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  1. I saw a pretty good "Blackout" build played yesterday that I personally thought was good. And it was under 40 points to boot. Test Pilot "Blackout" (31) - Trick Shot (0) - Collision Detector (0) - Pattern Analyzer (2) - Autothrusters (2) - First Order Vanguard (2) Total: 37 Bring debris as your obstacles, and Blackout can set get those between himself and his targets for his ability bonus. With Pattern Analyzer (as it was explained to me by the person using this build) you can fly through the debris and still get your action before the stress is applied to your ship while Collision detector ensures you can't be harmed by debris. And if you're looking to make the ship even cheaper to fly, you can drop the title. You lose some action economy, but at least your not dumping too many points into one ship and Blackout can still hit pretty hard if you get a few obstructed shots.
  2. There's also Kamino, Second Death Star, Hoth, Yavin IV, and Jakku.
  3. If he's the best Arquitens player you've seen, but he only plays a single Arquitens, then how would you know how effective mass Arquitens can be? And perhaps the reason you don't see mass Arquitens in a tournament is because not everyone wants to spend the money on buying 3-4 Arquitens. I've seen a Liberty go down in one round of shooting from concentrated fire at long range from Arquitens. Are you comparing the Arquitens to the Gladiator, or are you comparing Arquitens to Demolisher? Because Demolisher is a single outstanding outlier in comparison to most ships in the game. In a direct one on one comparison of dice and stats I suppose it can be argued that the Gladiator is better for raw stats. Black dice are better than red dice. But that doesn't take gameplay in consideration. The Gladiator has to get within close range to do any real damage to a ship. And if it's not Demolisher, it runs the risk of being shot to pieces before it gets close. Meanwhile, an Arquitens can sit back and continue to throw dice at a target or two from long range the entire time. That damage adds up through the game. In short, the Arquitens is better than you're giving it credit for and still requires little investment to make it an effective red-dice ship.
  4. Have you played against many well-flown Arquitens? Because they will ruin your day if you're not careful. Alternatively, I would say the Arquitens is an incredible ship for the Imperials and fits into more Imperial fleets than the Gladiator. It doesn't need much investment to do plenty of work. If you're not running Vader for rerolls, just throw on Dual Turbolaser Turrets for a pseudo-reroll and that can be all you need. Vader with 3-4 Arquitens running Enhanced Armament and spamming Concentrate Fire commands will also rip through even the toughest ships at long range. Gladiators have to get close, and really only Demolisher is the dangerous one. Arquitens can stay at a safe distance and pick off your ships.
  5. Well the people I thought I would be playing BF2 with flaked out, so I'm in need of a few battle buddies on Xbox One. Played multiplayer all by myself and I think it's a credit to the game that I had fun in every match regardless of whether I was on the winning or losing team.
  6. When they say "unexplored corner of Star Wars lore", two options come to my mind for possibilities: 1. A story and events happening in a completely remote corner of the galaxy/unknown regions that is so far removed from the events of the movies that this part of the galaxy has it's own separate events unfolding. Could be a chance to tell a Star Wars story the likes we've never seen when everything we've known about Star Wars isn't part of it. Although I'm not sure Disney would be willing to risk making the new trilogy accidentally not Star Wars by doing that. 2. The foundation of the Jedi Order. Jedi are kind of integral to Star Wars (lightsabers and the Force are at the core of Star Wars), so it would be pretty cool to see how they get their beginnings in the new canon. Wouldn't be hard to split that into a trilogy either. First movie could be the new character discovering his or her connection to the Force and starting a sort of proto-Jedi Order. Second movie could be how one or more Jedi turn to the dark side (as they have different views on what being a "Jedi" means and how the Force should be used), forming the beginnings of the Sith. Third movie concludes the story and maybe shows how the newly founded Jedi Order integrates with the Galactic Republic while the Sith go into hiding, disappearing for the millennium, as Episode 1 claimed. Though almost anything is open at this point. Without any more details on the movies, I suppose we get to guess away.
  7. I'm curious to know what overall Imperial strategies, if any, have changed with the release of the Rise of the Empire expansion.
  8. I don't know how anyone could ask for or want more shuttles for the Empire.
  9. This kind of situation is why the Destiny crowd in my area rapidly dwindled down to only the competitive players, and why new players stopped showing up after one or two "casual Destiny nights" at our LFGS or even a single tournament. Hopefully the new changes to characters and cards help bring people back in as decks need to get changed up.
