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  1. Not sure what w12 will bring but I know one thing. We'll all find something to ***** about.
  2. New to podcasts? Be sure to have a shaker of salt handy when enjoying them. A lime and some tequila might not be a bad idea either...
  3. Yeah probably the easiest way to govern list building is to draw the line at "ships from OT only". Your ban list is going to be way too restrictive and make your life hard for no reason. Trust me, I've done this before for each individual OT film and as all three combined. Just stick to a simple ban list. Plus then you can run Rageswarm and smoke fools.
  4. I stopped using Lone Wolf because of this. Also, crit markers.
  5. Hey, you're right. I shouldn't lump you in with them!
  6. Actually ABT + AccCor is the best thing to happen to X-Wing in a long time. Positioning matters. No room for wimps, either get out of R1 or eat combo. Simple.
  7. Bad lists only. You draw your list to fly out of a hat. You win by winning your games, but also get points if your Bad List wins. What is your Bad List? I'm thinking 4x Spice Runners w/ TLT and Deadmans Switch. So bad it might just work!
  8. Cubanboy I liked you better when you weren't a 2.0er. Happy early Friday though.
  9. In a word, yes. High level comp is not the trash bin of human refuse that these boards make it out to be. You will more than likely meet more cool people than not. Just go have fun and screw what everyone else says. You'll be fine.
  10. If some podcaster makes you wanna not play X-Wing its time to find a new podcast.
  11. As someone who loves to fly multiple TIE/sf I can tell you that sometimes when something seems underpowered, it's for a reason. Soontir Fel + AT and LWF? Get out, you bullies. Pretty much the only way to hit him is usually to throw more reds at him than greens. Or block him. Lol.
  12. Youngster and Rage plus 7 Academy Mooks is actually a bang up TIE Swarm. Using Rage requires some forethought and the overall style of the list calls for a pretty unique setup and plan. Being able to cover the mat in arcs and respond to any opposing setup is really key. I have been doing very well with the Rageswarm and against a number of different lists. It requires patience and skill to fly but its a very satisfying experience. If you were looking for a TIE Swarm to take to a competition I would suggest Rageswarm. And lots of practice.
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