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  1. I demo'd the Dark Souls board game at Gencon. If the full game is as fun as the demo, I think it's absolutely worth the buy. Boss Monster is a lot of fun, I'd recommend it. I bought AvP: The Hunt Begins, Second Edition last fall. While the gameplay is fun and thematic (in my opinion), there are a lot of serious quality control issues with the miniatures and parts included with the game. Many of the Alien miniatures had pieces broken off (a second mouth gone here, a few back spikes broken there, and a hand broken off one) and one of the marines was completely broken in half. This is odd because the miniatures come delivered in soft storage foam. But the core set miniatures do come fully assembled. I had also picked up some expansions to add to the Aliens faction and all of them had chunks of excess plastic sticking off from where you would connect the limbs to the body, requiring them to be cut off with special tools. There was also excess plastic sticking off the end of the alien head crests and the end of the tails. It made it absolutely miserable to assemble, especially for someone like me who has never had a game where I needed to assemble my own miniatures before. The tiles you use for making the maps in AvP warped within a week of me having the game. It doesn't make them unplayable, but it is annoying. Again, the AvP game is fun to play and the miniatures themselves are incredibly detailed and look amazing, but the quality control on the miniatures and map tiles is terrible. Getting the game depends on how much work you want to put into fixing up quality control mistakes for an arguably fun AvP game experience.
  2. The bomber looks cool, but I'm not much for one heavy bomber styles of play. So I'll admit that I'm less excited about that one (still an interesting ship though). I'm far more excited for the TIE Silencer. The repositioning ability on that thing is going to be insane, and the stats are really nice. It's a little pricey, I'll admit. But I'll have to play it and see if it makes up its points during a game. Kylo Ren's going to outfly and outmaneuver almost everything with the actions and the upgrades the Silencer has access to. I can't wait to fly that ship. The TIE Silencer looks really cool to boot.
  3. Wow... reading through the responses to these new ship announcements really shows how miserable a place this forum is. It's like the majority of people don't even have the ability to be excited or interested in new ships anymore.
  4. The article says Wave 13 is releasing in early 2018. Wave 12 is going to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2017. The Silencer and bomber won't be released in time for the movie. 12 still releases before 13.
  5. The ARC-170 seats 3. One in the front, one at the tail gun, and one in the middle by the astromech. The K-Wing seats 3. One in the left cockpit, one in the right, and one in the turret cockpit. I got nothing for the Scurrg. I never played that game so I don't know how many people normally crew and fly it. The TIE/sf's rear arc is the crew
  6. The TIE/D list I brought to Adepticon for the Hoth Open actually did quite well and was fun to play. Had I been better with my maneuvers in two of my game, I would have made it to day two (ended up 4-3). Predator really helps with the offensive dice mods, and I always saved my Focus for defense unless I was guaranteed to not get shot. Relxer and Maarek can really mess up those low agility, high hull large ships. Rexler Brath (37) - Predator (3) - Ion Cannon (3) - Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) - TIE/D) (0) Maarek Stele (35) - Predator (3) - Ion Cannon (3) - Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) - TIE/D (0) Academy Pilot (12) Total: 98
  7. When I played the Legion demo, the demo guy said there were some clarifications and effects that were part of the game that weren't being covered in the demo (I had asked if there were bonuses for a squad with high ground to be shooting down at squads below them ). It may be possible that flanking vehicles is an effect in the game, but it hasn't been covered along with other similar effects.
  8. Vader's ability is actually how I originally imagined boarding parties would work if/when introduced into Armada (before Boarding Troopers and Engineers were revealed). One-time use, gets rid of an upgrade card. I'm glad to see this incarnation coming to Armada. And it's Imperial exclusive to boot!
  9. So if I bring the Profundity with Admiral Raddus, a small-base ship, a medium-base ship, and my Hyperspace Assault is chosen as the objective, and I manage to make that fill 400 points... Does that mean I could deploy none of my ships if I wanted to?
