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  1. I'm going to have to go on the "no" side of the argument. Seeing the Imperial perspective is always cool, but I don't see a pro-Imperial film working out well. The Empire is, at it's core, evil. It radicalizes its citizens and soldiers while spreading a pro-human view through the galaxy. They destroyed Alderaan just to demonstrate the full power of their new toy. A movie about the people supporting that kind of rule (even if its just soldiers following orders) just doesn't seem right to me. Painting the Imperials in a positive light takes away from what the good guys in the Original Trilogy and Rogue One did. Because what those heroes did was the right thing to do against an evil like the Empire.
  2. While a textured mat/table would be visually interesting it still wouldn't really all that much to the game. Having destructible objectives and gun turrets on the map would just be visual extensions and slight modifications of the objectives that already exist in the game and that we play (ex. Station Assault, Planetary Ion Canon, Show of Force, and Armed Station). And it would be a scenario The SSD model we're getting adds a new class of ship with it's own special rules that can be used in both standard play and a new game mode. That's what people (I'm assuming) want in the game. That's what should matter and be the focus when designing a ship like the SSD for the game. Not how they have to work around it's in-universe size. Sure, something like the Secutor-class could fit the sliding scale better for the size of the SSD miniature, but the Secutor (and any other Legends/EU) ships aren't recognizable. Marketing-wise, the SSD was the only real choice for the games first huge-class ship. I don't see how any argument about the scale difference for the SSD being too small can hold up at all. For starters, the ship is 2 feet long. It's still an absolutely enormous miniature when compared to all other ships in the game. It'll be the biggest ship in the game and that does feel right. I don't see anyone complaining (not since wave 1) about how huge the corvettes, Arquitens, Nebulon-B's, flotillas, and fighter squadrons are in comparison with the huge ships like the Star Destroyer. If people aren't complaining about that, then why complain about the size of the SSD? I'd guess that's because the ships play how a small ship or fighter squadron would, regardless of the model size. If the SSD plays like a huge-class ship should, then does it really matter at all that the model and base size are small enough to make it feasible to fit in the game? TL/DR: It's not the size of the SSD model and base that matters, but how it's integrated and affects the game.
  3. Because people want to play with the SSD as a miniature on the board, not pretending it's there with a textured game mat or table. It would be beyond boring. Imagine how frustrating would that have been at GenCon if the big reveal after a year's worth of nothing was: "Surprise! We've kept Armada in the dark for almost a year but now we're ready to announce... THIS!" *Unfolds a game mat with a picture of an SSD on it* "Now you can pretend to have an SSD! Sure, you could do the same with a blank game mat and apply the game rules we'll be coming out with for this ship-mat, but this one has a picture of an SSD! Pretty cool, huh?"
  4. I prefer the Gozanti. The AT-ATs are more exposed to enemy fire, but the Gozanti has a much better (and more "Star Wars") design in my opinion. The Theta Barge is just a flying block. There's really nothing interesting about its design at all.
  5. Between the two, I'd say it's a TIE! I'll be here all night, folks.
  6. The ISD is definitely the most iconic ship between the two. CR-90 may have been the first ship to be on screen, and is more nostalgicly iconic for Star Wars fans. But the ISD made a much bigger impression and everyone, Star Wars fan or not, recognizes an ISD as being very "Star Wars".
  7. When using Obi-Wan as a pilot, the ship must be connected to the base by no less than 7 pegs. This ensures he has the high ground even in space.
  8. The 2.0 TIE Fighter color scheme is less blue than the Gozanti TIEs, but a darker gray than the 1.0 core set TIEs. It's a nice in-between color. But it does look like they didn't use as much of a wash on the 2.0 TIEs, so the finer details don't pop out as much as on the 1.0 versions. This looked more apparent on the outside of the wings when I took a look at the ones I got in my core set. But that's a minor nitpick. The model itself is exactly the same.
  9. Tomorrow is August 25th, one year since the announcement of Wave 7. I think we should decorate the forum with Star Destroyer balloons to celebrate the anniversary. Fingers crossed for a surprise announcement of Wave 8 on Monday.
