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  1. 24 minutes ago, drail14me said:

    Had a few questions come up in today’s game with huge ships. Weren’t able to find a clear answer in the rule booklet. 

    1. Overlapping obstacles. When banking around a rock, the ship base never overlapped the rock but the template did. The Huge rules do not mention the template when discussing overlapping so we played that the template doesn’t count. Correct?

    2. When measuring range from a huge ship where do you measure from? I was using a CR-90 with two turret upgrades. So, for primary, we measured closest to closest points within the Primary Arc from Huge cardboard to enemy plastic. Same with the Turrets weapons using the turret arc for the turret preforming the attack, fore or aft. Correct?

    3. When using the Turbolaser Battery, it has a range of 3-5 with the lock requirement. The CR-90 can lock out to range 4. How do you get the lock at range 5?

    I agree with what y’all did for overlaps with huge measuring tool.  The tool does not gain the effect of overlap for huge. 

    For range, there should be a marked line in the middle of all huge ships. You measure from the closest to closest without crossing the line. 

  2. Sensor Experts 

    “While you lock, coordinate, or jam, you may spend up to 3 Icon energy.png to increase the range at which you can choose an object by 1 per Icon energy.png spent this way, to a maximum of range 5


    Boosted Scanners 

    “While you lock, coordinate, or jam, you may spend up to 3 Icon energy.png to increase the range at which you can choose an object by 1 per Icon energy.png spent this way, to a maximum of range 5.”


  3. No matter the faction, I think keeping Huge ships light is the key.  Let them shine with their support roles and just massive sizes. These will be stalled to my Huge ships:

    Targeting Battery (9)
    Perceptive Copilot (8)
    Damage Control Team (3)
    Tibanna Reserves (3)

    Then add a flight of powerful hitters, such as Z’s or A’s with Prockets; Scyks with HLC, Y’s with pro-torps or just naked B’s will be dangerous.  

    Finally add a small squad of escort ships.  

  4. On 10/30/2019 at 2:01 PM, Gilarius said:

    Tie Interceptors might be fixed by a configuration card.

    Possibly: Heavy Interceptor - reduce agility and Initiative by one each; add 3 shields. Zero points.

    I'd be very reluctant to add anything useful to Soontir, hence the Initiative penalty. But the generics would love to be able to not die to a single shot!

    I always thought it was weird giving the interceptor the same hull and fighter.  At the very least it should have 4 hull. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Kehl_Aecea said:

    -pulls the box full of huge ships off the shelf-
    Wake up boys! Your time is soon!
    -opens the box to a chorus of inhuman shrieks and screams as my models have devolved into albino, near blind cave monsters-

    In all seriousness, I can't wait to use my CR-90 again! Missions aside and just for Epic skirmishes, I'm thinking of starting it parallel to the edge of the starting area and pepper the enemy ships with broadside range 5 pot shots. I'm hoping I can squeeze in a wing of four X-Wings, another of four A-Wings and a final one made of a couple B-Wings. Ideally, I'd love to have the Falcon or even the Ghost hang back with the corvette as kind of an anti-fighter ship providing even more fighter/bomber cover along with the CR-90's weapons systems.

    I am LEGITIMATELY HYPED for these to drop in 2 weeks :D

    Ditto ditto ditto!!!!!

  6. 11 minutes ago, Whalers on the moon said:

    George Lucas had said something a long time ago about R2 being the keeper of the whills.  That would jive with several references to 3PO's memory wipes and R2's non-memory wipes.  Also why in the story 3PO is always made out to be an bumbling idiot of almost unbelievable proportions and how many times R2-D2 saves the day.  

    I recommend watching through at least the OT with the idea that R2-D2 is telling this story.  

    Oh I agree.  I saw that special where Lucas made that statement.


    I mentioned 3Po, in jest, with the idea of a desk top computer in mind (non Apple computer). Deleted items aren’t really deleted!  Plus, 3Po has been established as a story teller. (Ewoks...)

  7. I am hoping that we get the official answer to who is telling the story of “a long time ago....”


    maybe 3Po’s memory or R2?

    too many long posts to re-quote, I liked them above, but I agree with no time travel. 

    1) Filoni say so. 
    2) Time travel in every movie or show ever has screwed it up. 

    3) has not been established in any Star Wars. Legends or Canon. 

  8. Just to throw my two cents in:


    I made the top 8 (and cut) at a Hyperspace Trial a few weeks ago with Lando/Niem+Wedge+ Norah. 

    I lost to the 1 seed, and tournament champion to a near mirror match. Lando/Niem+Luke+Braylen.  


    Falcon is a good ship. 

  9. On 9/27/2019 at 12:15 AM, Hiemfire said:

    A bullseye arc primary isn't a front arc weapon. Outmaneuver requires a front arc weapon to trigger.

    Thank you, your explanation makes since....


    However, omg this is one of the dumbest interactions there is. The purpose of outmaneuver is to award the pilot for, you know, out flying the opponent.  Nantex has a much narrower front firing arc, which should be even easier to get out of. 


    Sorry for the rant. 

  10. 46 minutes ago, Ryfterek said:

    So much yes to that! 

    Nerd-talk incoming: professionally, I am a software engineer. What I see in Xwing oftentimes comes up at my work as well. It is: owning a precise, systematic business process that is not being taken care of as a whole. 

    For some of my clients this means not realising that some slight changes to how a process is being handled in one department may influence the work of another department significantly. 

    In here, it is missing out on how many interactions in the game are being governed by a single rules entry. 

    And just as some clients of mine narrow-mindedly request to fine-tune an operation that could blow up another well behaving operation completely, X-wing devs appear to tweak new scenarios with RR/FAQ entries without "regressive test" to see how will that work for pre-existing combinations. 

    Now, it is NOT IT's job to organise the business domain and put some sense to it. But what I'd like to say - if X-wing had an official digital version, the people responsible for that would most likely be quick to catch most of these changes that influence more than was intented.

    Or, you know what? So I'd like to believe. And then I remembered playing Blizzard's Hearthstone and oh boy - even a fully digital game fails to follow it own set of rules, so who am I to give us hope?

    Omg you are sooo correct.  I play casually, maybe a few times a month.  Even rarer is my brother and nephews.  It was much much easier just to say, “what does the card say to do” and just use common sense from there.  Now, it’s getting harder and harder to just read the card.  Now we have to know what the words on the card a defined as. 



  11. On 9/16/2019 at 7:50 AM, TasteTheRainbow said:

    Everyone who wants ~85 points of bruiser has a dozen better options. And they’re not a little bit better. They are substantially better. 

    Man, so many good points and ideas here.  As a Rebel player, and huge fan of the show, I’ve been wanting VXC to work, somehow. Hera/Niem doing fancy flying I think is the way to go, but this comment is so true.  There is nothing the VCX can do that simply Nora(Ywing)+torpedos can’t do at half the price, and tanker.  🤷‍♂️ 


    The Decimator is strong with the passive attack mods, plus having good support ships.  I think that is what the VCX is missing, can’t bring support ships. 


    So do my two cents is a price reduction on the VCX and on the Phantom title. 

  12. 3 hours ago, RoockieBoy said:

    There was a composure Hera build out there, where you would fail the coordinate and get double focus for yourself with perceptive copilot. After that you could do your own action, but the nerf to the Hera/Nien makes the vcx even less appealing

    I’m a little slow, what Hera/Nien nerf?

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