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  1. At the earliest, yeah. They probably want Wave 5 out by the end of 2016 if they can... So we're still looking at 2 years until E VIII. At the rate the expansions for this game have been coming out I'd be amazed if we get wave 4 by the end of 2016. Well, VIII is due 26th of May, 2017, so.... Episode VIII 's been pushed to a December release in 2017, unfortunately.
  2. After considerable debate, this is the basic answer that my friends came up with (and I'm inclined to agree with them): In a straight up fleet battle (assuming both sides have fleets of equal size and power), Revan would have the best chance of winning. However, in a situation like described in "Round 4", where the "when and where" can be flexible and there could be multiple battles, Thrawn would definitely win. Thrawn would probably fight a couple lighter battles against Revan's fleet to get an idea of Revan's battle tactics and mindset, not caring much about the outcome of the battles. Then, Thrawn would start setting up situations and scenarios where his forces would have the advantage, and wouldn't get himself into a situation where Revan's impressive skill as a tactician would give the Sith lord the edge. In short, Revan is an arguably better tactician while Thrawn is definitely a better strategist.
  3. So something my friends and I like to do every once in a while is to come up with "what if" scenarios in Star Wars (as I'm sure others do from time to time). So one night, I gave them the scenario of what if the greatest Jedi/Sith fleet tactician faced off against the greatest imperial admiral (and arguably the best fleet tactician ever)? Knowing what we do from the Legends canon (as sadly neither of these characters exist in the current canon yet), who do you think would win in a fleet battle? My friends gave their opinions on the matter, but I'm curious what the Star Wars community thinks. To keep things fair, let's pretend they go through several rounds with varying hypothetical scenarios: Round 1: Revan and Thrawn have fleets of equal size, but use ships from their respective eras. The two fleets are in orbit around the same planet and within visual range of each other. Round 2: Revan and Thrawn have fleets of equal size, but both fleets are using the same types of ship. For simplicity's sake, let's say they're both using Imperial-class Star Destroyers and Revan is hypothetically familiar with the capabilities of the Star Destroyers. Both fleets are in orbit around the same planet and within visual range of each other. Round 3: Revan and Thrawn have fleets of equal size but use ships from their respective eras. The two fleets are on opposite "ends" of the same star system, but neither knows where their opponent's fleet is. Neither side can leave the system until the opponent's fleet is found and destroyed. Round 4: Revan and Thrawn have fleets of equal size and are using ships from the same era (same ships and knowledge as from round 2). The two fleets are on opposite "ends" of the same star system, but neither knows where the opponent's fleet is. Neither side can leave the system until the opponent's fleet is found and destroyed. Round 5: Revan and Thrawn have fleets of equal size, but are using ships they have no prior knowledge to. Both are in the same star system and know the location of the opponent's fleet. Neither fleet can leave the system until their opponent's fleet has been destroyed. Have at it folks. I'm interested how people think each character's tactics and commanding abilities would affect the battle, especially if one side has a starting advantage/disadvantage. How would Revan compensate using ships from his era against Thrawns superior Star Destroyers? Would Thrawn be able to adapt quick enough to a sudden battle against Revan? And if there are modifications you feel should be made for each round (such as more explanation if needed), feel free to say something.
  4. I've been looking for other X-Wing or Armada players to get a game in with in the Green Bay area, but haven't been able to find anyone. The local game stores have scheduled times for X-Wing and Armada during the week, but no one has shown up to them in all the times I've checked the past two months. I'm wondering if anyone would like to meet at those scheduled times and get a few games or X-Wing or Armada in. I've been dying to play some of either game and haven't had anyone to play with for a few months now. If memory serves me right, these are the days and times the local game stores do X-Wing miniatures. Gnome Games West - 12:30 PM - Saturday Gnome Games East - 12:30 PM - Sunday Gnome Games, Appleton - Doesn't do X-Wing miniatures as far as I can tell. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. In our Massing at Sullust tournament, only one of my games went past the time limit. We were just starting round six when the timer went off. It was most likely because we unintentionally took longer than normal to set up. But no other game in the tournament went to time, so maybe the time is a little long? Hard to tell.
