot about dodging arcs.
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