  10. Legion will be the first time I'll ever try painting my miniatures, so I'll probably keep it simple for any special designs. I know I'm going to paint the shoulder right shoulder of each trooper in the squad to match the color I choose for the commander so I can make sure squads don't get mixed up during battle. I'll also see if I can paint one of the commanders with the paint job that showed up in Force Unleashed. https://www.sideshowtoy.com/mas_assets/jpg/2193_press06-001.jpg
  11. I will admit it is not the best Star Wars, nor best Star Destroyer, design I've seen. Despite Star Destroyers traditionally being triangles in space, the Dreadnaught took the triangle aesthetic a little too far. The flat top bothers me a bit (though for some reason I think the whole bridge structure looks really cool). I'll also agree that it would make more sense for the giant guns to be on smaller ships, but that's just not how the First Order does things. They're all about doing things bigger and that seems to be their general design aesthetic. And for all we know, these orbital bombardment guns could cause immensely more damage to the a planet's surface than the original ISD or the Resurgent-class could ever do with just lasers alone. Again, it'll come down to seeing how it's used and what it does in the movie.
  12. If I had to guess, a good chunk of ship building resources may have initially come from the Super Star Destroyer Elcipse, which was revealed to have been sent to the Unknown Regions post-Endor for the beginning of the First Order. It's possible the First Order eventually took apart the Super Star Destroyer to start building these new ships before they started using resources from planets in the Unknown Regions/Outer Rim to build up their new fleet.
  13. I'll join on the minority side here and say that I actually like the design of the Dreadnaught. It took a little bit but I can see it fitting into Star Wars fairly well. The big guns on the bottom took some getting used to though, but it looks better when they're stored away in the ship and only come out for orbital bombardments. I'm actually surprised that it's smaller than the Super Star Destroyer, I thought the First Order would have gone just as big, if not bigger, than the Super Star Destroyer. Seems to be their typical theme. Though maybe my liking for the ship is coming out of pure spite for the raging forum posters who are judging the ship and/or the whole movie based on a handful of stills of a single ship and walker. I'll save judgement on the new walker until I see it in action. It looks a bit silly in the stills, but I'm not bothered by it. It could easily end up appearing much more functional and cool on screen.
  14. I'll stick on the side of hoping we'll get Republic and CIS factions added to the game someday. I just want to march legions (see what I did there?) of battle droids across the map towards my opponent's forces. Just for the visual appeal if nothing else. Also so I can say "Roger roger" every time I move one of my units, in the hope that I'll annoy my opponent into surrendering.
  15. For what it's worth, the Kom'kr came first (Clone Wars). So technically, the Protectorate is just a downscaled version of the Kom'kr, not the opposite. *Pushes nerd glasses up*
  16. For home and casual play, objectives are fine and can be fun. Though it'll probably take quite a bit of tweaking to get objectives that fit just right into X-Wing. For competitive play, the game just isn't designed to have objectives in the same way Armada does.
  17. All large-base ships are too maneuverable? I think the Lambda and the Upsilon would like to have a word about that.
  18. Bacon is always the first thing I target during breakfast.
  19. More that FFG appreciates constructive criticism rather than threads that attack and insult their company and design team that work hard to bring you plastic spaceships. But if I had to guess, I'd assume that the thread was reported by enough people that it was taken down.
  20. Xerpo-ing? Xerpoing? Xerpoed?
  21. Gravity can have a strong influence on the weak minded?
  22. If I know I'm playing casually against a new player, I'll bring out a fun themed lists (like all First Order ships for example, which is a personal favorite of mine), play with ships and/or pilots I rarely or never play with, and happily test out new non-competitive lists against them that I'm unfamiliar with so that the game is more even. Those are often when I have some of the most enjoyable games. I like to use those as teaching games for the new player, and testing grounds for lists and ships for myself. If it's at a tournament, well there's really nothing I can do for them other than explain anything they don't understand or are having difficulty with. It's a tournament and everyone is there to win (to varying degrees), so the nastier competitive stuff is going to be all over the place. But I do sympathize with them if they go up against a Scum list or something where the action economy and red dice are through the roof and they may certainly feel cheated even when everything that happens is within the rules. Explaining to the new player that the competitive scene is different than the casual scene may help though.
  23. Those crafty Rebels managed to steal an entire TIE Interceptor squadron?! Is there truly no end to their deviousness?
  24. I'm not opposed to the idea of Mission cards in X-Wing at all, and scenarios with alternative win conditions are always fun to play out. Brainstorming ideas for casual/kitchen table play works for me. However, the counter-argument I've always seen (and the one I tend to agree with) with mission cards in X-Wing is "why focus on the mission when I can just blow up all my opponent's ships before they gain any/enough mission victory points?". If my opponent is paying squadron points (per the OP's example of how missions might work and be included in a squad) and I show up with a full 100 point squadron list without missions, it's going to be that much easier for me to destroy my opponent's entire squad before they get any mission victory points to help equalize their own disadvantage.
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