  6. What an awesome tournament Massing at Sullust turned out to be! There were 10 people that showed up at the tournament I went to. But out of those 10, only two people were running Rebel fleets. Most people were running variations of 1 to 2 Victory's and 1 Gladiator. I ran: 2x Victory-I 's, one fielding Grand Moff Tarkin 1x Gladiator-1, Demolisher, Wulff Yularen, Engine Techs Soontir Fel 2x TIE Fighters Most Wanted Contested Outpost Dangerous Territory Total Points: 299 Round 1 Opponent's Fleet: 1x Assault Frigate Mk. II A, Mon Mothma, Intel Officer, X17 Turbolasers, Gunnery Team 2x Nebulon-B Support Refit 1x CR90-B, Princess Leia Chosen Objective: Most Wanted (opponent's) *Opponent had a couple more upgrades I think, but I can't remember what they were* I was incredibly nervous in the first round, as this was my first tournament for Armada and the first time I would face a player that wasn't myself or a friend I was trying to teach the game to. I faced off against a Rebel fleet, which I was happy for. I was more used to playiing against Rebels in the practice games I had done, so I knew if I stuck to the Imperial strategy of "point ships towards what I want dead" and "look out for flanks", I might have a good chance. But my opponent looked confident and I feared he would have experience that would best me. My fleet point cost was higher so my opponent chose to be second player. I chose Most Wanted as the objective. He chose my Gladiator and I chose his CR90 as objective ships. The round began and I moved my Victory's up from the right edge of the board to close in on his Assault Frigate and Nebulon-B's while sending my Gladiator around from closer to the center edge to chase down his CR90. Unfortunately, my Gladiator ran into some asteroids on the way, suffering Structural Damage and ending round 1 with two damage cards on him. A painful navigation mistake on my part. As the rounds continued, my Gladiator came under fire from both my opponent's CR90 and Assault Frigate, and wasn't close enough to my Victory's to get cover from them. Fortunately, I circled my Gladiator around the back of the Assault Frigate and chose to have it continue chasing down the CR90 that was trying to stay as far away from my Victory's as possible. At turn 3, my opponent chose to turn his Nebulon-B's from going straight to turning them to the left so their front arc was facing my Victory's. However, this placed them on a direct course for the front of my Victory's. On turn four, I was close enough to his front-running Nebulon-B to hit it with 7 attack dice from one of my Victory's front arcs (3 Red, 4 Black from a Concentrated Fire command dial). The Nebulon-B's front shield were down thanks to multiple lucky hits from my fighter squadrons. I demolished his Nebulon-B with a total of 8 hits. At round 5 I realized that my Victory would not survive the combined fire of his Assault Frigate and remaining Nebulon-B, so I accelerated both Victory's to head towards the far left side of the map where my heavily damaged Gladiator was still chasing down his CR90. He managed to get a few pot shots off on my fleeing Victory's, and managed to kill off Soontir Fel. At round six I knew I had won, as there was no way he could do enough damage to my damaged Victory to destroy it. Round 1 margin of victory - 41 Points. Tournament Points - 6 (Total - 6) Round 2 Opponent's Fleet: 1x Victory-II, Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Chiraneau, Gunnery Team 1x Gladiator-II, Expanded Launchers, Gunnery Team Soontir Fel Mauler Mithel 2x TIE Fighers 1x TIE Advanced *Again, can't remember all upgrades my opponent had* Objective Chosen: Contested Outpost (opponent's) After the first round I was feeling much more confident. I suppose winning does that. I was still nervous for round 2 though, as I now had to go against an imperial fleet. Something I didn't think I was very well-prepared for. I also didn't like all the fighter squadrons my opponent brought, as I wasn't sure how my three squadrons would be able to handle them. We both set up our fleets at our respective center edges of the map, pointing towards the outpost token. After my opponent had moved his two ships, my remaining ship was the gladiator. I think I surprised him at the speed and space that the Gladiator can cover with Engine Techs because he seemed pretty surprised when I moved 3 and then boosted 1 to get within close distance firing range on the first turn. I got a few hits in on his front arc. At turn 2, I activated my gladiator again and moved it so that the side arc was facing his front arc, used a revealed Concentrate Fire command to fire 5 black dice into his Gladiator's front arc, leaving his Gladiator with precious few shields and hull. In trying to get away from my Gladiator though, he moved his a bit too close to my Victory's. One Victory got several hits on his remaining shields and moved within close-distance range. At the start of the next turn, I finished off his Gladiator with seven attack dice from my Victory's front arc, hitting on almost every single one. Now it was my two Victory's and one