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  1. It is not enough that the Jumpmaster was nerfed into balance in 1.0. I want to see it utterly and completely destroyed. I want all memory of it's power forgotten to history and with no chance of it ever rising again. What is dead must never rise again. The Jumpmaster must be crushed, driven before us, and we must hear the lamentation of its women.
  2. I'm back again, providing yet another thought-up idea for my version of prequel era armies. This time, I've taken a look at the other side of the Clone Wars and what could be done for the Republic's main infantry. Clone Troopers Rank: Corps Cost: 48 Upgrade Slots: Personnel, Heavy Weapon, Grenade Minis per Unit: 4 Defense: Red Health: 1 Courage: 1 Surges: Offense Speed: 2 Weapon 1: Unarmed, Melee, Black Weapon 2: DC-15S, Range 1-3, Black Abilities: Battle Training (After this unit activates, it may take a free standby action.) Upgrades Clone Trooper (10) - Personnel Clone Troopers Only. Add 1 Clone Trooper mini. DC-15A Trooper (23) - Heavy Weapon Clone Troopers Only. Add 1 DC15A Trooper mini. Range 1-4, 1 Black, 1 Red Impact 1 Z6 Rotary Trooper (22) - Heavy Weapon Clone Troopers Only Add 1 Z6 Rotary Trooper mini. Range 1-3, 6 White. Ion Grenades (5) - Grenade Range 1, 1 White Ion Surge (If this dice rolls a "critical hit* result, add one suppression token to the defender) For the Republic, I wanted the Clone Troopers to represent soldiers that were better trained and more war-ready than the Rebel Troopers or even the Stormtroopers. They get hard hitting black dice for offense and nice red defense dice, but at the cost of their squads being more expensive than rebels, stormtroopers, and especially my homebrewed battle droids. They're cost may need to go up a bit higher, but I'll leave that for community feedback. I was originally going to give them red offense and defensive dice, but when I ran that by a friend that plays Legion he told me that would make these guys way too strong for core infantry. So black dice for offense it is. Giving these guys an ability was kind of tough, because I wanted it to be relevant but balanced. I had the idea that because of how well-trained Clone Troopers were, they could react better to developments on the battlefield. I felt that getting the free standby action showed that pretty well, as the troops will react by either shooting the approaching enemy or dive into cover depending on the situation. Being "reactionary" might be a theme I try to keep for the Republic faction if I keep making more of these. For the upgrades, I wanted the DC-15A to be the clone trooper equivalent of the stormtroopers DLT-19. The Z6 is the same as the Rebel one, but since the clones were shown using that weapon first in the animated show, it only felt right that they should get to use it in Legion. Plus, it would be a very useful weapon against the homebrewed battle droids I came up with. The ion grenades were honestly kind of a crapshoot on how those would work without them only being useful on droids (in which case they might never be taken). I tried to make it represent weapons and gear being fried a bit, but I'm kind of meh on the ion grenades. I may also add a rocket launcher upgrade later, but I couldn't think one up at the moment. As always, constructive critique is welcome.
  3. When I was a kid, I was afraid to openly admit I was a Star Wars fan because I didn't want to be bullied for being a "nerd". These days, I'm afraid to openly admit I'm a Star Wars fan because I'm afraid people will think I'm one of the people doing the bullying online. The way the online community of "fans" has been treating people has me feeling ashamed to consider myself part of the same community. Vocal minorities really know how to ruin things.
  4. Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, specifically with the Demolisher title. The people I typically play against that use this ship play it very well and very often, and it forces me into a tough decision to either put lots of effort into taking it down to avoid being hit by it's devastating attacks (leaving me vulnerable to the rest of their list) or try to avoid it as much as possible and withstand it's attacks as best as I can. Neither option puts me in a good position and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to approach a list containing Demolisher even after all these years.
  5. The reason I've always found Tagge to be worthless is that his Defense Token recovery ability doesn't happen at the most combat heavy turns. On average, I've noticed that combat doesn't really get going until round 3, so it's unlikely you've discarded a defense token on each of your ships by the end of round 2 (outside of specific instances) to make his first defense token recovery useful. Admittedly his ability is a bit more useful at the start of round 5, but even then I've noticed (again, on average from my own games) that combat tends to start winding down and round 5 is the start of "cleanup". Gaining back a defense token in this round may not make the difference in whether a ship survives to the end of the game or not. It's, again that all your ships are going to benefit from his ability as they'll either be destroyed, won't have suffered enough damage to need his ability to survive, or be on the verge of destruction so gaining back a single defense token may not make the difference in surviving through round 6. If Tagge's ability was changed so that he could recover a defense token in rounds 3-5, he would be better. Or if he was changed so that in a single round, all your ships could recover all discarded defense tokens, that'd be great too. I have a feeling that those claiming to do well with Tagge as their admiral have done well because of their own skill at commanding their fleets, rather than Tagge's ability making all that much of a difference. His ability can be useful, but it's so situational compared to most of the other Imperial admirals.
