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    jmoschner reacted to Magnus Grendel in Never mind.   
    I'm not sure whether I will be put off - I've no firsthand experience of him (hence  the query) - but I've had enough grief off kickstarters even from fairly reputable companies to understand it (which is why I won't touch crowdfunding with a bargepole these days).
    Regardless, thanks for the heads-up, as I wouldn't have known him from adam.
    Politics aside, if you feel that strongly, I strongly advocate a (polite) complaint letter to FFG - sending them a letter directly is far more likely to get their attention than a forum announcement.
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    jmoschner reacted to Shosur0 in Never mind.   
    I won't boycott the product since he is a freelancer and there are many others involved (and also FFG has invested in a brand I like so you have to support that if you want more stuff coming). But... I think these kind of threads are good to let FFG who are they hiring and how it can hurt their reputation /sales. 
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    jmoschner reacted to easl in Kaito Shrine Keeper + Yari of Air   
    I probably wouldn't.  Invoking a yari of air is a different action than attacking with it. If the shug can't summon and attack with it in the same action (...and they can't), neither can the arrow. Tempest of air, as a counter-example, is an invocation that is also an attack action. The casting and the attack are one thing; so the arrow can 'attack' with it.
    However, if the player bought Yari of Air mistakenly thinking it would give their character a whole extra attack or a bunch of extra dice on their arrow attack, I'd probably let them reassign those experience points. People make reading and rules interpretation mistakes; it's okay, it happens. Let them reassign experienec a small bit if something they thought was a really cool combo turns out not to be combinable.
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    jmoschner reacted to Ni Fang in Source book "Emerald Empire" preview   
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    jmoschner reacted to Magnus Grendel in Creating an effective Iaijutsu Duelist   
    In fairness, a 'round' in a mass battle is somewhere between one and two hours - long enough to bring up some sufficient ladders to move up en masse or create a breach with some siege weapons or something.
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    jmoschner reacted to Magnus Grendel in Attribute ranks?   
    If they're aware who the Daimyo is and are actively refusing to bow - rather than just "who's that guy with the stupid hairdo? What? Oh, bugger" - then it's either "Directly Insulting someone of Higher Status" or "Directly Insulting your Lord" (depending on whether they're sworn directly to the Daimyo or 'their lord' is some intervening noble).
    In the former case it's a Major Breach of Rei (Courtesy) - which would cost you about double your honour rank (so if you were honour 40 that's 8 points of honour - 16 for a Crane, 4 for a Crab or Unicorn), in the latter case it's a Massive Breach, worth triple your rank (24 honour for a Crane, 12 for most clans, 6 for Crab or Unicorn).
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    jmoschner reacted to atama2 in Our GM has no Hope!   
    I don't hate the new stuff.  It's better than Episodes I&II.  (Episode III wasn't that bad.)
    And I really enjoyed Rebels, it felt a lot like a tabletop campaign.
    But if you don't like the new stuff at all...  Who cares?  Do you still like the setting?  Because that hasn't changed.  None of the old stuff is gone.  You don't have to include the new stuff, or acknowledge what happened.  It's your game.
    You're playing a game, not the films.
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    jmoschner reacted to DaverWattra in Our GM has no Hope!   
    So your GM was OK with Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, but Force Awakens and Last Jedi made him want to quit Star Wars?
    As this board has proven to me many times, there is no accounting for taste, at least when it comes to Star Wars.
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    jmoschner reacted to the mercenary in Our GM has no Hope!   
    I loved Star Wars back when it was 4-6. I think I was on pre-deployment workup when The Movie That Isn't came out. I kept waiting for it to get better. It's Star Wars, it has to get better. Right? RIGHT??
    It didn't.
    The Movie That Isn't was such an abysmal piece of drek that I didn't even bother seeing 2 or 3 until a couple years ago. After watching the first two seasons of Rebels, which I loved, I decided to give The Clone Wars (animated series) a chance and I'm glad I did. Then I watched 2 and 3. Eh. I could edit them, heavily, and make one good film with about a 70 minute run time. 
    Between what I've heard from people whose opinions have some weight with me, and what I've seen from various YouTube videos talking about the films, I'm glad I didn't bother to see 7 or 8. And I won't bother with 9, either.
    On the other hand, I loved Rogue One, and if the irritating Droid hadn't been in Solo it would have been a lot more enjoyable. As it is I'm glad I saw it, and glad that I didn't pay movie theater price to do so. I can now name three movies that Woody Harrelson has been in where he didn't play Woody Harrelson.
    I never got too deep into the books and comics that came out from the mid 80s until Disney took over, so maybe that's why I'm not as disgusted at Star Wars as your GM. To me, most of the EU/Legends stuff concentrated *FAR* too much on Luke, Leia, and Han. And some of the things I've read about that era are eyeroll inducing. Palpatine clones? Really? And then there's the Yozang Vong or whatever. Yeah, no. Not interested.