Gladiator against his single Victory-II and his fighters. My three fighter squadrons had done their job and simply tied up his fighters, even though I knew mine were being picked off pretty badly. While the sheer number of enemy fighter squadrons was worrying at first, I quickly realized that without bombers, his fighters weren't much of a threat to me. Especially when I only had one more ship of his to destroy. By the end of turn 5 I had destroyed his last ship with the concentrated fire of all three of my ships against it. Round 2 Margin of Victory: 187 Tournament Points- 9 (Total - 15) Round 3 1x Victory-II, Admiral Screed, Intel Officer, Gunnery Team, X17 Turbolasers 1x Victory-I, Gunnery Team 1x Gladiator-II, Demolisher, Gunnery Team, Assault Concussion Missiles *still off on all the upgrades. The tournament was 6 hours long, hard to remember all upgrades at that point* Chosen Objective: Minefields The final round. The big round. The one that determined who would be placing in the tournament. My opponent was also 2-0 in the tournament, so for all I knew it was between the two of us for first pick of the prizes. However, my opponent was running a very similar version to what I had, though he chose to forgo squadrons entirely for more upgrades on his ships. Whether it was exhaustion from playing for so long, general stupidity, or bad luck on my part, I did not play this round well. The way my opponent set up mines and obstacle tokens set the map in a way that I only had one clear lane to go through with my Victory's, which led straight toward my opponent's ships facing right back at me. And any manuvering I tried to do with my Gladiator to try and get around behind his ships, would most certainly get him either caught in mines, or caught in by a Victory turning to face him. I chose to try and outpower his Victory-I and Victory-II with my two Victory-I's. But that meant closing in and fast before his Gladiator and Victory-II could pelt my shields away from a distance before I could start getting my black dice in my attack pool. Around turn 2, I managed to get some good hits on his Gladiator from the side arc of my Gladiator. But I suffered a lot of shield loss from his Victory's managing to get just within long-distance range of my Gladiator and firing at it. At the start of round 3, my Victory-I failed to destroy his Gladiator at close-range, which allowed his to fire from it's front arc at my damaged Gladiator, damage it more, then move and attack from it's side arc at close-range and finish off my Gladiator. At turn 4 I destroyed his Gladiator, but my flagship was heavily damaged from hits from his own Victory's. I fired back as best as I could with my ships, but his Victory's were still at full health and I had damage on both my ships. At the end of turn 4 I lost my flagship. I managed to keep my second Victory alive into turn 6, but it was finished off at that point, as it couldn't maneuver out to safety at all. Round 3 Margin of Victory: 0 Tournament Points - 0 (Total - 15) I ended up in fifth place, which I wasn't unhappy with. It just meant I didn't get a choice of any of the new expansions. The opponent I played against ended up lacing first place and took the ISD. However, I did not leave empty handed. The tournament organizer chose to raffle off the Rogues and Villains expansion and I was the fortunate one to win it. Thus, I left the tournament placing 5th and taking home a brand new expansion for Armada.
  7. Update #2. Made a just a couple changes to try and be better prepared for both Rebel and Imperial lists for the event. Traded out Grand Moff Tarkin for Admiral Motti. I had chosen Tarkin as my admiral because my inexperience made selecting the correct command order in my command dials difficult, and I found I was revealing a command I didn't want or need at critical points in the game. Now having played a few more games as imperials and getting a much better feel for how imperial ship command dials should be set up, I think I can trade out Tarkin for Motti. The extra command tokens are really nice, but I think I can manage without this time. Plus, Tarkin seems to work better when my ships have Weapon or Defense liasons equipped, instead of just Tarkin alone. Squadrons 1x Soontir Fel 1x TIE Interceptor 2x TIE Fighter Total Points: 296
  8. In my personal opinion, the meta still seems very all over the place. With only one set of expansions there doesn't seem to be too much of a "set" meta so far. I can tell you what I have seen so far, and anyone else can either add to it or correct me if I'm wrong. - Victory-I's seem far more popular in fleet builds than Victory-II's because damage output for the imperials is important. Having black dice to attack with can win games from sheer number of hits at the expense of needing to get close with your ships. - Mon Mothma appears to be the best Rebel fleet admiral so far. Her ability gives a lot more survivability to the rebel ships. - Gladiators function the best when equipped with Wulff Yularen and Engine Techs. - Starfighter squadrons with Bomber are Rebel fleets best friends.