  6. B2 Super Battle Droids Rank: Corps Cost: 48 Upgrade Slots: Personnel, Heavy Weapon, Modification Minis per Unit: 4 Defense: Red Health: 1 Courage: -- Surges: Defense Speed: 2 Weapon 1: Unarmed, Melee, Black Weapon 2: Wrist Blaster 1-3, 2 White Abilities: Droid (Suppression tokens do not cause these units to flee). Relentless (After you perform a move action, you may perform a free attack action.) Upgrades Super Battle Droid (10) - Personnel Super Battle Droids only. Add 1 Super Battle Droid mini. Heavy Assault Battle Droid (18) - Heavy Weapon Super Battle Droids only Add 1 Heavy Assault Battle Droid mini. Range 1-3, 3 Black Blast Wrist Rockets (8) - Modification (replacement for Grenades and Gear slot and would be droid-specific). Super Battle Droids only. Range 2, 1 Black Impact 1 Bumping this thread back up with my idea for the B2 Super Battle Droids for the imaginary Separatist faction. When I think of the super battle droids from the films and the show, we see them always marching (or occasionally running) forward with blasters firing and are more durable than the standard battle droids. I wanted to come up with something that properly represented those features. These units are designed to present a frontline unit that provides a hail of inaccurate firepower and takes a bit of effort to take down. As much as I would love to come up with a new homebrew ability for these guys, I feel that Relentless and/or Steady would fit them perfectly as is. Honestly I'm not sure which of those two to put on them, but Relentless sounds much cooler. I also tried adding some ideas for upgrades that these guys could come with. Wrist Rockets had to be in there somewhere just so "Watch those wrist rockets!" can be shouted in every game. I'm also open to adjustments on the point costs for these things. I don't play Legion (yet) but I'm keeping a close eye on it and the mechanics. Pricing on units and upgrades seems the toughest part for keeping things balanced. For the moment I'm just guessing and ball-parking point costs based on what already exists in the game.
  7. I'm actually thinking of homebrewing the Super Battle Droids with that ability. It fits them very well.
  8. Thanks! I'm not sure what upgrades these guys would come with or how the stats of those would work out, but I do like the 2-for-1 additional trooper upgrade idea. The cost of that might put them closer to the cost of units like Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers. For a heavy weapon, they'd probably get a rocket launcher similar to what we see them use occasionally in the show. I'm guessing the ability you mentioned would be an ability that would read something like: "When attacking this unit may add 2 extra white dice to its attack pool. If it does, it loses all cover bonuses for this round." It would be a pretty neat ability with a fair risk-reward that's also pretty thematic. Maybe I'll work up another version of them. So far I came up with the B1's as I did to keep them fairly even with the infantry of the other factions, hence why they have only one ability in this version of them.
  9. Yeah, you do see them acting pretty cowardly in Clone Wars plenty of times but I see that as done more for comedy than how they typically act when in a large battle and en masse. Most of the time I can remember them being cowardly and running is when there's 1-3 of them all alone. When gathered together with numbers on their side, they don't typically retreat unless ordered to do so or they've all been destroyed. From a gameplay perspective, I would keep the "suppression doesn't make these units flee" as one of the Separatists themes with all the droids they have. It would help give them something unique when compared to the Rebels, Empire, and (theoretically) the Republic. So while there are instances of droids fleeing on their own in canon, for gameplay purposes I'd find the "Droid" ability thematic and fun.
  10. B1 Battle Droids Rank: Corps Cost: 35 Upgrade Slots: Personnel, Heavy Weapon Minis per Unit: 6 Defense: White Health: 1 Courage: -- Surges: Attack - Hit Speed: 2 Weapon 1: Unarmed, Melee, Black Weapon 2: E-5 Blaster Rifle, Range 1-3, White Abilities: Droid (Suppression tokens do not cause these units to flee). If the Separatists were to enter the game (I can always hope and dream), this is how I would design the battle droids as the factions mainline infantry unit. Cheap and a larger amount of units per squad (I was also thinking of bumping them up to 8 units per squad), but sub-par offense and defense capabilities to keep them balanced. I would have also given them a grenade slot, but felt that might make them a little too efficient given their higher-than-normal units per squad count. I also felt that droids wouldn't be subject to courage values the way living soldiers would, so I gave them a simple ability to make them immune to the fleeing effect of suppression tokens. They'll keep fighting until the last droid falls.
