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  1. For $50 I sure hope those cards are worth it. You'd think they'd drop the price down to at least $40 for a big hunk of terrain and some cards. Because I can get the almost the same effect as that terrain piece if I accidentally knock over my friend's Legion AT-ST while it's on the board and save him $50.
  2. Well thank goodness FFG put production on Armada expansions on hold so that they could spend more time making sure Legion got this super important terrain piece. /s
  3. Reading the opening post and the follow up posts from the OP is like reading a translated-to-text version of a bad Armada fever dream.
  4. It's assumed that the purple action is not an additional action to your regular one because the article never claims that's the case. If it were, it would have been a main feature that the article would have focused on as an advantage for the Jedi ships. And when you look at how a purple actions is listed on the card, does it really look any different than a red action beyond color? Non-linked individual red actions don't allow a ship to do a different white action, then do the red action in addition if they take a stress. That's what linked actions are for. The purple action is much the same. It's allowing a ship to do an action that it wouldn't normally have access too but at a cost. But look on the bright side. It's probably safe to assume that future Jedi ships (Eta-2 Actis is the best guess for this) will have linked purple actions.
  5. Well, all of those listed currently work the exact same as they've always worked. I'm not sure where people would be getting confused.
  6. Sounds kinda like how they were portrayed in Rogue One. So... secret thematic win by FFG?
  7. They are nimble an agile. 3 agility, white 1-speed turns, and a speed 5 straight maneuver. All three are things the X-Wing doesn't have access to without upgrades, action use, or being at the right distance or right spot behind an obstacle in combat. If they X-Wing didn't have the extra turn-around maneuvers it gained in second edition, the TIE Fighter would outfly it 100% of the time even with just K-turns as their only options for turning around. Well, if you want to stick a lore reason to it, the TIE Fighter was a pretty predictable ship. And the X-Wing was a better quality ship anyways. The First Order is happy to have you join their ranks though. Their fancy, "better-than-Empire" TIE/fo Fighter has those different turn-around maneuvers you're looking for.
  8. I'm sure we'll see Vulture swarms out and about, but I doubt they'll replace other swarm lists. They'll just be a different type of swarm that plays in its own unique way. And honestly, I beginning to think Vultures won't be priced much (if at all) less than TIE Fighters. For what the Vultures lose in agility, maneuverability, and no Focus action, they make up for in sharing Calculate tokens, Grappling Struts, multiple "unique" pilots that all share the same pilot ability, and a missile slot for the Energy-Shell Charges.
  9. This cracks me up every time I read it: "You're saying it can destroy planets?" "I'm a hologram recording, but yes."
  10. Saying "Sorry, I've played against the list you're using a dozen times and it's just no fun for me" is not the same as "Sorry, I don't want to play against you because you didn't put your time and money into making your list look up to my aesthetic standards". You could try and make that sound nicer by saying "Sorry, I'd rather not play against your unpainted army", but it still comes off (and is) very rude. Again, you're not refusing to play the game because of the list the opponent is using or the attitude of the opponent, but you're turning them away because their models are simply gray. Well your paper discs aren't at the right height size for determining cover, so they would be illegal to use in a game unless your opponent is okay with it. An unpainted army still works perfectly within the rules and mechanics of the game.
  11. Yes, I did read what you wrote and it reeked of just as much high horse attitude as the first post. Second, refusing a game because of someone's attitude is completely different and understandable. No one wants to play against someone with bad reputation. But refusing to play a game against someone just because their army isn't painted is absolutely rude. You're turning them away not because of their reputation, not because of their attitude, and not because of their skill level but because they don't have their little plastic figures painted. Why should players have to spend their money and time to appease your aesthetic desires? And who said anything about you having to reshuffle your weekly schedule or play a different game? No one's asking you to change you're weekly routine or force you play a different game. But in that one night a week, if you're trying to get a game in, why limit yourself (and possibly come off as elitist) and push away other players by refusing to play anyone without painted armies? If someone just wants to play Legion, just play. The lack of paint should never matter.
  12. By refusing to play people with unpainted armies, you're already being hostile and rude to those people. The "high horse" comment was plenty justified. You're refusing to play with them because they're not meeting your personal pre-defined "rules" of how the game should be played. Not because they've done anything wrong or because you can't play against them. If there's no right or wrong way to play and enjoy the game, then why encourage the segregation of "painted vs. unpainted" by turning away people who just want to play the game but don't have painted armies?
  13. This is how I imagined them too. Ineffective in combat but large in number. Immune to panic but can still be suppressed.
  14. I would love to see the Halo universe brought into an Armada style system. I never got a chance to play Spartan Games Halo: Fleet Battles before that company went under, but the models looked great (though I wasn't sold on the gameplay system). I think the UNSC and Covenant would fit really well into an Armada style fleet combat game while maintaining differences in how both factions play. The different colored dice already work for Halo ships since there are multiple types of weapons used in ship to ship combat (Plasma cannons, missiles, and MAC guns for example). But really I just want an excuse to have a game where I can play with those gorgeous and powerful-looking Covenant ships.
  15. The SSD was never announced as a new wave, just as the "Super Star Destroyer expansion". Seems much more like a special release like the X-Wing epic ships than anything close to a wave. Plus, it'd be a pretty poor wave if it was a one-ship release that was only available for one of the two factions.
  16. I'm curious as to how the full art Iden Versio quick-build prize card has given her access to a Target Lock action and how she has Proton Torpedoes equipped. The different formats all look fun and the prizes for each look pretty cool. I don't really care for the quick-build tournament prizes, as I don't see myself using them outside of said tournament, but at least they're full art. All the full art stuff is looking great.
  17. I'd take the lump sum and invest it. That's more than enough money to keep me happy for a lifetime if I spend wisely. I'd probably try to keep quiet about winning for as long as possible and get all my immediate debts paid (student loans, car payment, ect.) before I even consider doing anything fun. Plus, I've been told that if you choose the yearly payment option, if you were to pass away, those payments don't go to your family or next of kin. They just stop and any remaining unpaid money goes back to the lottery to be won by the next winner. At least with the lump sum, if anything were to happen that money can go to someone else.
  18. Derpzilla88