  9. Update to this list. Decided to switch some things out for more ships and a larger fighter screen at the expense of losing some upgrades. Victory-I Class Star Destroyer - Grand Moff Tarkin Victory-I Class Star Destroyer Gladiator Class Star Destroyer - Wulff Yularen - Engine Techs - Demolisher Fighers - TIE Fighter Squadron x4 Objectives (same). Total Point Cost: 297 Still would love a bit of feedback. I playtested the fleet against a rebel ship-heavy build with Dangerous Territory selected as the objective. Would have lost from the rebels gaining more objective tokens and fleeing, but caught an Assault Frigate MK-IIA with my Victory's and destroyed it for the win. I'm still unsure how this fleet will do against a fighter heavy fleet.
  10. The Venator star destroyer seems like a petty good choice for an Imperial ship. I imagine it'd be something like a cross between the Victory and the Gladiator? As for other ships for the Imperial side, I feel like the ones shown in Rebels would be the most likely choice. On the rebel side, I think there's still a few ships to pick from. The Mon Calamari cruiser could be a very likely choice for another large ship on the Rebels side (I forget what kind of ship it was, but it was the one that wasn't Home One. Empire at War used them as the main rebel capital ships). For smaller ships, they could choose some of the missile frigates and gunboats from Empire at War.
  11. I'm planning on going to the Massing at Sullust tournament, but I've never played in an Armada tournament before. I've also had very few chances to play against other players ever since picking up the core set when it came out last spring. So my skill against other players is very little. I don't expect to win the tournament, but I'll be trying my best to see how far I get. I've got an Imperial fleet build but I need a couple of opinions on what looks like it might work and what could be switched up a bit. I've read up on some other forum posts to get an idea of what kinds of things work, but I haven't been able to put any of it into real practice (aside from a handful of games against myself). I don't quite know what the Armada meta is right now (through I hear Mon Mothma and lots of CR90s are pretty powerful), but I want to try and be prepared as best as I can for what I could go up against. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Victory II-class Star Destroyer - Grand Moff Tarkin -Gunnery Team - Expanded Hanger Bay - Overload Pulse - Warlord Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer - Wulff Yularen - Gunnery Team - Engine Techs - Assault Concussion Missiles - Demolisher Fighters - "Mauler" Mithel - Soontir Fel - TIE Interceptor Squadron Objectives - Most Wanted - Contested Outpost - Dangerous Territory Total Point Cost: 290 Early Thoughts The point of the fleet build is to have my Gladiator running about, hunting down and possibly flanking other ships. Get in close and really use the black dice to my advantage whenever possible. I chose a Victory-II to try and make up for the lack of range my Gladiator has, and to not be torn to pieces at long and medium range if I had chosen the Victory-I instead. The objectives I chose were made to work to, what I believed, to be my advantage. Imperials have the tougher ships and it seems easier for them to destroy other ships (Most Wanted) or stay in one area (Contested Outpost) than to go chasing around after objectives. I chose Dangerous Territory for my third objective since it would be nice to not have to focus on maneuvering around obstacles and instead plow through them harmlessly to get to the second players ships or other objectives. Squadrons are where I'm having the most trouble. I was planning on having more of a fighter screen instead of focusing on bombers because I figured my ships could do the heavy hitting for me. But three squadrons does not make a fighter screen (or so it feels like). I'm considering dropping some of the unique pilots for more generic TIE fighter squadrons, but I don't know what the typical ratio of squadrons to ships is right now. Oh, and I'm not sure running at only 290 fleet points is too aggressive for initiative. I can either add another TIE fighter squadron or add an upgrade or two to my Victory-II. If I only run the three squadrons, I could also drop Expanded Hanger Bay on the Vic-II in favor of a more useful upgrade.
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