  11. All I'm saying is FFG likes to build expectations with vague enough information, and then not those expectations. Fingers crossed it's a full unboxing stream that shows everything within in detail or at a good chunk of the stuff in detail. But just seeing the cards left in the plastic packaging is equally possible.
  12. Every round would start with him looking at the lists and saying "Hello, what have we here?"
  13. You'd think they would know better, but FFG also had a Hyperspace Report advertised to showcase all their Star Wars games and instead it only featured one game. A new edition of one game. So it's not at all unbelievable that this unboxing will actually only show the pilot cards and upgrades still in the plastic, and the cardboard sheets showing the templates.
  14. Like others have pointed out, the canon sources point to the Genosians creating the original design, but were unable to figure out how to make the superlaser work. Krennic became the director for the project to oversee it's construction and Galen Erso was the mind behind solving the mystery on how to have a working superlaser (though he didn't know what he was really researching at the time.) Honestly that's probably how it did happen. Catalyst showed that the Republic was working on the Death Star in secret during the Clone Wars and, from the Republic's point of view, it was an arm's race to see which side would finish their planet-killing battle station first (much like WWII and the nuclear bomb) as they were fed information that the Separatists were working on their battle station at the same time. Though that info may have been false just try and get faster results. Even though we only see the Republic's side of things in the book, I think you're on the money that the Separatist were building one too. They may have even used some of the designs for their other superweapons (which might explain why the firing "tube" on the Malevolence's ion cannon looks so similar to the Death Star's). It's been a while since I read the book, but I think Poggle may have said something to Krennic about the Separatists building their own Death Star but running into the same issues as the Republic was. If that's true, that might be the confirmation on your theory.
  15. But to post something that is on topic with this thread, the big ships in that comic panel look like Home One variants, so I'm not sure if we'd ever see them come to Armada. The small ships, on the other hand, may have more of a chance and are interesting.
  16. Right, and I'm not expecting any kind of explanation for the difference in the movie either. As far as the general audience cares or will know, these are still "mudtroopers" as the toy line and some other material has already named them. I'm more theorizing on what the post-Solo explanation for these troopers might be if they ever get reused as "Imperial Army Units" in new EU material.
  17. Could be that stormtroopers are the mainline infantry for the Imperial Navy (which has a larger influence and interaction with the galaxy, thus why stormtroopers are more commonly seen), while these soldiers are the mainline infantry for the Imperial Army. Assuming that the Army and Navy are considered two separate entities in the Empire.
  18. Last year was my first year at Gencon, when the Guns for Hire expansion was releasing early there. FFG was sold out of that expansion within the first 2 hours of Gencon opening and were out for the entire rest of the convention. There was no stock set aside for the rest of the days, as I asked the workers at the FFG booth and they confirmed that they were completely out for all of Gencon on Thursday. I would expect the same to happen for X-Wing 2.0 given how big a thing it is. So better get in waiting for the exhibition hall to open that Thursday as soon as physically possible then pray you're in that line fast enough.
  19. Well... it'd actually be 5 or less conversion kits, since First Order and Resistance come with wave 2. *Mandatory push glasses up* But anyways, this is still a good workaround for those who don't want to buy multiple of the same conversion kits just to cover the few extra ships they have that won't have cardboard pieces.
  20. Oh no, the salt will still be there and possibly just about as strong. If that "something big" announcement ever shows up, by the time it does it will either be: A. Not big enough to justify the wait and the hype. B. Not be what everyone expected and/or wanted.
  21. That's good to hear. At least puts to rest my biggest worry. Hopefully by the time 2.0 comes out it won't be an issue but still good to know.
  22. But don't you see? There was something BIG given to Armada! It was so BIG that the other non-X-Wing games got it too! BIG disappointment!
  23. So if I don't have a device that can support the second edition squad builder app, am I going to be unable to play the game? And where are the First Order and Resistance conversion kits?
  24. New ships for the Resistance and First Order seem very likely. And based on the article, we'll be getting plenty more screen time for Poe and Phasma.
  25. I've seen Arquitens used to success multiple times. I think they're better if you can run them in pairs but a single one can still do plenty of work. In my opinion, Arquitens are by far the best long-range flanking ships in the game. Jerrjerod also makes them plenty maneuverable. Plus, if you can get Turbolaser Reroute Circuits on them with Intensify Firepower in your list, that's three guaranteed damage on at least one attack each round right there. Hence why two can really start bringing the hurt if you're concentrating fire most rounds and relying on JJ for your maneuvering.
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