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  1. 11 hours ago, Herowannabe said:

    (I’m surprised @Wazat hasn’t weighed in yet, he has strong opinions on reinforce and Angled Deflectors.)

    As a few others have pointed out, Reinforce in 2.0 is lackluster at best and Angled Deflectors is straight up hot garbage. It wouldn’t be worthwhile even at 0 points. Think about it, for it to be worthwhile you’d have to prevent at least 1 damage with it just to make up for the cost of losing a shield. But wait, it also takes an action to use, so you’d have to prevent probably 2-3 damage to make up for the action cost. But now, compare taking the reinforce action to simply taking a focus/calculate action, which every ship can already do for free anyway, plus focus/calculate can be used for offense if needed and they work if the attacker is coming at you from a different angle than you predicted. 

    So basically, AD would have to prevent at least 3+ damage per game to be worth taking, even at 0 points. Go ahead and fly a ship with reinforce one game and track how much damage you prevent with reinforce. Even the Ghost or Decimator struggles to prevent more than 3 damage a game with reinforce, but a ship with half as much health as they have? Fat chance. 

    Personally, I think reinforce should have been done like this:

    1. Reinforce tokens are blue, meaning they don’t clear at the end of the round. 

    2. Reinforce action works like this:

    - You may only perform the reinforce action if you have no reinforce tokens 

    - (everything else is the same, pick an arc to reinforce, it prevents 1 damage in that arc but always let at least 1 damage through, etc). 

    - During the end phase, you may choose to remove 1 reinforce token. 

    (obviously points would have to be adjusted on some ships in order to balance it out)

    And then I would change Angled Deflectors to work like so:

    Add a white Reinforce action to your action bar. Whenever you perform a reinforce action, you must spend 1 shield or the action fails. Whenever you remove a reinforce token, recover 1 shield. 

    This is good.  I like it.  

    I was going to suggest something like passive sensors,  but it stays active until it is used in combat.   

  2. @Managarmr nicely stated.  

    We needed to act fast when this first broke.  We didn’t know what it was.  

    Now I find it funny, that according the CDC, that there has been zero cases of the Flu since January.  


    The numbers now show us this is a very highly contagious virus.   So stay away when your sick.  It can only be transmitted by direct contamination; no need to wipe down grocery bags when you get home.  It has nearly 99.75% recovery rate.  https://www.webmd.com/lung/covid-recovery-overview#:~:text=Experts don't have,% and 99.75%.

    This is a virus.  There is not a vaccine for the Flu, common cold, or any other viruses.  This will be with us forever now.  Let’s be adults and wash our hands, stay at home when sick. If a business requires a mask, wear a mask. But let’s stop living in fear over this.  

  3. COVID-19 is truly a fearsome virus.  It can distinguish between a place that is serving 51% alcohol, beauty salons or funerals vs Walmart’s, airports or protests.  (Sarcasm intended)


    I am all for safety; want me to wear a mask and wash my hands?  Be a decent human being and stay home when sick?  Fine.  But it gets really suspicious when you say no to this group but yes to this group. 

  4. 4 hours ago, ScummyRebel said:

    Or just risk accept that this is life now. Our ancestors didn’t hide from the world because of maybes (and before you say “but they didn’t understand disease”, they did at least understand they would get it from other people).

    But, so many have put so much investment into the fear factor of covid that they can’t back out now without losing too much image, so double down it shall be.

    So true.   

  5. Does Norra(ARC) and 3P0 work together, if Nora is at range 0-1 of an opponent?  Meaning, spend a calculate token and guess “one”.  Unless I roll an evade with one die, then the guess will be correct because Nora adds an evade result.  

    is this correct?latest?cb=20180913230445latest?cb=20180731225153

  6. 48 minutes ago, EBerling said:

    Torrents (and similar craft) can be fun in Epic, where having massed bodies and guns is valuable and there's less pressure on each ship.  But in Standard/Extended 200pts, where every single ship in your list needs to be able to reliably deal at least as much damage to offset its own point value, these sort of filler ships are generally pretty unreliable, because common match-ups are too uphill for them to carry their weight.

    Well said. 

  7. I do like the look of the ARC-170, but I never understood the purpose of the s-foils.  It always felt, just because.   So I’m not sure on how a configuration card would make sense from canon point of view.  

    Maybe.... S-foils closed allows a reduction in straight maneuvers difficulty, maybe add chain of something?

  8. On 6/8/2020 at 3:50 AM, Watcher42 said:

    I like both the ideas, my only problem with Jake is that he's just too fast and becomes an inconvenience. Also Dutch with ion cannon + Jake vs Dutch naked + Garven, the second would put more damage. But I do get it, Dutch just feels like an expensive Coordinate

    I’ve run into this very problem.  I love B’s, just the 1 green is murder and putting an Awing in this list makes it very difficult to work together. 

    I like what @Sm00thB0r3 is saying about adding the Uwing.  I think this is the best option. 

  9. Playing Epic 4-way battle and some question came up. One is:  what does “suffer” mean?


    ie: Ion Cannon Battery and Mag-Pulse Warheads both state the target suffers one crit.  Does that crit bypass the shields since the dice are cancelled out?

  10. 4 hours ago, Subhntr said:

    Um, what?  She was Anakin's apprentice in the only thing that Disney kept as part of their canon.

    That's pretty connected in my book.

    I interpreted main saga as on the large screen characters.  What most of the average person would get. 

    As for fans like you and me, I agree.  She is pretty connected.  

  11. 6 hours ago, Subhntr said:

    One of the things that made The Mandalorian great, at least to me, was that it didn't have cameos or appearances by existing characters.

    It existed in Star Wars, but was its own story with new faces who weren't directly connected to the main saga we all know and love.

    So much for that.

    But Ahsoka is not connected to the main saga.  She is a great pick of any of the cartoon characters being that she is not tied to any organizations.  Even someone like Hondo could be risky due to his child-level humor.  

  12. Just got Hotshots and Aces pack; Why is Leia a i5?  In the movies she flies the Falcon once(?), ESB while Han/Chewie are repairing it.   In comics I think she flies a Ywing and an N-1, but not in combat?




    (didn’t know where else to post this question)

  13. Rebels-4 is a list  I’ve been toying with too.  I like how it synergies together.  Some things I’ve learned:


    -Ywings need torpedos or a turret with VTG. Depends on how you want to run them.  Are they to get close and soak up dmg or want to reach out and tag from a distance. 

    -Garven is amazing. Just remember to shoot with him first!


    -Ten, only with servos, is amazing as is.  

    -The Awing is my big question mark.  Try to get missiles on it. 

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