  10. And none of the ships or upgrades I enjoy playing with were negatively effected. FAQ gets a thumbs up from me.
  11. So which version of Phasma got the points increase? When I first looked at the article, the picture linked was to Awakenings Phasma. But now it links to the 2-player set Phasma. The article refers to Awakenings Phasma and the point increase fits with that version but that could be the usual FFG article mistake. Just a little confused.
  12. Well a different Star Wars game got a rules update and errata. Pretty big ones too from the look of things. Seems like the Destiny lead designer is okay with adjusting character point costs. Just not in a potentially permanent way.
  13. I don't think we'll get General Hux until First Order ships start showing up in Armada (if they ever do). I always considered Captain Sato the fighter-based Admiral for the Rebels. But another Admiral who's like a Sloan for the Rebels would be cool too. Don't think I would want them in a squadron though. Way too easy for them to be shot down, making them not worth the points.
  14. After a quick Wookiepedia search, it was the Annihilator (formerly General Tagge's command ship), but was renamed to Liberty's Misrule after the pirate Eleodie Maracavanya captured it. It was shown in the Aftermath trilogy to be under pirate command post-Endor, but never given an explanation on how it was captured. Maybe it's supposed to be the newcannon version of the Errant Venture? I remember in the book she recruited from ships she captured, so that could help explain how she's getting enough manpower to run such an enormous ship. So... Scum faction Super Star Destroyer confirmed for Armada?
  15. It really seems to come down to how you value having a single activation with lots of squad activations at once (Quasar) or your squad ball activated between two ships and getting an extra ship activation (Gozantis). I personally have had a great time using the Quasar whenever I field it and felt it was worth its points. Activating six squadrons a turn (thanks to Comms Net Gozanti feeding it the squadron token) with Flight Controllers just feels like it hits a lot harder than forcing myself to split the squadron alpha strike between two Gozanti activations and only activating 4 at a time. It also tends to draw fire away from my more dangerous ship (usually a Star Destroyer) because my opponent doesn't want me to keep using the Quasar for squadron activations for long.
  16. Yet now in the new canon, a Pirate Queen (can't remember her name) managed to steal, crew, and effectively use entire Super Star Destroyer post-Endor. I think she uses it both to pirate smaller ships and uses it as a safe haven for pirates in the Outer Rim. No real explanation on how she stole it or how in the galaxy she's able to keep a crew large enough to effectively run the darn thing though.
  17. You're right. It's Johnny, Timmy, and Spike. The roles transfer well to the types of X-Wing players.
  18. Is it canon that the Nebulon-B was made for the Empire anymore? The Imperial players getting a Nebulon-B for the Rebels to have a Quasar-Fire is not a fair trade in the least. If the Yavaris title becomes available for the Imperials to use as well, then maybe some trade negotiations can happen.
  19. Why do you keep bolding the text of "Quasar"?
  20. Talonbane Cobra (28) - Attani Mindlink or Fearlessness (0) - Thread-Tracers (0) - Ion Dischargers (1) - Pulse Ray Shields (1) - Vectored Thrusters (1) - Engine Upgrade (3) - Vaskai (0) I'm actually really looking forward to trying this build out and seeing if it works. Repositioning and a form of Regen seems playable.
  21. A cool new ship to fly with a high pilot skill, 6 health, elite pilot talent, and the combination of systems and tech slot. If we're just looking objectively at the ship...
  22. I've been having a blast using Hera in my squads. Her high hull value gives her good survivability and that single brace token gives her the extra push to live through really high-dice attacks. Her dice pool is good and can wipe out non-ace squads pretty quickly, so that's always a plus. She struggles a bit more against aces, but at least she has two blue to give her a fair chance at blocking Scatter tokens. I've been pairing her a lot with Tycho and Shara. Giving those two Rogue just feels good. But I've also had fun granting unengaged X-Wings the Rogue ability and sending them after an undefended or weakened ship . Lately I've been considering running her with Norra Wexley and Gold squadron nearby so I can have Y-wing bombing Rogues. I think there's potential there.
  23. Using an action to block one damage on a single attack isn't worth much these days. Better to use those actions for offense anyways.
  24. People are giving waaaaaay too much worth to the evade action. The Silencer not having that action does not make or break the ship.
  25. The amount of hate in this thread for their choice of having JJ Abrams as director makes me ashamed to call myself a Star Wars fan.
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