    I have been buying quite a few of the trade paperbacks. Mostly Darth Vader, the Empire collection, and Doctor Aphra, but I also got the Thrawn one and two of the Clone Wars 'epic collection', and intend to get any others in that line. Also bought a few novels. The new one that's got two novels, one about Tarkin and one about Kanan and Hera, I enjoyed that. It's loaned out to a friend so I can't check the title right now.
    Disney has done a better job than I had feared they'd do. Now if only they could figure out that there's a big difference between a PDF and a video game, and allow FFG to make PDFs of the books they produce. I'd still buy the hardcopy versions, but the electronic versions would see FAR more use.
    Anyway, everyone has to do what they think is right for them. If your GM thinks this is what he needs to do for whatever reason, then that's just the way it is. Unfortunate, but oh well. As others have pointed out, maybe you could remind him that in the RPG's he's free to throw ALL of the Disneyplot in the bin if he wishes. At his table, Canon is whatever he as GM *says* it is. 
    Also, condolences bud. If you end up not being able to play because of his disgust with Disneyplot, that really bites.
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    jmoschner reacted to Lord Dynel in Our GM has no Hope!   
    I guess I can see the point of being so upset or distraught that one would decided to sell up and/or give up on the franchise.  To me, though, the great thing about role playing games is you can ignore anything that you don't like and play in the Star Wars world how you see it in your mind.  But that's me.  And I can certainly see the aggravation - they've done some things I'm not overly pleased with, too.  I try not to let it run my love for SW.
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    jmoschner reacted to AK_Aramis in What to do with Success?   
    There are quite a few cases where bonus successes are no benefit already in the rules.
    A key example: Cleansing Rite. You need the 3 successes. More is no benefit; less fails. But there are lots of things to spend opportunity on - cleansing defiled terrain, spotting supernaturals, extra targets.
    My players weren't processing that last night. 
    Likewise, commune with the spirits - TN1, extra successes don't matter, extra opportunity does.
    Sympathetic Energies - no Bonus Success spend, and only one specific opp spend.
    Stride the waves - no bonus success, no specific opp spend
    Reflections of P'an Ku...
    Just let them know when bonus successes won't matter, or give them a VP for not knowing. (yes, that's a twist of the Hidden TN, but it's a sensible one)
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    jmoschner reacted to Tramp Graphics in Got Some Rules Answers From FFG   
    There is one relatively easy way to catch two weapons at the same time. It really just depends upon how the attacker attacks. If he swings both weapons simultaneously, either parallel or intersecting, it'll be pretty straight forward to trap them. 
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    jmoschner reacted to AK_Aramis in Kaito Shrinekeeper...   
    It will do just fine against quite a few NPC types. Since I don't have PVP oriented players, and the NPC templates don't always follow the formulae PC use, their Rings are pretty much immaterial.
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    jmoschner got a reaction from AK_Aramis in Changing Schools?   
    The easy way to make taking on a new/second school work would be to buy the school ability for 6xp (that doesn't count toward any school progression) then add the starting techniques and skills to the advancement chart for the first rank of the new school. From there they have to rank up as normal, starting at rank 1 in the new school. They gain no free ring or skill increases. Honor remains unchanged. They may or may not get new gear as fits the story and may or may not have to give up old gear.
    For abilities that use school rank, they have to use their new school rank or spend a void point to use their old school rank for a single task/roll/effect/etc.
    For available techniques they add those granted by the new school to those types already available to them (i.e. invocations, kata, etc.).
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    jmoschner reacted to EternalKeeper in Why is Air bad?   
    Hmm... air stance + Guard + Crescent Moon Style sounds like it could be pretty good
    Air Stance increases your TN by 1-2. And Guard increases it by 1 +1 per 2 bonus successes. Crescent Moon Style then gives you a free attack against anyone attacking you once per turn 
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    jmoschner reacted to WHW in Why is Air bad?   
    I feel like you are overvaluing Composure and undervaluing both Focus, Vigilance an Air Opportunities, while also overavoiding Unmasking.
    Also, @ Fire + Critical Resists - remember that the Fire Stance is pretty much the only stance with a bonus that can be "turned off" - both Bleeding and Dangerous Terrain make the stance bonus extremely painful to use, and both can be applied to you even when you are outside of Fire Stance. It's a high payoff, high risk Stance which loses tremendous amount of power when a cunning foe spawns Dangerous Terrain using Initiative Opportunities or Crits you with Razor Edged Weapon. 
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    jmoschner reacted to Kaigen in Slicing Issue   
    The defending slicer who actually wants to find out who this intruder is so that they can alert the authorities/send security to track them down. I mean, look at it from the defender's point of view: Sure, you could just keep reactivating the security program and waiting for the intruder to make a mistake before attempting a trace, but that runs the risk that the intruder will just decide that this is currently too difficult and disconnect to try again at a different time. And now you don't know who was trying to get in and for all you know they might try again when your shift is up and Jim the Dunderhead takes over.
