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  1. It's not about "wowing" the remaining spectators. It's not even that they "owe" anyone still there a game. If they are participating in the tournament, then they are there to play the game. If they do not want to play their game, then they are effectively no longer participating in the tournament. If they're not taking part in the tournament, they're not eligible for prizes.
  2. X-Wing articles are never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.
  3. Derpzilla88


    That was the very first thing I thought of when I saw the title of the thread too.
  4. Except that they can only Final Salvo if, at the end of the game, both players have the same score. If you don't play the game, you can't Final Salvo. If you could Final Salvo instead of playing a game, then every round in a tournament could be resolved without anyone playing actually playing.
  5. But also in this hypothetical situation, they are playing in the tournament to get prizes. If they do not play their final match, then prizes should be forfeit because they were not played for. Those first and second place prizes don't go to third or fourth place, so they'd probably just to the store. If they're too tired to play the final round, then the prizes weren't important enough to them anyways so it shouldn't matter whether they get them or not. Also, how can prizes for first and second place be given out when first and second place were never determined because both players won't play? If they want to fly all their ships off the board in the first round, then fine. Do that. But that opens up the opportunity for one or both of them to not set their ship flying off the board so that they're guaranteed the win. And if they both keep a ship or two from flying off the board because they don't want to lose out on that first place swag, then boom. We've got a game.
  6. Eh, I suppose a DQ for refusing to play at the final table is pretty harsh (though would certainly feel justifiable). I'd say ask both players if they still want to play the game. If they both say no, then that's fine. But neither of them get the first or second place prizes. If they don't play the game then first and second player can't be properly determined, therefore their prizes are forfeit. Third and fourth place players get the prizes they would normally get, but the first and second place prizes go to the store to do with as they please. They can't just Final Salvo right there and let that decide it. Final Salvo is reserved for the end of a game. If they don't play the game, they can't Final Salvo.
  7. Ooooh, and now posts that call out forum members for their bad nasty behavior get reported. Guess the kettles don't like when the pots call them black.
  8. Better to be a fan that can acknowledge the flaws of a movie and move on to enjoy what's there than to be... well, whatever hateful, vitriol-spewing forum member you've become. And if you really want us to, if we start applying the same sledgehammer of unthinking criticism to A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back that you and several other overly vocal members of the forum have applied to The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, those would start looking like pretty bad movies too. If you really believe that Disney is "destroying the franchise", you're free to stop watching new Star Wars content and stick to just three movies. I mean, we get it: you don't like the new stuff.
  9. Wait, wouldn't the celebration of your achievement be earlier than today? Sovereign appeared in season 1 of Rebels before it was destroyed at the end of season 1. Sovereign has been canon for at least three years.
  11. My personal thought on the matter was that JJ Abrams had a plan and storyline for Snoke through the Sequel Trilogy, but Rian Johnson did not when he took over as director and decision-maker for the story going into The Last Jedi. Johnson settled on just getting rid of Snoke rather than forcing in a character he had no use for in his vision for how TLJ and Sequel Trilogy should be going forward. Hence why Snoke was introduced as a Big Bad, then axed off pretty quick in the next film. Although, at this moment, I don't have hard facts to back that up. It's just a guess from how characters were handled in TFA to TLJ.
  12. You do know that the clips showing the characters as they speak were added in by whoever posted the video, right? In the actual scene only the voices are heard. Ezra (and the audience) doesn't actually see the characters as they're talking.
  13. I'm completely baffled that people had no complaints about the myriad of powerful and sometimes ridiculous things the Force was capable of in Legends canon. But when the new canon introduces a new concept of what the Force is capable of, so many people lose their minds and complain about "that's now how the Force works!". Even when that concept is loosely grounded on what the films have shown us (visions of the future), and has been slowly built up over the course of the entire show instead of just pulled out of thin air for plot convenience or "doing something cool".
  14. With the Decimators at 22 points each, six of them equal out to 132 out of the 134 points you can bring for squadrons.