    Kill Han

    I've heard Kylo Ren is pretty great at killing Han.
  19. Between Darth Vader, Intensify Firepower, Turbolaser Reroute Circuits, Caitken and Shollan, Duel Turbolaser Turrets, and the Concentrate Fire command token, I honestly don't think red dice need any more help being modified. From my personal experience against a lot of Arquitens and Cymoon Refits, red dice are getting modified plenty. To the point where they hit almost as hard as black dice.
  20. I personally don't think that any ship without shields should have less than 3 hull, especially given the fickle nature of green dice. The Vulture Droids and Tri-Fighters should have at least 3 hull. Bombs and Mines will already wreak havoc on a 2 hull ship with no shields, and if any additional auto-damage upgrades or abilities come into the game it will make those two ships unplayable unless they are 15 or fewer points (even then I'm not sure it's worth it if one mine can get rid of the half the squadron). And I don't think a ship that cheap will ever happen. TIE Fighters already have a hard enough time surviving with only 3 hull and 3 agility. I know people don't want the Vulture Droids to be TIE Fighter rip-offs, so make the main difference be in the dial, built-in ship abilities, and actions, not the health of the fighter. It's already pretty much confirmed they won't have the Focus action, so that's a weakness they'll have to mitigate.
  21. Derpzilla88

    U-Wings in 2.0

    Cassian's been played a bit in my local area and the people using him say the U-Wing is a lot of fun to fly. It's a decent support ship that has a great advantage in it's Pivot Wing turns. I've been wanting to try out Magva Yarro piloting the U-Wing to see if her ability helps mitigate the strength of ordnance.
  22. Boba and The Scouts sounds like a neat band name. I'm guessing they specialize in country or bluegrass music.
  23. I think a "Pro-Imperial" movie and a movie centered on an Imperial are two very different things. A pro-imperial movie isn't what a movie should be about but a movie centered on a character that is an Imperial could work. If there were a movie that focused on an Imperial citizen, soldier, or naval officer I think it should be something like the movie Valkyrie. Ultimately I think the protagonist of the movie would have to turn against or choose to leave the Empire because they realize what their government stands for is wrong. I will agree with everyone saying that just because someone is an Imperial doesn't mean they're evil. I don't think that's the issue. There are plenty of stories within the Star Wars universe which show that. The story of Ciena Ree in Lost Stars is one of the best examples of this, I think. Lost Stars could actually turn into a really cool movie, honestly.
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