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  1. I am diaper Uber excited about 2.0. However all these articles are so, empty. *super
  2. N1 melt faster than Olaf in the summer. These should be 2 Hull and 1 shield, tops. I agre with Gadwad, give it the 3 greens, and no mods. It is a cheep torpedo interceptor with an Astromech.
  3. What a fun movie! I’ve spent enough battles trying to defend TLJ and TFA, both having some issues. (Marry Poppins). Even Rogue 1 had a awkward start to it. Solo was just.... it was fun, dark, gritty, scoundrel-ly. My rank: ESB ANH RTOJ SOLO Rogue 1 TLJ ROTS TFA AOTC TPM
  4. Wow. I am very excited about this reboot. Obviously we need to get the ships on the table, but each ship FEELS unique now. +I love the built in effects +TR and SL and K-turns at various speeds along different ships. +built in PTL on some ships +JM5K’s dial looks great, like a lopsided ship would move! +exited about Phatoms again +Ghost looks like what we see on the screen! +Slave 1 love! Just so excited.
  5. I get that points are not printed on the cards, but what about upgrades? How is it determined what upgrades can be used?
  6. To further prove your point: 2:58 (sorry at the end) a piece of bull flies from the separatist captial ship and flies into the republic cruiser. Also, that’s why fighters are need, to (relatively) slowly move through the shields and attack hard points. (ANH, TLJ and countless scenes in CW, ESB- walkers, and TLJ-walkers). A special planetary shield is needed for ROTJ. TFA, Han makes it a point of flying in between shield fluctuations.
  7. Dude.... that sucks. I’m sorry. Tournaments are already long enough, just to deal with that? Ugh
  8. To clarify... new BR is only being able to select one of three positions on the side of ship card. How did you measure where to put the tick marks? Also, how did you mark the acrylic ruler? Just a line down the center?
  9. C-Roc is my next purchase. How do you think it should be built, support or firepower?
  10. Smart. I learned real quick in epic your ships need roles. Just fielding a bunch of cool ships leads to disaster. Speaks even more more about being able to regroup the squadrons! Most of my practice time is just flying ships in formation, breaking and rejoining. I didn’t see the outcome.... who won?
  11. I believe future causal games will be like playing MTG. Do you want to use version 2 or play classic? I’m keeping them, but will put them away.
  12. I think this will go like D&D or MTG and all their editions..., ”wanna play x-wing this weekend?” ”sure! Which edition?” ”either... what do you have?” ?
  13. http://rocky.wikia.com/wiki/Apollo_Creed?file=Rocky-2.jpg
  14. Wow oh wow!!! I loved how the scum fighters were paired as wingman.
  15. I agree the huge ships with more actions. They can attack with all their weapons, let them have actions equal to their crew....maybe??? Also, I liked an item I came across with 2.0. Something about reinforce doesn’t negate the attack dice, it simply reduces the damage by 1. (I think). Also, also... Make small bases ships primary weapons not able to damage shields. Medium, large and any secondary weapons can damage large shields. Also, also, also.... huge ships bases doesn’t count towards the squad count. All upgrades and such do, just not the base itself.
  16. I’m sorry if these questions have been addressed: 1) Old templates: Will current templates still be usable and/or allowed? 2) How is it determined which ship has upgrades? I don’t see any icons.
  17. Seemed everyone as happy with the Shuttle’s and Stikers wings moving. Also, some of the most popular mods are making x-wing, b-wing’s wings to move and any turret to spin.
  18. Medium bases!!!!! Yahoo!!!
  19. X does not have 2 extra slots, it’s 1 and 1. A boosts with -1 red OR a barrel roll. There are only 2 maybe 3 astromechs worthy of play. Every illicit is highly usable. The talon roll is very nice addition, but one can argue the 1 hard turn is equal or better. (There is an ept for hard 1, not talon roll) X wing is not an arc dodger with these new additions. Arc dodgers get to do barrels roll AND boost in the same round with some sort of token stack. It finally becomes a snub fighter, like it was supposed to be.
  20. Always thought Interceptors should have 4 or 5 Hull. Between TIE/F and TIE/B.
  21. I love trying out new Rebel lists. However, this list has 2 of the 3 ships only rolling 2 red dice. Is there enough offensive firepower? I have been using the triple-X build of Poe, Wedge and Wes at 99 point build with PS:10.
  22. 2-hard. I also say “life is just 2-hard” everytime or “that’s not 2-hard”. Lol
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