  15. Success? No, I don't own enough Decimators to try a swarm of them. Watched in horror as my fleet was eaten alive by a 6-decimator swarm? Yes... yes I have.
  16. The Arrestor Cruiser looks like a ship that's just begging to have new Experimental Retrofit upgrades come with it if it were to be released for Armada.
  17. My MC80 Assault Cruiser is going to love it. Why choose between Electronic Countermeasures and Early Warning System when I can have both?
  18. I've never played Miranda out of respect for my fellow players' enjoyment of the game (though my resolve is being eroded away as the losses pile up). I've never killed a Shadowcaster. I've never believed a ship to be DOA. I've never had success with X-Wing lists despite multiple attempts and variations. One day... one day...
  19. Battlefront 2's starfighter assault is leagues better than the first game's version (admittedly not hard to do). In my opinion it's the best mode, which is funny when the space combat was handled by a different company than DICE. Having bots mixed in with players makes for a much more epic space battle, which is something the Galactic Assault game mode could learn from. I'll play any of the ship classes and have fun with it. The map and side I'm playing on mostly determine what ship class I'll choose.
  20. X-Wing, Destiny, and Imperial Assault have all done non-"cartoony" art of the characters for those games that looks just fine and fits. Based on those they would fit without issue into Legion. Also, what do you mean Jedi popping up constantly? Kanan is the only true Jedi in the show with Ezra in training throughout the entire series. That's one Jedi and one kid in training. The legends EU had dozens of Jedi that survived Order 66 and continued into the Rebellion era as well as tons of powerful Force Sensitives fighting for the Rebellion, yet I never see anyone complaining about that.
  21. I think the raid tokens are going to be an excellent addition to the game, but I don't think they're going to be abused as badly as some people may think they will be. They'll be amazing for shutting down ships that spam the same commands all game (carriers, for example) and for weakening stronger ships. I'm excited to see what they do for the game. Jyn Erso's a one time use and won't hit until the 3rd or 4th round of the game on average. The Gauntlet Fighters are expensive to own multiples of (you'd have to buy two Chimera packs just for 4 of them), have a significant cost to add to a fleet at 20 points per squadron, are easy to get tied up by the opponent's squadrons, and look sub-par when it comes to fighting other squadrons. With what's going to be available, I honestly don't think it would be a huge problem if raid tokens couldn't be removed. The game only lasts 6 rounds after all. But that could be a problem for design space further down the line, so it's probably safer to assume they can be removed one way or another.
  22. The list needed a bit of an adjustment. Phasma (while horribly underused and pretty much a waste so she deserves her spot near the bottom) at least served as a shadow over Finn and a reminder of his past that he eventually had to overcome. All those admirals, captains, and Moffs were just there so Vader didn't have to control everything in every little scene, and were only there to make Vader seem more ruthless when he killed some of them off. They have no menace, no characterization outside of being an Imperial officer, and had no contributions to the story. Everything else is fine though.
  23. Episode VIII: Episode 6.5: The Sequel's Prequel.
  24. 1. Empire Strikes Back - Excellent movie, excellent story arcs, excellent action. 2. The Force Awakens - This is a list of my personal favorites after all. I don't need anyone's approval for where I place this movie. I loved it. 3. Return of the Jedi - The ewoks really aren't that bad and everything else about this movie is awesome. 4. Rogue One - A lot of cool action and it tells a moment from Star Wars from a different perspective. Also visually very cool. 5. A New Hope - Nostalgia factor. 6. The Last Jedi - It's an excellent movie, but some stuff just felt off about it compared to the other films. 7. Revenge of the Sith - Good moments sprinkled without and wraps up the prequels nicely. 8. The Phantom Menace - Cool action and locations. Jar Jar doesn't bother me to the level he annoys others. Guess I'm just used to it. 9. Attack of the Clones - Obi-Wan's investigation is cool and the actions scenes are neat, but the rest of the movie just gets kinda boring.
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