  10. I should have worded that better. I chose not to use Iden's ability before I drew any damage cards. After the dice had been rolled and modified, I figured that the single critical hit (whatever it was) wasn't going to kill Gideon so no matter what I drew he could probably take it. No need to have Iden save him from that damage before I drew cards. It was unfortunate that it ended up being a Direct Hit, but at least Iden's ability was there to use later when Seyn desperately needed it.
  11. Well that's hardly a fair comparison. Those are two completely different target audiences. Children: Generally easy to please and entertain. They aren't stupid, but they don't tend to go to movies with preconceived expectations. If they do, they aren't high expectations at that. Probably about ages 5-12 All Star Wars Fans: Encompasses ages 5-65+, most likely. The expectations for this movie were all across the board for that age range. It was going to be impossible for the movie to please that enormous a range of people.
  12. A friend and I decided to get our first game of X-Wing 2.0 in since we had returned from GenCon with a core set each and both had picked up at least one conversion kit. My friend wanted to run the new scum Falcon he purchased and I knew I wanted to fly Inferno Squad together because of how cool and thematic it was that their abilities work off of each other. We both put together a squad and met at a local game store to play out our first game in the new edition. TLDR/Short Version: Our first game of second edition was a ton of fun and we had a great time flying both a new ship and old ships in new ways. My list, Inferno Ace (193): Iden Versio, TIE Fighter (40) - Predator (2) Gideon Hask, TIE Fighter (30) - Predator (2) Del Meeko, TIE Fighter (30) - Predator (2) Seyn Marana, TIE Fighter (30) - Marksmanship (1) Whisper, TIE Phantom (52) - Juke (4) vs. Friend's list (196): Han Solo, YT-1300 (54) - Trick Shot (1) - L3-37 (4) - Engine Upgrade (9) - Lando's Millennium Falcon (6) - Other Stuff I Can't Remember Lando Calrissian, Escape Craft (26) Moralo Eval (72) - Heavy Laster Canon (4) - Boba Fett (4) - Feedback Array (4) - Other Stuff I Can't Remember Setup I took initiative and we set up 2.0 obstacles relatively loosely across the board. I deployed Inferno Squad together on the left side of the mat where it looked like I would have more room to maneuver and joust. Moalo Eval didn't deploy until after everything else because of Boba Fett, so I deployed Whisper on towards the middle of the mat. My friend then deployed Han Solo across from Whisper, but pointed to the left side of the board, in the direction that would eventually take him towards Inferno Squad. Then Moralo Eval deployed on the asteroid that was just to the right of Inferno Squad. Turn 1 Moralo's deployment proved to be a costly one. The asteroid was far enough to the right of Inferno Squad that they could have flown right past it, but not so far to the right that it avoided their firing arcs. Come turn 1, I sent Inferno Squad 2-forward (which was as slow as I could get them to go) to try and avoid a bump as much as possible. Moralo Eval, possibly underestimating the Empire's elite special ops team, did a 1-bank towards the TIE Fighters. Whisper did a 3-bank to the left to try and catch Moralo in her firing arc. Meanwhile, Han Solo did a 3-bank to his left and then did a boost action for another 1-bank to the left to straighten himself out and send him straight towards Inferno Squad eventually. The combat phase came and Moralo Eval was lucky to be just out of range of Whisper. But he soon learned the error of his ways (plus having hot red dice against my friend's cold, single green dice helped). A total of 9 damage was thrown at Moralo (Gideon gained the extra dice for the damage cards that Moralo gained from the rest of Inferno Squad shooting him) and the YV-666 only managed to get a single evade. I felt bad for my friend, but at least he'd still get to use Moralo for another round. The YV-666 shot back at Seyn but she managed to dodge what little damage was rolled. Turn 2 Moralo Eval was close enough that it would have been easy for him to bump my squad if I tried to finish him off. So I chose to fly Inferno Squad past him by doing a 4-forward on each to try and chew up Han as he approached. Moralo flew past where my fighters had been and was clearly making for the board edge. Whisper moved 3-forward to try and get Moralo before he flew off the board edge. Han only moved 1-forward, not expecting the TIEs to come at him so soon. Shooting happens again and Gideon takes a critical hit from Han, giving him a "Direct Hit!". Since the attack wasn't going to kill Gideon, I had chosen to save Iden's ability for later. The TIEs shot back at Han and managed to strip away his shields and put a little damage on him . Han was also unfortunate enough to be caught in all their bullseye arcs, so Predator rerolls all around! Though Seyn completely blanked out on her attack dice, so no Marksmanship combo for me. Whisper took a longshot at Moralo but failed to finish him off. Moralo shot at Seyn but she managed to endure the single hit he got on her. My friend was having really rough red dice and green dice rolls. After that first round of shooting, my red dice were evening out to average