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  1. Was going to say the same exact thing. So........ ditto!!!
  2. Some great advice here! Thank you I finally got them to slowly move, steady but soft pressure for several minutes. Do the winge move independently or are they connected?
  3. Just got the 2.0 Fang Fighter; I thought the wings wee posable? It feels that if I were to keep forcing the rotation they will snap off. Suggetions on how to move the wings?
  4. In my rookie expierence, your opening moves should be practiced similar in chess. Place your ships on the Baird in the most ideal flanking position, then work the moves backwards to turn 0. Then play forward to see if you can end up in the same place. Now, pick another kill box location and try to repeat. Disclaimer: This is works great for me in practice, somehow it falls apart in a match. It’s like the opponent doesn’t want to follow my script. 😉
  5. I don’t think your question was answered. What was the list?
  6. I honestly thought this how it was until my first tournament. It surprised me that I didn’t get the bid-points unless I had complete victory. (Ie: your 13 point bid was counted ONLY if all your ships were defeated) of course I acted “forgetful” when I learned this... lol
  7. I love(d) flying TIE swarm. Problem though is you have to be on your best game with dials or those fragile ships pop like bubble wrap. One or two matches on a Tuesday night, sure; but on a major tournament weekend, I dought it. M3-A, Zed’s and I’m sure the droid swarms will follow the same fate. All of this doesnt stop stop me from flying swarms though. 😉
  8. Have they/any idea on when updated they online rules or FAQ for “solitary” or “strained”? This shocked me when reading those ans couldnt couldn’t find any official clarification.
  9. Ccwebb

    Improving Cannons

    @DakkaDakka -ooooo... I love the adding action idea. That makes it better and no so costly (ie: not doing damage) but giving up and action is brilliant. Mangler as a shot gun feels right: range 1-2 changing all hits to crit. Nice! @Scum4Life good idea for Arc. Ion yourself for using, but 4 dice attacknis good trade off
  10. Ccwebb

    Improving Cannons

    I agree with the new feel of cannons, Ion and HLC, but the other are so... meh. Bring back the others with new 2.0 feel .... -Jamming beam- require lock, range 1-3, and add a red dice if in bullseye. -Tractor Beam-... add auto change blanks to focus? -Mangler Cannon- range 1-2, 3 dice. If hit, cancel remaining and apply 1 crit+stress. -Flechette Cannon- range 1-2, 3 dice. If hit, after dmg, skip action next round -HLC: I said I like this one, but for bullseye only I think it should include range 1-4! (I know... gotta further out range 4) -Auto cannon:2 or 3 dice, no range bonus. If Target is range 1 AND primary hits, attack. (Snap shot+autoblaster) -Arc beam: Requires focus: Range 1: 4 dice but causes 1 dmg to you; Range 2- 3 dice; Range 3 -2 dice. All ranges have effect of selecting another ship at range 1 of target to cause 1 dmg except range 1. That must do dmg to you.
  11. I was dominating a match running Vader+4 Crack Blacks vs Bomber Y’s. On the thrid pass, I was expecting to put the match out of reach, when 2 seismic bombs took out asteroids on both sides of my ties. Lost 2 injured TIE’s and severely crippled the 3rd and ripped the shields off Vader. I’d say yes, bombs are doing well.
  12. I’m trying this list out: “NoNames Jukers” TIE/D Defender - Onyx Squadron Ace - 89 Onyx Squadron Ace - (78) Juke (4) Fire-Control System (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) TIE/ph Phantom - Sigma Squadron Ace - 55 Sigma Squadron Ace - (46) Juke (4) Collision Detector (5) TIE/ph Phantom - Sigma Squadron Ace - 55 Sigma Squadron Ace - (46) Juke (4) Collision Detector (5) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  13. Red Squadron- add or reroll dice if another squad memeber is near by. Gold Squadron- something with sharing target locks, or maybe focus fire Green Squadron-free boost or evades Blue Squadron- allow “nudging” for better formation flying??? Maybe...or bumping squad mate counts as fully executed move. Rogue Squadron- not sure
  14. DITTO!!! Red Squadron, Gold Squadron, Rogue Squadron...etc etc. Oh yes!! Agree to this too
  15. I play maybe 3-4 tournaments a year, so I really don’t know all the tournament rules very well. What happens if I destroy all your ships but you have destroyed more points than me?
  16. found my confusion. There is literally an upgrade card called “hate”! Makes so much more sense now. I thought you were saying “force hate”, as in “you hate the force” sorry my my stupidity.
  17. Forgive me, I have been known to be dense before. I don’t understand you post here. Is there a new upgrade card called “generic force”? Also, I am only aware of Maul crew cars that states dark force cards. Am am I missing something?
  18. I just discovered “LaunchBay Next” app. This is perfect! Shows the maneuvers for each ship, nice interface and displays how many cards you own. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/launch-bay-next/id1422488966?mt=8
  19. Ccwebb


    I am in a tournament next weekend and I am planning on using 7 /LN swarm with Howlrunner, academy and 5 crack blacks. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  20. I am excited for the new rules and re-worked mechanics for 2.0. Seems proper and cleaner. However, I do feel a little overwhelmed with the cost. I have converted the 3 main factions, but find myself wondering if I will purchase the FO/Resitsnce and CIS/Republic. I don’t want there to be an end of this game, but FFG is throwing too much fuel on the fire at one time, in my opinion.
  21. Is it possible for the Ghost to fire off 3 attacks in one round? Ghost with Ezera and turret + Phatom (docked) YASB 2.0
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