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  1. Ccwebb

    Proton Bomb

    Cool. Thank all of y’all.
  2. Ccwebb

    Proton Bomb

    Does the proton bomb work the same in 2e as 1e? Ie: a crit is issued regardless of shields. I can’t find the rule reference for this.
  3. Ccwebb

    Some 2.0 Rules Questions

    Sorry for the silly question.... why can’t R5’s repair pilot crits?
  4. Ccwebb

    Natash Pup and attacks

    Page 10 of the rules reference: “• If a ship emergency deploys during the Engagement Phase, it can still engage during that phase at its initiative. If its initiative has already occurred this round, it cannot engage this phase.”
  5. One turn, but not uncommon for me to forget what move I selected on the dial I just placed down. 😉😀
  6. Ccwebb

    FFG your app is poor quality

    When I go to edit a saved squad, the screen shifts to a white screen and freezes!!!!! and.... go off line!!! WiFi is usually spotty at gaming places.
  7. Ccwebb

    Bombs in 2.0

    Finally updated my collection to 2.0 and trying it all out. Sorry if this is duplicates question: Bombs&Mines- are drooped in the system phase, then in activation phase the ship moves and chooses action. Correct?
  8. Ccwebb

    wasn't token-stacking a thing of the past?

    This build reminds me of the Nora/Shara/Jan build; where if the planets aligned just right Nora could pull off a 9 dice modified attack. Frightening if pulled off, but even a casual player like me knows NOT to fly towards the teeth.
  9. Ccwebb

    B-Wing S-Foil Servomotors - How'd you make it?

    I was not a fan of the T65 getting abilities from closing its s-foils for the many reasons stated here. However, it sure needed anything, something; so close s-fools for bost. Meh, but really really needed boost the boost. Same thing with B-wing. Leave s-fools alone and give cannon or torpedo configuration. Maybe a free barrel roll (rotating cockpit).
  10. Ccwebb

    B-Wing S-Foil Servomotors - How'd you make it?

    I agree, B-wing closed for landings. It should get a title/mod/whatever to make it hit harder. It’s the Mike Tyson, not Mohamed Ali type fighter. Also, the agility should be higher when within bullseye arc. It’s profile is very slender.
  11. Ccwebb

    2 epic ships overlapping

    A house-rules idea I’ve been kicking around about cripples sections being used as battering rams. If the fore section is crippled, any damage applied to it (fore section) is applied to the aft section. Or maybe a reduced dmg applied. Thougts?
  12. Ccwebb

    Ships and pilots you were wrong about

    Thank you for this. Like a moth to the light I always get stuck on watching Star Wars clips! 😀
  13. Ccwebb

    Failed Actions and Jam

    Perfect! Thank you very much.