rolls. Turn 3 Han was close enough that I knew I couldn't get all 4 of Inferno squad up to engage him without bumping him with Iden and Seyn (who were in the front of the four-square formation), which would throw the whole formation off. So I had Iden and Seyn fly 5-forward to pass Han while Gideon and Del both did 3-speed K-turns to turn around and catch Han if he had chosen to fly forward and pass my fighters. Moralo Eval used his ability to fly off of the left side of the board and would return to the board next round. Whisper did a 2-turn to the right to go after Han now that Moralo was gone for a bit. Han did a 2-turn to his left to avoid Giden and Del, then rotated his turret to catch Whisper in arc. Unfortunately, Han's red dice were still cold and Whisper dodged what little damage was there. Whisper shot back and managed to get a hit on Han, allowing her to cloak with the gained Evade token at the end of the ground. Turn 4 (my memory of exact movements from here on out gets fuzzy here) At the beginning of the round, before setting dials, Moralo reappeared on the left board edge, but was placed right into the corner of my opponent's side of the board. Iden and Seyn both did 4-speed K-turns that unfortunately put them both at range 1 of Moralo, who had chosen a speed-0 move. Gideon and Del both went 2-forward to remove their stress tokens and get ready to turn around to try and reform the TIE Fighter formation. Han headed towards the right side of the board while keeping his turret rotated to keep it on Whisper. Whisper, in turn, chased after Han (after de-cloaking at the start of the round to try and stay in best position). Han once again fired at Whisper and managed to knock a shield off her. Whisper fired back and added a little more damage to him and allowing her to cloak at the end of the ground. Moralo took a range 1 shot at Seyn, getting a nice three hits on her. Seyn's green dice completely blanked out but Iden was there to save her! With Iden's ability used, my TIE Fighters were now vulnerable to actually dying. Unfortunately none of them had a shot back at Moralo this round. Turn 5 Whisper de-cloaked for the set up to continue chasing down Han. Iden and Seyn both did 3-forward moves to remove their stress in my attempt to still try reforming the TIE Fighter block while Gideon and Del did 3-speed K-turns. Moralo decided that shooting at my TIEs was a lost cause and instead did a turn to his right to bump into Iden and Seyn. Han continued towards the left side of the board with Whisper in hot pursuit. Inferno Squad was once again without a shot, but Iden and Seyn were both damaged by the YV-666's Feedback Array. Whisper and Han fired at each other, with only Han taking damage and being left at 1 hull. Turn 6 In my best formation flying maneuver I have ever done and will probably ever do again, Iden and Seyn both did 4-speed k-turns while Giden and Del both did 3-forward moves to get all four members of Inferno Squad back into exactly perfect four-square formation. In about exactly the same spot they had all broken apart too, I think. I was astounded that it came back together as well as it did. I had tried to get them all back together in their formation, but I'm always pretty terrible at judging distances without the maneuver tools so there was a good chance they would have bumped or ended up farther apart. Both I and my friend took a moment to marvel at how well that simple flying turned out. Moralo didn't care much for that though so he charged forward for another bump into Iden and Seyn. Han was trying to curve around from right side of the board across my deployment area. But Whisper's de-cloaking shenanigans made sure she kept him in arc at all times. With just a few rolls of the dice, both Han and Moralo Eval were finished off. Summary I think the biggest game changer was Moralo's deployment putting him in the firing arcs of all four members of Inferno Squad, and my dice rolls on attack being hot enough to bring him down to one hull on the first round of shooting. I'm glad the game went on for a while longer though instead of it going too quick. The TIE Phantom is fun to fly again and the loss of the single red dice felt pretty negligible with how well that ship still flies and the free evade token given from de-cloaking. Lando's Falcon is really cool but my friend forgot to try deploying the escape craft when he had the chance. Though if the escape craft was supposed to be deployed when the Falcon was destroyed (like how the Ghost deploys the Phantom when destroyed), we forgot that. It was his expansion, so I didn't know the rules on it. Unfortunately deploying the escape craft probably wouldn't have made a difference. It also probably didn't help that my squad probably works really well against large-base ships. All those bullseye arcs I could get are nice and the lack of multiple attacks per turn makes choosing a time to use Iden's ability much easier. Inferno Squad's abilities work together just as well as they look like they would. I'll have to practice my formation flying more if I want to keep flying them. Despite the win, I still went three turns without any of them getting a shot at something. Still can't believe I managed to successfully form them back together after they split apart mid-way through the game.
