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  1. I've seen Arquitens used to success multiple times. I think they're better if you can run them in pairs but a single one can still do plenty of work. In my opinion, Arquitens are by far the best long-range flanking ships in the game. Jerrjerod also makes them plenty maneuverable. Plus, if you can get Turbolaser Reroute Circuits on them with Intensify Firepower in your list, that's three guaranteed damage on at least one attack each round right there. Hence why two can really start bringing the hurt if you're concentrating fire most rounds and relying on JJ for your maneuvering.
  2. In my opinion, it's not safe to assume that. I, for one, have never heard of these transports until this very thread. I've never seen them in any games, comics, or read about them in any books. I don't think even the old "Vehicles guide" book showed them.
  3. That's what Fantasy Flight Games said. I've broken the code.
  4. Well, under that standard the Ghost is still from primary source. Rogue One is a theatrical release of Star Wars, which is a "primary source" The A-Wing and the B-Wing were never featured extensively. So using that same standard, they would be unrecognizable ships, no? Who is "most people?". Just saying "most people don't agree" doesn't make it true. This is still part of your opinion, not a fact. The same can be said for the A-Wing and the B-Wing (especially the B-Wing) in Return of the Jedi. The Ghost has about as much screen time as the A-Wing in Return of the Jedi. Definitely has more than the B-Wing. Again, that's your opinion. It's fine if you hate it, no one can make you like it. But are you letting your dislike of the show affect what you consider part of the Star Wars universe? Again, who are these "many" people? Because I can just point to the Rebels thread here on the forums for a pretty huge amount of people that enjoy the show. Yeah, they criticize it but the underlying theme is that the people who post there enjoy the show. With the amount of marketing behind Rebels being shown during its run time and how much we will continue to see Rebels characters and content integrated with the rest of Star Wars material, I don't see how anyone can claim stuff from Rebels is "not recognizable". Heck, I'd put money down that characters and content from Rebels (like the Ghost) is quickly becoming as recognizable as the OT characters and content. Because it's gotten far more screen time than even the OT stuff. Far more than the ships we have in X-Wing that from an ancient PC game, an old MMO, and a few minor appearances in comics and books (*cough* K-Wing, Gunboat, E-Wing, TIE Phantom, Kimogila, TIE Aggresor, Kirhiax, M3-A *cough*)
  5. I have to imagine they made a face very much like the expression your current avatar has.
  6. So is the Hypserspace Report announcement a fancy way of FFG saying "no new Star Wars product previews until May 1st"?
  7. The Upsilon is one of my favorite ships to fly because of its looks and four attack dice alone, but it's always a struggle to find exactly how best to use it. As a heavy hitting support ship (which is what I ideally would want it to be) it's too easy to put too many points into it and not have enough points left for good, solid fighters that receive the support. Then it's just a big chunk of easy-to-kill points for my opponent. But if I don't put enough points into the support aspect, then it's really not doing its job very well and wasn't worth the points to bring anyways. I've tried running it as an "attack shuttle" kind of build, including the "Ridin' Dirty" Kylo build. That's probably the more fun and somewhat effective way to use it for the points that get invested into it. But there's just so many options for ships that do what the Upsilon can do at that point, but with far less point investment. It sure is fun to use for First Order themed casual lists though. It probably has the most intimidating silhouette of any ship just because of that wingspan.
  8. Your original question was the "What if" scenario of the Empire vs the UNSC. If you wanted it to be post-Endor Empire (which is what it sounds like you're leaning towards) vs the UNSC, then at least say so. Otherwise I could just counter your "Vader, the Emperor, and Inquisitors are dead" statements with something like "The UNSC only has a handful of ships and only controls Earth", which was their status during the events of Halo 3. As it stands, in a standard what if of Empire vs UNSC, all assets potential available assets should be considered from across their full timeline. But I've been trying to compare just baseline ship and Starfighter capabilities first before even considering what Spartans and evil space wizards could do to effect the outcome. Admittedly, I haven't even considered ground combat. Honestly that's probably more evenly matched.
  9. I kind of like the simplicity of calling the new TIE a Heavy TIE fighter. Simple and explains exactly what it's role is. I don't hate the Arrestor's design, but I'm not really enjoying it either. It might look cooler on screen and if it uses some sort of experimental tech (as an excuse for its odd-looking design) that might make it more interesting.
  10. Predictable? There are many things that can be said about that movie, good and bad. But predictable is not one of them.
  11. I don't think the UNSC has the numbers to compare to the Galactic Empire. The UNSC controlled Earth, several "fortress" worlds (like Reach), and some colony worlds. But the exact numbers of what they controlled are a bit sketchy. Meanwhile, the Empire had governmental and military control over most of its galaxy (albeit not for very long). The UNSC never seemed like had that massive a presence in the galaxy. But if we look at it as just a fight between matching fleet sizes, it might all come down to how effective the MAC and ballistic weapons are against the shields of Star Destroyers. I will say that the UNSC probably has the fighter advantage. Ballistics would probably rip through a TIE fighter just as easily as lasers would and both Sabre and Broadsword fighters had shielding. I think that's the UNSC's biggest advantage in the fight.
