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  1. Ccwebb

    Veteran Turret Gunner Cost

    Isn’t VTG practically worthless on ships with primary turret and no other firing arc? It is very situational with the double arcs, but you don’t get the double-tap that a jousting Ywing would bring. I think they are correctly priced.
  2. Advanced Senors in a Bwing or Starviper: Can they action link to red action, reveal blue maneuvers, execute the maneuver fully, remove the stress AND get normal action? ie: Bwing, focus to red barrel roll. Perform blue maneuver and pick up a lock.
  3. Ccwebb

    Nib cost me the game

    Hmmm.... I didn’t think the nubs (nibs) counted for anything. Meaning can’t use them for range or debris.
  4. Ccwebb

    A fix for epic?

    @heychadwick and @Darth Meanie, as usual both are spot on. I love epic, a lot of fun to play and makes this game feel more Star Wars-y than tournaments do. @Bucknife, The majority “house rules” seem to focus on that Epic ships suffer in action economy and not feeling....epic...enough. Some ideas that I’ve tried are: •epic ship points do not count towards the total. (Load them up!) •epic can do all upgrade Actions in addition to normal action • small ship primaries can’t damage the epic shields, only secondary weapons. But.... to speed the game along and keep it organized, print out your lists before hand.
  5. Ccwebb

    A fix for epic?

    How many times have you tested this?
  6. Can the Ghost get two actions with the Sheathipede docked (and titles)? Meaning, before the Ghost activates it can perform a Cordinate action. Then it moves, and then can perform its normal action.
  7. Ccwebb

    X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)

    How I feel chasing down an ace.... and how I feel after realizing my mistake...
  8. Ccwebb

    Vader with afterburners

    Cool. Thank you! 😀
  9. Vader performs a talon roll, activates afterburners and performs a boost action even while stressed. Can Vader then spend a force charge to perform an action? Vader does not get to pick a normal action though due to stress but, I feel eel like I’m reaching here, his ability does say “after you perform an action” and afterburner does say “perform a boost action...”
  10. Ccwebb

    Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition

    Thank you for doing this!!
  11. Ccwebb

    Action EfficienT-70 - Blog on T-70s

    Wow. Mind blown. Thank you.
  12. Ccwebb

    Action EfficienT-70 - Blog on T-70s

    Hold on a sec.... Pattern Analyzer grants a bonus action (if stressed from maneuver)??????!!! I thought PA just granted normal action is stressed.
  13. Update... no surprise here, I’m an idiot. The wings rotate AROUND the cockpit, NOT angle up and down. Lol
  14. Ccwebb

    Juke vs 1 Agility is harsh.

    4 matches against the Phatom/Defender has gone 2 and 2. Just the 2 I lost, was embarrassing. 😬 (hence leading to y’all’s advice. Thank you!) The two I won I played the dials better, but it was still close. So the plan is.... 1) Hit them first, and hard 2) Modify defense last, use elusive. 3) My advice to myself is plan the approach better. 😉