  13. Having played with Juke Whisper I can say I was quite happy with how she hunted down Han in the scum Falcon and actually managed to arc-dodge him a couple times. The loss of a single red dice was pretty negligible in the end.
  14. Way to kick the red-headed stepchild of FFG's games while it's down. Now I'm going to have to knock over all your X-Wing stuff with that beautiful, giant Super Star Destroyer come Q1.
  15. I had a thought of how shields for the Destroyer Droid could work back when I was thinking up unit stats for Clone Wars units (before the awesome announcement of them). Shields: This unit rolls defense dice equal to the amount of attack dice the enemy unit rolled against it. Attacks with Impact or Pierce negate this bonus. In this way, the Destroyer droids get defense dice equal to whatever number of dice the attacking unit rolls against it instead of only rolling dice equal to the amount of hits. But the type of weapons that we see typically get through the shields get through this extra defense, so Destroyer droids aren't all powerful. Of course, shields would only be usable if the Destroyer Droid didn't use some sort of wheel form movement. I'd put the "negates the Shields keyword" under the "Wheel Form" movement.
  16. Very happy. I'll finally get to play with one of the coolest ships in all of Star Wars. And I'm all about dreadnaught ship builds. But I'm also a bit disappointed. We waited almost a year for a new wave and when we finally got news on something new and what the "something big" was, it's just a ship we've been expecting since the game was announced. Happy as I am, I was really hoping for something new and unexpected in addition to the SSD to make up for the wait and silence on Armada from FFG.
  17. From the Article: "Easily one of the most pivotal figures in the Galactic Civil War, Grand Moff Wilhelm Tarkin..." Uh... isn't his name Wilhuff Tarkin? Maybe part of his doctrine was that, if possible, all troopers must give out an iconic death cry when shot. Update: looks like they caught their naming mistake. It was fun to read while it lasted.
  18. The point cost of Force users is even higher than I thought it would be (both pilot and upgrade versions), but I suppose it's for good reason. Dang, Dash Rendar at 100 points. Suppose that falls in line with what people were theorizing to keep him balanced. Luke Skywalker upgrade at 30 points?! Didn't think they'd go that far. As an upgrade he'll cost more than some ships (and almost half as much as taking Luke as a pilot). Maybe they were listening to the forum's woes on him after all. Happy to see the TIE Phantoms are similar in price to X-Wings.
  19. No one will be disappointed. They'll be too numb with rage to feel anything else.
  20. Juno Eclipse is part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! So FFG took her away... from second edition.
  21. It could be Cardinal, yeah. That was my first thought too. But he should be in the same armor as Phasma, cape and everything. The red trooper in the image looks like he's wearing different armor than what we've seen in the First Order so far. Though the picture is a bit grainy.
  22. Not sure I'm sold on the design of that new fighter yet. Star Wars starfighters have always been inspired by WWII dogfights and fighters, but that yellow one just looks like they strapped a few engines on an actual WWII fighter. It doesn't really look like it fits in. I wonder if that red-armored trooper will be the "Soontir Fel" ace of the First Order. Assuming it's not just a random special forces unit.
  23. Let the past die. Kill old threads if you have to.
  24. It would be nice to know what is "new and improved" about them. I mean, they can't seriously be planning a "preview" article for the stands to explain how they're different. Right? Although given that they seem to make an article about almost anything to hold off on any Armada news, that may not be too farfetched. Honestly, since I play Rebellion, if these stands are improved to where they won't damage the bottom of the character tokens then I'm all for picking them up.
  25. CIS will always be my first choice for another faction. They have some of the coolest-looking ships, with enough variation in ships and their roles to possibly make them a full-fledged faction within Armada.
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