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  1. Yes. If the ruler is touching both ships, it is a touch. If you were attacking me, I would tell you it’s in range 2.
  2. Here’s another way to look at it: if if you can slide the ruler between the ships (minus the nubs) then the are not in that range. If sliding the ruler between the two makes the ships move, or you encounter resistance, then the are touching.
  3. Yes, I start with the yellowish ruler. That is close, looks to be in, but close. So, I’ll set it flat against one ship, usually mine first, then ease the other end towards the opponents ship. If the ships are touching the ruler, then game on! The outer edges of ship and ruler bases are legal, a lot like Soccer, tennis or hockey; anything touching is inbounds.
  4. With my clumsy fingers, I start out with the first example. I measure out side the bases (closest point) just to confirm our guess. (The two players). If it is close, then we both hold each ship and place the rulers inside.
  5. Outstanding then. I was just saying be careful. ?
  6. Ah, thank you. Then just be mindful about FAA on the ARC. May not trigger enough to use it.
  7. Does FAA check both arcs, front and rear?
  8. Ccwebb

    TIE Swarms

    For me... it’s thematic; every time you see a TIE, there are always more near by. 2 attack dice are perfect, but they attack in masse. Also, requires a good amount of skill to fly!
  9. Ccwebb

    TIE Swarms

    I really like this idea. Make it a title or something. Also, give a point reduction of 3 for every ship you have of the same name. Must have minimum of 4 ships.
  10. The last question was leading and the answers improperly worded. Do you enjoy X-wing more, or less than you used to? -I used to enjoy X-wing more in the past -I enjoy the game more the way it is now, compared to the way the game used to be The wording of the question is suggesting for the test taker to say “more” now. The wording of the frist question implies you are unhappy now, therefore must answer with the other option. Also, these answers do not allow for newer player responses. Maybe give a time frame, like which wave was the game balanced.
  11. A new dial, title giving cool things, and reload action. ... oh and medium base.
  12. If you plan on flying the SS Galatica in close range, you’ll want those rookie-wookies to help. CR90 has a huge blind spot and doesn’t like to fly slow. (Only has 1 bank for slow moves) Or, you can keep the K/wings in for support. Y-wings, without turrets, are not good at protection. As as for your partner, I’d suggest for them to bring of squad of fighters. 4x Khiraz(?) or 4x Starvipers would be great.
  13. Very nice. Love the double Wookiee for protection and double tracers! What will I’ll be your roll during this wonderful engagement? You have the CR90 built for close in but your squad is anti-huge. Is your partner brining fighters?
  14. Blount. Worried about target locks? Just add Blount+tracers and EVEYONE gets a TL. (Granted range 1-2).
  15. Medium bases (rectangular) for handful of ships. Example- Medium base is left-right for appropriate ships: ARC, Punisher, Silencer, Slave 1. Medium base is front-back for appropriate ships: U-wing, G-1A, HWK (maybe?), Aggeerssors (IG88) can be set up either way.
  16. Some good advice here. The idea isn’t to max out each ship, I learned that lesson a while back, nor is it to be perfectly thematic. It’s thematic to start with, meaning the bounty line up is the only must, other than that the idea is to have each ship almost independent. Like most bounty hunters, they don’t need each other but will team up. I’ll look the list over to see where I can downgrade to a generic but have the names bounty hunter as crew.
  17. Finally got the Hounds Tooth and the bounty hunter lineup from ESB came to mind. Granted, I feel that epic should use a huge ship, but I would like to try this out. Thoughts: Epic Bounty (300) •IG88-B (46) - Push The Limit (3), Fire Control System (2), Ion Cannon (3), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2) •IG88-A (46) - Push The Limit (3), Fire Control System (2), Ion Cannon (3), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2) •Boba Fett (48) - Expert Handling (2), •"Gonk" (2), Glitterstim (2), •Slave I (0), •Experimental Interface (3) •Dengar (53) - Expertise (4), K4 Security Droid (3), Burnout SLAM (1), •Punishing One (12) •Zuckuss (35) - G-1A Starfighter Veteran Instincts (1), Accuracy Corrector (3), •4-LOM (1), Black Market Slicer Tools (1), •Mist Hunter (0), Tractor Beam (1) •Bossk (53) - YV-666 Rage (1), "Mangler" Cannon (4), •IG-88D (1), Inspiring Recruit (1), K4 Security Droid (3), Burnout SLAM (1), •Hound's Tooth (6), Maneuvering Fins (1) Black Sun Soldier (19) - Z-95 Headhunter Harpoon Missiles (4), Dead Man's Switch (2), Guidance Chips (0)
  18. Try to remember which hand I rolled with last time that turned up blanks, then switch hands.
  19. Notify FFG. Their customer service seems great about making people whole. I bought a ship missing the dial, they sent me a new dial. Nice.
  20. Ccwebb


    I usual spend round 4 wondering what happened to my opening move.
  21. Good point. I wasn’t planning on extremes sides apart, more of a range of 2 apart. Still... something to think of.
  22. Being inspired by this thread, here is what I’ll try this next weekend: Gozanti-class Cruiser •Vader, Dual Laser Turret, Docking Clamps •Vector Automated Protocols Crack/Black - TIE Fighterx4 •Captain ‘Ram it’ Oicunn Stay On Target, Seismic Charges, Courier Droid, Moff Jerjerrod, Mara Jade, Extra Munitions, Anti-Pursuit Lasers •Lieutenant Dormitz, Fire Control System, Hyperwave Comm Scanner Lambda-Class Shuttle, Collision Detector, Systems Officer, Fleet Officer Glaive/D x2 Trick Shot, Tractor Beam, TIE/D Use Dormitz to place Oicunn last, and as far out into the middle as possible. The TIE/D’s on the right with Gozanti deploying Crack/Black deep on the left.
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