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  1. Ccwebb

    Double Check Saw's T-65

    Omg wow. Lol (sorry for laughing)
  2. Ccwebb

    I just discovered Skyrim

    About to re-purchase it for Xbox1. I played it on the 360 years ago, loved it amazing game.
  3. Ccwebb

    Logistics Of 2e

    Be careful, that is a lot of speculation without calculations, test markets and deals. Don’t forget a business maybe to print the cardboard for cost $X however will have plastic bases thrown in for free. (Or any number of deals, just giving an example). Then, once you start mass producing the printing company will give a discount for a certain quantity.... blah blah blah, it is very hard to determine the individual cost of the included products just based on sticker price. You can guess, but then you are guessing. I agree. What is the definition of “drastically”. 10%? That is the sales tax in most places; I would not classify that as drastically. 20%? So a $15 blister is now $12. There are some would say that isn’t drastically either. I like your thinking about making the cost to the public cheaper, just a very steep cliff to climb to figure out costs. Lots of variables.
  4. Ccwebb

    Spinning it's a good trick -- N1 in 2.0

    Yes. Very good points
  5. Ccwebb

    Spinning it's a good trick -- N1 in 2.0

    I can’t argue with that, good point. Here is my logic: TIE interceptor and A-wing both have a total of 3 and 4 health. Both are more advanced than the N1. While the M3–A has 3 health, I’m not sure when it was used (without looking it up). Even look at the Fang Fighter; it can be consiered being used at the same time as the N1. It has 4 health and built by warrior cast Mandalorians. So why would the N1, not meant for war but Naboo defense, have similar health as more modern, and designed for war, interceptors?
  6. Ccwebb

    Squad Selection Article

    I am diaper Uber excited about 2.0. However all these articles are so, empty. *super
  7. Ccwebb

    Spinning it's a good trick -- N1 in 2.0

    N1 melt faster than Olaf in the summer. These should be 2 Hull and 1 shield, tops. I agre with Gadwad, give it the 3 greens, and no mods. It is a cheep torpedo interceptor with an Astromech.
  8. Ccwebb

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    What a fun movie! I’ve spent enough battles trying to defend TLJ and TFA, both having some issues. (Marry Poppins). Even Rogue 1 had a awkward start to it. Solo was just.... it was fun, dark, gritty, scoundrel-ly. My rank: ESB ANH RTOJ SOLO Rogue 1 TLJ ROTS TFA AOTC TPM
  9. Ccwebb

    All Screenshots from Unboxing

    Wow. I am very excited about this reboot. Obviously we need to get the ships on the table, but each ship FEELS unique now. +I love the built in effects +TR and SL and K-turns at various speeds along different ships. +built in PTL on some ships +JM5K’s dial looks great, like a lopsided ship would move! +exited about Phatoms again +Ghost looks like what we see on the screen! +Slave 1 love! Just so excited.
  10. I get that points are not printed on the cards, but what about upgrades? How is it determined what upgrades can be used?
  11. Ccwebb

    Weaponized Hyperspace Capable Starships

    To further prove your point: 2:58 (sorry at the end) a piece of bull flies from the separatist captial ship and flies into the republic cruiser. Also, that’s why fighters are need, to (relatively) slowly move through the shields and attack hard points. (ANH, TLJ and countless scenes in CW, ESB- walkers, and TLJ-walkers). A special planetary shield is needed for ROTJ. TFA, Han makes it a point of flying in between shield fluctuations.
  12. Ccwebb

    The X-Wing's articulating S-Foils.

    Dude.... that sucks. I’m sorry. Tournaments are already long enough, just to deal with that? Ugh
  13. Ccwebb

    Need a D&D player or two...

    Interested. What’s the plan?