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  1. So, I was at the local game store a few weeks ago playing Armada, and I got to thinking: "You know what would be cool? If my second favorite sci-fi franchise had a fleet battling game". Lo and behold, I was browsing the games and I saw Halo: Fleet Battles sitting on the shelf. Thankfully, I withheld my terrible impulse buying and went home to see some reviews of the product. The reviews are helpful, but I like hearing from other tabletop gamers about their experiences and opinions too. I got into Star Wars Armada because I really enjoy the capital ships of Star Wars duking it out in massive space battles. Halo has some really cool ship designs (especially on the Covenant's side, which I'd probably always play as) which I'd love to play with in such huge space battles. However, Fleet Battles is made by Spartan Games, and so it uses a very different game system. So I want to know if anyone here on the Armada forums has played Fleet Battles and if they think it's worth the buy from someone who really enjoys playing Armada. Is the game too complex for someone used to the Armada game system? Does the game give the same sense of epic capital ship combat that Armada tends to?
  2. Your argument here makes no sense. The majority of people go to tournaments to WIN. You win through points. If it comes to a point where an ID would get two players into the final cut, why would they waste their time for 75 minutes of having them move their ships around the edge of the board without engaging each other the entire time? Why would either player "play" when it would cause risk for one of them to not end up in the final cut? They aren't choosing the ID because they "don't want to play", but because they want to keep playing in the final cut. The "trinkets" are just side bonuses. ID's don't exist for manipulation or collusion, but for common sense.
  3. The closest thing I could imagine to a Boarding Action mechanic would be an Crew upgrade called "Boarding Party", which would probably use a critical effect (black, if I had to take a guess) to choose and discard an opponent's ship's upgrade, then discard the Boarding Party. Personally, while boarding actions are a cool idea, I like the game without them if it would require FFG bringing in a whole new game mechanic. An upgrade slot that allows for some effect during an attack would be the best way to fit a boarding party into the current Armada system.
  4. I love to play Republic and Confederacy ships in a game of X-Wing, especially since the prequel trilogy and Clone Wars had some really cool ship designs and there's tons of ships to choose from that era. However, from a gameplay standpoint, I feel it would be tough to make Republic and Confederacy ships play much differently than the way Rebels and Imperials play now. Republic ships would most likely play almost exactly as Rebels do now with shields, higher primary weapon stats, and more upgrade slots. Confederacy would play a lot like the Empire with Droid Starfighter swarms, high agility stats, better maneuverability, cheaper ship costs, little-to-no shields, and less upgrade slots. This is just based on how the ships appeared to functioned in the movies and television show. The bigger difference between the factions and the uniqueness that sets them apart from the Rebels and Empire would come in the upgrade cards and named pilots. Outside of that, I don't see the two factions having their own unique playstyles that separate them enough from Rebels, Empire, or even Scum.
  5. Seems like cool prize support to me. I've never been to Regionals before, but the alt. art Ackbar and acrylic tokens and dice are pretty sweet. Would love to win some of those.
  6. What's shocked me the most about the community response to the new wave is how harsh some of the forum responses are (again, I hope it's just a loud minority of forum goers). I can understand why some people would be disappointed, but to say things like "Fantasy Flight doesn't care about the game"? That's just irrational thinking. There is a staggering amount of people who are saying things like "I wanted more/different ships", "I need more/different ships", "I deserve more/different ships", "Me, me, me". FFG is a business that provides fun for it's player base, but it's a business. They don't "owe" any single person on the forums anything. On top of that, there's five other Star Wars games they have to work on as well, plus over a dozen or so other games they want to keep making content for. Just because they didn't include that one ship someone wanted to see does not mean by any means that they've given up or are ignoring Armada. People also saying that it's been "over a year since we've gotten anything" also seem to forget that Wave II was delivered back in November. That was only four months ago. If they're referring to the last announcement, that was 11 months ago (not a full year), and Wave II would have been delivered earlier in 2015 if it hadn't been for the dockworker strike. Flotillas are a really cool addition to the game in my opinion, regardless of whether or not it's the only part of Wave III. They add a support strategy to Armada that doesn't exist currently.
  7. Also, just realized that with the release of the Flotilla, we can actually have enough ship call variations to make "true" armada's. We have: - Capital Ships - Destroyers - Corvettes - Flotilla/Transports - Fighter Squadrons Mixing all these different types together in one game probably wouldn't work well (or there wouldn't be the point cost for it), but thematically I just think it's pretty cool.
  8. Let me set up a bucket of water over that door before they head on out. I just don't understand the mindset of few people that are upset (and yes, I'm assuming that it's a small, but very "loud" amount of people on the forums that are upset). There's been no confirmation that the Flotillas are the only ships in Wave 3, and even if they are, isn't it better to be getting something rather than nothing? There really is no pleasing the angry ones.
  9. I can't tell if the angry minority here on the forums was more angry when they didn't have any Wave 3 news or when Wave 3 was announced.
  10. Not disappointed one bit. The announcement is proof that FFG still cares and wants to expand Armada (which I never doubted, but boy did I see too many topics about that), and I firmly believe the Flotilla ships aren't the only ships we're getting in this wave. Wave 1 had five ships released plus two fighter packs, while Wave 2 had four new ships and one fighter pack. Combine the last two wave releases plus the amount of ships Fantasy Flight likes to put in their X-Wing wave releases leads me to believe that there will definitely be at least one more ship for both sides, as well as a new fighter pack or two in Wave 3. I think this announcement is just a teaser announcement for Wave 3, and to show off the new class of ship.
  11. I'll point out the "cropped" look of the title picture. If the Gozanti and Rebel Transport were the only parts of this wave, you'd think they'd position them in the picture a little better.
