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  1. Love the ideas you’re running with. Here is my two cents, for what it’s worth: -Ion Cannon Battery- W/o damage, this won’t be used a whole lot 2 ion vs huge ships isn’t that much. I suggest 2.0 ion attack, one dice for dmg the rest for ion -Quad Laser cannon: I agree the range 1-3, suggest first attack doesn’t need energy. Huge ships have always been restricted in use and easy targets, when in reality they are anti-fighter ships. (CR90 and Raider) -Single Turbo Lasers; brilliant idea. This cannon is hard to shoot with but whallops when it does. Maybe require 3 energy? -Point Defense is awesome. Suggest spending extra energy to cover a friendly -Barrage Missiles: yes! Make sure the cost isn’t too high since the TL is spent - Tractor Array: why not the same effect as tractor beam but to include large base ships? K.I.S.S ?? (no, not calling you stupid. Just saying to keep it simple)
  2. ISB, really that good huh? In practice (ie vs myself lol) I find the evade is very strong for the Reaper. Only noticed a few times for Jam to strip a token. I will practice with it. Thank you for advice. I keep toying Vader with Stealth Device or Boost though
  3. I have a last hurrah 1e tournament coming up in a week and I want to make sure I understand how Vader and Krennic work together. Krennic gives Vader Optimized Prototype, this Vader gets an extra shield. When Vader attack’s with primary, if Krennic is at range 1-2, then Krennic’s ship gets a target lock on that ship. Is this correct? •Darth Vader (33) - TIE Advanced Adaptability (0), TIE/x1 (0), Stealth Device (3), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) •Captain Feroph (31) - TIE Reaper Adaptability (0), •Director Krennic (5), Courier Droid (0), Advanced Ailerons (0), Lightweight Frame (2)
  4. Just got Saw’s Renegades. There is not any tokens for 2.0. New shield tokens, charges, new focus/evades, stress.... none for the second edition. The manifest doesn’t show it, so I know it was a mistake. but.... why? Why not include these tokens?
  5. Just being silly. They way your list read to me that quote just popped into my head
  6. I do agree with you. Ie: I like what FFG is doing with 2e JM5k, turkey making it a asymmetrical flying ship. Also the Starviper, I love the curved barrel roll. Also also adaptive ailerons with the striker and reaper. Even the Shadowcaster is cool design idea. I was hopping for a side arc for the U-boat and some way for TIE’s to be more shifty. Like alllowing a nudge or slight twist at the end of movement or something.
  7. I’m a long time Rebel player, but always hated being part of the crowd. I love the x-wing love resceny, but a tournament coming up I am switching to the Empire. Same question... good ‘ol Crack Black/Howler swarm? What about something a bit more diversified: -QuickDraw: VI, FCS, LWF, Title -NU: Poins and LRS -2x Obsidian TIEs -Striker, with Title to use the rest of the points
  8. Could of sworn you said you also needed a young priest and an old priest.
  9. Also... I don’t think all ships are getting the ability for modifications, right? So we won’t be able to slap these on ANY ship. My two cents: We should all wait for new rules and app to be released before running for cover.
  10. Awesome. Thank you. Wierd that calculate is sub par of focus.
  11. 1e Focus token changes all focus results to positive. (Hit or evade) Does the focus token do the same thing in 2e? What about the calculate token; I thought I read where it only changes one die result, not all.
  12. I’d like to see the new rules.... I guess with Fett starting on a rock you would need to be careful so the maneuver template does not overlap.
  13. I like this idea, keeping turrets 360 for epic. Will make them unique and give an advantage. I like the regenerating shields, also makes them unique and a force. I mean the corvettes are SUPPOSED to be anti-fighter support, but the corvette should melt under turbo laser fire.
  14. I bet they are replacing the transport ride hat 3PO and R2 take you on now. It’s a simulator based ride with the seats moving up and down and wind blowing in your face. It also features chucks-cheese style 3P0 and R2 as pilots in front of the crowd. If so, I’m hoping for a Avatar style ride up grade. (same concept but with a wrap around imax screen. Way cool)
  15. I’m confused, what is so dangerous about the Reaper? It’s a striker with crew... what build is scary?
  16. Omg wow. Lol (sorry for laughing)
  17. About to re-purchase it for Xbox1. I played it on the 360 years ago, loved it amazing game.
  18. Ccwebb

    Logistics Of 2e

    Be careful, that is a lot of speculation without calculations, test markets and deals. Don’t forget a business maybe to print the cardboard for cost $X however will have plastic bases thrown in for free. (Or any number of deals, just giving an example). Then, once you start mass producing the printing company will give a discount for a certain quantity.... blah blah blah, it is very hard to determine the individual cost of the included products just based on sticker price. You can guess, but then you are guessing. I agree. What is the definition of “drastically”. 10%? That is the sales tax in most places; I would not classify that as drastically. 20%? So a $15 blister is now $12. There are some would say that isn’t drastically either. I like your thinking about making the cost to the public cheaper, just a very steep cliff to climb to figure out costs. Lots of variables.
  19. I can’t argue with that, good point. Here is my logic: TIE interceptor and A-wing both have a total of 3 and 4 health. Both are more advanced than the N1. While the M3–A has 3 health, I’m not sure when it was used (without looking it up). Even look at the Fang Fighter; it can be consiered being used at the same time as the N1. It has 4 health and built by warrior cast Mandalorians. So why would the N1, not meant for war but Naboo defense, have similar health as more modern, and designed for war, interceptors?
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