    So instead you Trace User, because you only need one successful check to find out where they are and force them to move or be captured, or you start compiling their signature so that you can find out where else they've been slicing in (and possibly spook them into disconnecting in the process if you get too close). And once you have their signature, you can kick them out and make it stick.
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    jmoschner reacted to Radon Antila in Slicing Issue   
    I wouldn't even require that. If the player says his PC is actively trying to mask the fact that the security program is being disabled (i.e. the video loop technique), then I'll add Setback die on top of the standard Hard difficulty and let him actually use his Setback removal talents.
    But honestly, an "active defending slicer" situation pretty much calls for an opposed roll. That would be a better representation of what would be going on in such a scene, and a good way to introduce a tech-focused Rival or Nemesis. Not all villains have blasters and lightsabers.
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    jmoschner reacted to Arolem in Changing Schools?   
    Just wanted to say I've found where this is addressed specifically (sorta).
    Page 306 
    Under character creation alterations it tells you, if you are a fallen samurai you can choose a school appropriate to your (former) clan, or to take worldly ronin. If the former the only change is starting honor.
    So by the book at the moment even if you leave your clan you keep progressing through your normal school.
    Also, I quite like your idea, jmoschner. Not something that would come up often, but it's nice to have *something* if it ever does.
    Maybe a player is dishonored and want mechanical change other than a disadvantage? Maybe they want to start a minor clan, with its own school; something unique style the character picked up over his/her travels. I dunno when, or why it will come up, but eventually, I'm sure it will.
    Thank ya
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    jmoschner reacted to Kai Kazegami in L5R Core Rulebook Typos and Corrections   
    You can edit any PDF file to account for that discontinuity through the page label interface.
    So you change the cover to a label, like this book.
    In this way, you can get the PDF page to match the actual page number despite cover pages.
    It is only a minor issue, but it is also a minor fix.
    I think it is worth reporting for future correction.
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    jmoschner got a reaction from Arolem in Changing Schools?   
    The easy way to make taking on a new/second school work would be to buy the school ability for 6xp (that doesn't count toward any school progression) then add the starting techniques and skills to the advancement chart for the first rank of the new school. From there they have to rank up as normal, starting at rank 1 in the new school. They gain no free ring or skill increases. Honor remains unchanged. They may or may not get new gear as fits the story and may or may not have to give up old gear.
    For abilities that use school rank, they have to use their new school rank or spend a void point to use their old school rank for a single task/roll/effect/etc.
    For available techniques they add those granted by the new school to those types already available to them (i.e. invocations, kata, etc.).
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    jmoschner reacted to nameless ronin in Trying to fix Rising Cut   
    Back when I had oodles of time, I got to play with and GM for lots of different groups. Inconsistent interpretations between groups are an unnecessary hassle. Needing to prop up new players because their cool character class/school/talent tree/whatever's proper use eludes them entirely is a good way to lose them for the next session.  Playing a boardgame wrong for an hour because the rules are unclear is annoying. Players building towards a win only to be told that what they've been working towards for three rounds doesn't work that way takes the fun out of a game.
    It's not always about powergaming. Heck, to an extent I'll take rules that are not all that balanced but at least clear over a finely tweaked ruleset that players spend hours looking at trying to find those gems underneath a confusing layer of poor writing. I don't mind making ad hoc rulings for special situations - I do mind having to make ad hoc rulings for things despite them being in the rules.
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    jmoschner reacted to Myrion in It's here! The PDF!   
    It's on drivethruRPG, and every other RPG on there that I own simply updates the file, which I can then redownload. I expect this will work the same way. 
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    jmoschner reacted to Magnus Grendel in It's here! The PDF!   
    This. I bought most of the FFG 40k line as hardbacks, but getting errata-ed versions of the PDF is a godsend. I love the fact that drivethruRPG also flags up when one of your files has been updated, too.
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    jmoschner reacted to UnitOmega in Meditation and strife   
    "When a character unmasks, they remove all of their strife. Then, the player roleplays the way in which their character lets their facade fall, and the GM determines any narrative and mechanical consequences this has. Players and GMs can look to the examples of unmasking in this section for inspiration, or invent their own to fit the scene and the character."
    And then basically details how your emotional exposure can be a detriment but provide new opportunities. At no point does it make any mention you can "fizzle" an unmasking, it's a DRAMATIC reveal of pure emotion. Basically, you shouldn't contain an unmasking at all - and now I think it IS relevant to this conversation, I'm pretty sure if you leave a scene to go "unmask in private" you've technically ended a scene and reduce your strife to half Composure automatically. If you want to then narrate a kind of downtime where you relieve the rest of your strife, that's not really unmasking, and can just be you working on your strife in your own way. Or perhaps running out of the scene to let go of your emotions IS your unmasking, at which point the social consequences already happened. Either way, you've kind of bypassed the "point" of unmasking - which should be a big deal you can only do it once per scene. If you want to let players blow off strife off-screen (basically doing the classic "okay I leave the narrative for a bit and come back later" trick) you can extend this to clearing some strife, but that's not really the unmasking mechanic. 
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