  12. My best guess is that this is just the first preview of the next wave, and that the rest of it will come later. Show off the small stuff first then surprise everyone later with the bigger stuff.
  13. I'm shocked and impressed at how quickly they got the announcement up. They must have had the article ready to post the moment the ships were leaked. One thing I would like to point out is the image at the top of the article. It shows the Gozanti and Rebel Transports, but the edges of the image look like they've been cut off. Especially on the bottom right by the Rebel Transports. I imagine this is because there are at least two more ships in the third Wave, and the image had to be cropped to hide any spoilers.
  14. The Firespray expansion I bought had the same misprint on it's Ion Cannon.
  15. Mara could be that third inquisitor that is suppose to show up in the season finale. It does appear to be another female in similar garb to seventh sister, with a thin wiry frame, like that of a teenager/young adult. A closer look at that third Inquisitor also shows that character having three fingers and one thumb, and two-toed, claw-like feet. Unless they change Mara Jade's species for the new canon, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it won't be her. Still doesn't mean they can't make Mara canon in the future.
  16. That is awesome artwork for Kayn Somos. If I played Skirmish tournaments, I'd go for the chance to get that.
  17. I joined X-Wing during Wave 3. I participated in a demo of the game against an author of Star Wars novels and comics (John Jackson Miller) who was visiting the local game shop on National Board Game Day. I managed to beat him playing as Empire, loved the game, and immediately bought the core set and several expansion packs. And my collection has only grown from that day. And since then it's been one of my favorite miniature games since the WotC Star Wars Miniatures game was discontinued.
  18. For those who are good at cutting and gluing, and want to make Agent Blaise be in full scout trooper armor, you could just cut off the head of the E-WEB turret scout trooper and the head of Agent Blaise, glue the removed scout trooper helmet onto Agent Blaise, and boom. You've got him in full armor. That still leaves you with an extra helmet in Blaise's arm though. And a headless E-WEB gunner.
  19. Jedi get a lot of people excited, it only makes sense to have one or two in the game. Also, from a playability standpoint, it means that if two people want to play as Force-users in your campaign, then there's no arguing over who gets the single force-using character from the core set. Two players can now be happy rather than one while the other gets their "second choice" character. Also, the entirety of the Prequel Trilogy, Original Trilogy, The Force Awakens, and the rest of the movies in the Sequel Trilogy are stories based around the Jedi (or at least the Skywalker family and their involvement with the Jedi) and their actions in the galaxy. Jedi aren't just money magnets, but part of the core of the Star Wars story.
  20. Why are you "trying" to lose missions?
  21. They have nice uniforms! And aesthetically pleasing ships! Imperial officers are cool guys, and they don't afraid of anything.
  22. Nah, I wouldn't want them. Not only do they not fall under the "Scum" faction (as they're owned by the Mining Guild, not the Criminal Underworld), but if they were made in the game their maneuver dials would probably be awful given the modified wings. Plus, I'd rather get more unique ships for the Scum faction rather than remodels/repaints of ships that already exist in the game.
  23. So here's something I've noticed, and I could use some community input to know if the sample I've taken notice of is the norm, or is just coincidence. I play a handful of games as consistently as possible. These games being X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, and Magic: The Gathering. Of these games, I've gone to tournaments for X-Wing, Armada, and Magic. Imperial Assault I just play through the campaign with friends. One thing I've started to notice is that the in-person community of X-Wing and Armada tends to be a lot friendlier than the Magic:The Gathering community. Every tournament for X-Wing and Armada I've gone to I've had the chance to meet and talk with complete strangers without any trouble. Whether it's about the game itself or anything else semi-related to the tournament. Everyone seems content to talk with and interact with one another. Even during competitive matches, these miniature players seem okay with allowing their opponent to correct mistakes (within reason and the rules). People are usually smiling at the end of a match because the game was fun, regardless of the outcome. I know there are some "bad apple" players, but they seem very rare. The phrase "Fly Casual" seems to be taken to heart by those I've met playing X-Wing and Armada. A game like Magic:The Gathering has a very, very wide variety of people who play it. Both good/friendly players and those that aren't so friendly. To keep things short, I've never felt the same kind of friendly and welcoming community from Magic that I have from all the Fantasy Flight games I've gone to go play. And I've been playing Magic for several years now, while X-Wing and Armada I've only gotten into within the last year. Before anyone post about how wrong I am, keep in mind I'm only speaking about my personal experiences. And this is only from a few select games where there are tournaments I've attended. I have no idea if this same camaraderie exists or not for other games. So what do you think? Do Fantasy Flight games encourage a friendlier community over some other games/companies? Is it the type of game being played and Fantasy Flight has nothing to do with it? What other games have a very inviting community? I'm curious, so post what you think below.
  24. If you think the villains (and heroes) are overcosted and you'd be better off using multiple stormtroopers and other units, then use multiple stormtroopers and other units instead of the villains and don't spend influence on any villain agenda missions you might have. Boom, your problem is solved. FFG isn't going to errata all the hero and villain cost values just so that some of them are a bit more cost efficient. Baer is right in that the point of the villain agenda missions are meant to possibly take away one of the heroes' side missions. If they choose your villain agenda, they lose the chance to get an ally or reward, and you gain the chance to get a strong ally. If they choose not to do the villain agenda side mission, then you get a free villain that can help counteract any ally they might gain from whatever side mission they choose. If they lose the side mission, you gain a free villain and extra influence for winning while the Rebel players only get some credits and experience. If you never use the free villain you gained, so what?
  25. As Lor San Tekka (the old guy at the beginning of Force Awakens) said, "You cannot deny the truth that is your family." The prequels are part of the Star Wars family. Not everyone has to like them, but we do have to include them. Even when they make mistakes.
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