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  1. I am going to an extended tournament in 3 weeks.  I am debating between two similar lists.  3 strong aces fully loaded or 4 named pilots. 

    3 Aces (198 points):

    Braylen Stramm (52)    
        Autoblasters (3)    
        Heavy Laser Cannon (5)    
        Shield Upgrade (4)    
        Stabilized S-Foils (2)    
    Wedge Antilles (55)    
        R2 Astromech (7)    
        Afterburners (6)    
        Servomotor S-Foils (0)    
    Norra Wexley (Y-Wing) (41)    
        Dorsal Turret (3)    
        Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6)    
        Shield Upgrade (4)    
        Veteran Turret Gunner (10)    

    4 ships (200 points):

    Ten Numb (48)    
        Stabilized S-Foils (2)           
    Wedge Antilles (55)    
        Servomotor S-Foils (0)
    Jake Farrell (36)    
        Intimidation (3)    
        Composure (1)    
        Homing Missiles (5)        
    Norra Wexley (Y-Wing) (41)    
        Dorsal Turret (3)    
        Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6)


    I am a very causal player and play in a local tournament 3-4 times a year. I don’t care about meta, and play lists more for fun.  However, I don’t want to be wiped of the mat!


    Thank you in advance...

  2. 6 hours ago, Koing907 said:

    The difference is the OT referenced it. They set up the stakes with a 2 minute scene.

    It is a huge stretch, and a huge difference, that TFA didn't set up anything like that. RoS is a complete @$$ pull, at the last minute, because the team behind the sequel trilogy don't seem to have the capability to make a coherent story, much less a coherent Star Wars story that spans three films. 

    They showed how the Clones were conditioned to obey the transfer of command in ROTS. They showed the Emperor declare the formation of the Empire, and how the Senate supported it after the defeat of the Seperatists. To say "exactly 0 time explaining" is hyperbolic and disingenuous.


    That is one of the most informational scenes in all the movies and carries so much weight with it.  I love this scene. Set up perfectly within 2 min which gave us a brief glance that the Star Wars universe was soo much bigger.  

  3. 9 minutes ago, ChahDresh said:

    Related notion: what's the population of Exegol? You'd think that it couldn't be big, given that the planet is in a permanent ion storm. Yet it's big enough to support 30K crewmen per Star Destroyer times how many Star Destroyers out of its military-age population alone? In a similar vein, the Empire was credited with ~25,000 Star Destroyers... an armada that took two decades and the resources of much of the known galaxy to produce. And Exegol, with its own resources, produced how many 50%-upscaled Star Destroyers while hiding their existence absolutely?

    That is my beef as well.  Give us SOMETHING besides “conjures and soothsayers”.  Show us the machine in Knights of the Old Republic that creates things from force users.  All the SSD(sith Star destroyers) are manned by robots... ANYTHING besides, what we got. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Magnus Grendel said:

    Or, since it was clearly intended to give Finn (who's not a pilot) something to do, a boarding action but a 'proper' one, inside the ship.


    I was thinking putting him at the gunner seat again, but that was already done.  Why repeat a good thing? Lol


    I agree, inside the ship assault, former troopers vs stormtroopers would have been awesome. 

  5. Just watched it.  Overall, I enjoyed it.  There wasn’t any major scene that drew me away from the movie.  Also, I didn’t walk out of it with too many questions.  It is much much better than TLJ.

    +Great lightsaber fight. Very close to an actual sword dual, not a gymnast dual.  
    +Lots of action. (Almost too much. See cons)

    +Chewie actually showing emotion 

    +Ben dying to save Rey 


    -zombie-Palp makes sense only if it was described HOW. Ie: clone, etc...(unless I missed it)

    -too fast/too much action.  Never had the opportunity to relax and take the plot in. (Thin as it is)

    -Kylo showing up in a TIE/LN!!! 
    -Felt too video-gamy.  Get this piece for this piece to do that..

    -the whole Goonies-dagger thing and to be used with the debris of death star2.  
     -The ‘land assault’ for the antenna.  Been way cooler for Ywing bomb run or Bwing strafe run.  
    -Ben/Rey kiss.  
    -Ben/Rey bond continued after Snoke’s death 
    -Where did all the Sith people come from 

    Found it interesting and necessary:
    •Jedi training for Leia.  I felt this was to explain Merry Poppins scene better, though there is not any mention of Leia training or using the force in any of the books.

    •Holdo- maneuver being  explained and dismissed. 

    Missed opportunity (from my point of view)

    •when Palp was talking about the bond between Rey/Ben. I was hoping for a Raven/Bastila reference

    •more cameos from the Calvary ships.  So much focus on being together, and with everything being Cannon now, would have been way cool. (Jace in the Ghost! Oh my...)

    •more characters death. Not to be morbid, but would have put more weight on the final attack 

    •R2 being the one telling this story “a long time ago...” 


  6. 9 hours ago, Jo Jo said:

    One of my biggest questions is who were the mercenaries guarding the baby and why were they so willing to die to defend it? I mean, your regular run of the mill mercenaries would have GTFO after the assassin droid started lighting them up. Makes me think they are not just some "mercenaries" and maybe apart of some sort of an order. 


    Or its just kind of a plot hole. 

    The best part is.... Filoni and Favereu are at the helm.  Chances of them dropping the ball is sooo far less than anyone else. 

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