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  1. Basically if you have the Imperial Slave-1 expansion and the Rebel HWK-290 expansion and at least 1 Y-wing, when you buy Most Wanted you suddenly have 6 different ships you can use in the faction.


    On a related note, the Houndstooth Expansion includes an extra Scum Z-95 dial. So if you had bought a Rebel Z-95 for Wingman and Munitions Failsafe, it won't go to waste.


    People bought up the Most Wanted sets and are reselling it for a hundred bucks, don't give anything to scalpers, FFG has more coming in.


    Cool!  Thank you.

  2. A common tactic when fighting against large ships? Large asteroids, and use the opening moves of the game to force the fight to be near a relatively dense asteroid cluster. Smaller ships can dart through the gaps, but the big ship will require substantially better piloting to do the same.


    So the similar tactic vs. Tie Swarm?  


    (Sorry I posted a non-rules question in this area.)



    Did you mean Decimator?

    ...Almost certainly not.



    When OP says Devastator pretty sure he means Decimator and not Vaders flagship Star Destroyer before the Executor. 



    Absolutely...  As I said in my other post, that's what I get with spell check and grammar from posting with my phone.  Sorry.


    I did mean the The VT-49 Decimator 

  4. Ok, just expanded my ships last night to include Slave 1, Tie Intercepter and Devastator.

    1) Slave 1 is really AS maneuverable as an X-wing (t-65)?!?

    2) Why is Boba Fet an Imperial and not Scum/bounty hunter?

    3) Soontir Fel with Push the Limit and Night Beast-- they both get 2 tokens every round?!? (As long as both are doing green maneuvers and Fel does boost and evade)

  5. OOHHHH!!!  I see.   So if you roll attack die and I use Elusiveness to make you re-roll one, that particular die cannot ever be re-rolled during that attack sequence.  BUT, tokens can effect it.  So:


    1. Attack dice - 3 hits.  (your good!)
    2. Elusiveness, re-roll one results in focus.  (HA!  dodged one)
    3. You use focus token to change it back to a hit.  (double ha!)

  6. Ok, here is the set up:


    Ibtisam + Auto blaster  with a target Lock & stressed.  Could this event play out:

    1. Attack Roll, all blanks.
    2. Spend the target lock and re-roll all three.   2 hits and one blank.
    3. Use Ibtisam's ability and re-roll the blank?


  7. Thank you both for the clear explanation.  However that leads to a frustration, I have recently began playing this game.  (a month ago).  Is the rule book that came with the basic core set invalid?  I cannot find anything about large ships in it.  


    Here is a link to the rule book that I have, found it online.  https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/support/SWX01_XwingCoreRulebook_lowres.pdf


    Where can I find the new rules?

  8. I am watching a lot of youtube videos of this game and have seen some forward or backwards barrel rolls.  This confuses me because the rule book stats place the 1 template on the left or right side.


    ...now that I think about it more, I am seeing the forward or backwards rolls with the Yt-2400.  Is this a special rule for it? 

  9. Besides simply being tagged with a stress marker, what is the negative of having a ship under stressed?  Unless I am blind, I cannot find anything in the rule book about stress expect a requirement for flying a green dial maneuver.  I have watched videos and read abilities in which stress counter can be pilled on.  Shouldn't there be more negative effects to being stressed?  ie: loose an action; if the stress equals the hull then take damage?   



    Sorry for the noobie questions;  I just discovered this amazing game!

  10. Crash is a just another way to describe a bump - there's no difference in terms of how the bump is played out (you still back up until the ships are touching, then the moving player loses his or he action.


    OH!  That makes sense.  The penalty is loosing the ability for an action, not a 'crash' aka: damage.   Thank you.

  11. Page 17- Overlapping Ships

    I've seen YouTube videos that state ships "crash" if their bases are touching. However on page 17 it states to move the ship backwards on the movement title until the bases are not touching. (And cannot do an action)

    Can someone clarify please?

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