  12. Yeah, even as I posted I thought about how the UNSC has been represented in the newer games and material. They come off as even more powerful than they were before the war. Humanity sure rebounded from near-extinction quick, didn't it? I'm not a fan of the newer games and material have made the UNSC out to be a galactic superpower just a few years after the war's end. At least the Covenant remnants and species that made up that former empire come across as broken and defeated, struggling with what they have left. But the UNSC is like "Nah fam, we good. Look at all the new toys we made with all the resources we supposedly didn't have." But that's ultimately irrelevant to the discussion. The newer UNSC ships do appear to have the strength to back them up against Imperial ships. Although I think I'd still give the win to the Empire, as the Infinity is a bit more of an outlier in ship strength for the UNSC, rather than the norm.
  13. I'm also looking at it as just a ship vs ship comparison. I'm not taking into account special forces like potential Spartan boarding teams and such. I think that adds too much variability in capabilities for both sides.
  14. I think there's a YouTuber that does a lot of Halo vs Star Wars ship battles, among other "what if" battle scenarios. Might be worth looking for that, as they might have a similar scenario on their channel already with all the info you'd need. In my opinion, if we had the Empire and UNSC at the height of their canon power (which I think would be the Dark Times for the Empire and the pre-Human-Covenant war for the UNSC), I feel that the Empire has an advantage. Star Destroyer weaponry seems similar to Covenant weaponry and that always seemed to wreak havoc on UNSC ships. But that's just based on opinions. I'd have to look up more facts on the capabilities of each ship later, as right now I can only go with what I think I remember.
  15. FFG is just following Star Wars law: "Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice."
  16. I have yet to fly the Sheathipede, G-1A/Mist Hunter, or the Starviper. I keep planning to use them at least once sometime, but end up flying something else instead. One day they'll hit the table for casual fun. One day... Although my K-Wing, Lambda, and E-Wing have been flown only once, so I personally count them a bit. Even the TIE Punisher has seen more playtime for me than any of those three ships.
  17. After I had first gotten into Armada, I saw Halo: Fleet Battles on the shelves of my local game store. I planned to pick it up in the future at some point (those Covenant ships are begging to be played), but sadly it looks like that won't be happening now that Spartan Games is gone. I would check Ebay first for people looking to sell the Fall of Reach core set. Fingers are still crossed that Microsoft and 343 Industries are willing to work with another game company to try and get the miniature game going again.
  18. They used to be pretty good for pre-painted miniatures during their first several expansions. But when the pre-paint quality started going downhill it later sets, it went downhill fast.
  19. I, for one, would love to run a Chibi-class Star Destroyer or two in my fleet.
  20. I've heard that too, though I have no idea if the licensing thing has any truth to it. FFG was able to make Destiny with plenty of prequel stuff in it, so I don't know what (if anything) keeps them from bringing it into their other games or releasing a new game that includes prequel content. Legion lends itself best to the prequel factions than X-Wing or even Armada given that the movies and Clone Wars show fleshed out a ton of infantry and vehicle units to be used for combat. More than enough to keep them even with the Empire and Rebels as stand-alone factions. Why are you sorry? There's nothing wrong with wanting additional factions. Legion doesn't need additional factions, sure. But when it's a game of ground combat in the Star Wars universe, it could be made so much more interesting and fun for a larger group of players if there were even just a few more options than only Rebels and Imperials. Aren't you agreeing with the OP by not wanting factions beyond Imperials and Rebels? I'm getting mixed messages here.
  21. The fact that there's only two factions is the reason I'm not getting into Legion. At least not for now. Still keeping a close eye on it. I'm getting a bit tired of every FFG Star Wars game being primarily Rebels vs Imperials (even if the game is fun). Heck, Destiny initially seemed interesting just because it featured more than just the Original Trilogy stuff. Until Legion reveals that there will be more faction options than the same two factions I've played so much of in X-Wing and Armada, there's just not a side I can latch onto and really want to play as. Legion: Rebels vs Imperials X-Wing: Rebels vs Imperials vs Scum Armada: Rebels vs Imperials Imperial Assault: Rebels vs Imperials vs Scum Star Wars the Card Game: Rebels vs Imperials (with sub-factions within those two, if I understand the game right). Rebellion: Rebels vs Imperials Empire vs Rebellion: the name of this game says it for me. More factions, whether their scum, prequel, or sequel, at least give more diversity for players. If not in mechanics and/or playstyle, then at least visually.
  22. Settle down there, hotshot. M'kay. Alternative wording needed to ensure it's not mistaken as fact. Got it. Settle down there, hotshot.
  23. Of course what I'm saying is an opinion. What you've said in the thread is an opinion too. This whole thread is fueled on opinions. I'm not stating anything as fact. If I had said something along the lines of "the rules say that...", then I would be stating something as fact. Yeah, I suppose you could read my last post as me stating fact, but it's not. If they want prizes, then they should go through the motions of what it takes to get them. At what other point in the tournament can two opponents choose not to play their game and still be allowed to continue for prizes? Why would that change at the final round?
  24. It's not about "wowing" the remaining spectators. It's not even that they "owe" anyone still there a game. If they are participating in the tournament, then they are there to play the game. If they do not want to play their game, then they are effectively no longer participating in the tournament. If they're not taking part in the tournament, they're not eligible for prizes.
  25. X-Wing articles are never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.
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