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  1. Do you have any details about the Clone Wars ? The only facts I know are that Luke's father fought with Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars. I don't think they've been mentionned anywhere else in the movies. Prequels exist whether you enjoy them or not and the new canon is integrating them more with the OT then the old EU ever did. Pre-what ? They say ignorance is bliss. But feigned ignorance is just blatant stupidity.
  2. It's undoubtedly the forum. LGS X-Wing communities = overall great, fun, and open to all players competitive, casual, old, and new. FFG X-Wing Forum community = toxic and geared towards competitive play exclusively. Because internet.
  3. This attitude is one thing that is wrong with this forum, and maybe the game. Getting into the game DOES NOT MEAN GETTING INTO THE COMPETITIVE GAME!!!! This is a very easy game to get into. A $100 investment, and you can have some variety of 100 point squads to play around with. Squads that you can have fun with. Us grizzled veterans are not cranky because we hate fun and we hate X-Wing, we're cranky because we hate that X-Wing, a game we dearly love, is not fun anymore* No, you "grizzled veterans" of a handful of years are cranky because you've stopped seeing X-Wing as a Star Wars game and solely as a competitive scene. You've either forgotten, look over, or choose to ignore the fact that the competitive scene is only half the picture. If you're not having fun playing the game because you're too focused on the competition at tournaments, then you're playing X-Wing for the wrong reasons.
  4. Once again, this article was not geared towards new players instantly becoming pros at the game or how to play competitively. It's written to assist beginners to the game on how to play and get into the game. Note that their key points were: 1. Focus on learning how to maneuver 2. Start with ships that are easy to fly and learn, and are iconic. 3. Don't fear competitive play. Go to a tournament and learn from the experience.
  5. But they would get different pilots and upgrades in the original Millennium Falcon expansion.
  6. No, but they should be a little more sincere about the difficulties of entering the game at a competitive level, unless they want people bright-eyed new people to go to tournaments and casual leagues and friendly game nights and go 0-10 in their first few outings of X-Wing. But not only will they go 0-10, they'll likely get absolutely shellacked in every single game if they're flying with just three or four Wave 1 & 2 ships (especially X-Wings, Firesprays, and Falcons, lol!). The truth is, that X-Wing is not that balanced of a game, such that just about any combination of ships can do well. Quite the opposite. There are auto-includes (autothrutsters, PtL, etc.) for some ships. To act as if this is not the case is disingenuous and sets up new players for frustration and failure and hidden purchases. If FFG took appealing to new players seriously, they would be very upfront about the hurdles (both in cost and experience) to entering a game like X-Wing, but would point out that for players who are interested and willing it is very possible. Then they should have articles where they explain why certain ships are so popular and good (instead of lying and saying that Six generic TIE Fighters without Crack Shot are some sort of current meta-dominating list), and they'd have an interactive list-builder that would generate a list of products players would need to buy to build the lists they have in mind. But FFG is unlikely to do that, since they want to give new players the impression that you can be reasonably competitive right out of the gate regardless of what $100 of ships you buy (rather than saying that you'll have to limit yourself to particular ship types and you'll have to shell out money for ships you might not want for the obligatory upgrades), which is the actual case). It's not a bad thing that X-Wing is packaged as it is and that players have to sometimes buy ships for upgrades, that's the nature of the game and thousands of us that play understand the situation and still love the game. But FFG shouldn't be painting a rosey false picture that is so misrepresentative of the actual meta game, which is a lot more like Magic: the Gathering than they want it to sound here. I think you missed that the point of the article was how to get beginners into the game of X-Wing. Not how they get into competitive level of X-Wing. They only have a brief bit about competitive play towards the end of the article. And even then, it's just an incredibly brief overview that tries to encourage beginners to give competitive a shot and learn from the experience there. Competitive X-Wing is it's own beast altogether and would need an entirely separate article (or series of articles).
  7. I want to say the Quasar-class carrier is the most likely next imperial ship to come in Wave 6, given that Fantasy Flight is pulling from the Rebels tv show. The only problem is that it would primarily focus on fighter squadrons, yet the game doesn't really need a ship that does that. Players are proving time and again that there are great ships to use as carriers (Victory's and Imperial 1-class Star Destroyer mainly). So why does the Empire need a dedicated squadron carrier ship that would likely have low offense power and poor maneuverability when the Victory and Imperial 1-class exist? And no, I don't think the Quasar-class would be introduced as a Rebel ship instead. They just stole the one.
  8. It's not about making fleets that feel the most Star Wars or are movie-accurate. The game is about everyone creating their own custom Star Wars fleet with the ships they like best, and what ships they like best might not be available in the game at the moment. If they release ships that you feel don't fit the Star Wars theme you enjoy, there's nothing that says you have to purchase them. Just keep building fleets with the ships you enjoy and feel right to you. More ships, more variety, more viable strategies, more new players who see that their favorite capital ships are in the game.
  9. Wave 6: Blast from the Past (I guarantee that would be the article title if these ships are what they went with). Imperial: Ventator-class and/or Acclemator-class. They fit just as well into the Imperial aesthetic of triangle ships, and they were available as ships in Empire at War. Wouldn't be a bad choice to bring into the game. Rebel: retrofitted Providence-class (Rebel One title) and/or retrofitted Recusant-class. Rebel One showed up in the comics, and art from the Predator upgrade in X-Wing shows both a Providence-class and Recusant-class in Rebel colors.
  10. I would love more titles for ships. Makes them feel more unique.
  11. You're a monster! D: I made a Kira deck with no counterspells and 30 creatures and people still got salty. I made a Jalira polymorph shenanigans EDH deck, and it's mono blue. People kill me just for playing islands, because everyone assumes I'm going to combo win.
  12. But looking back at X-Wing, since I know a Clone Wars era version of the game isn't going to happen, I'd be perfectly happy seeing prequel-era ships introduced into X-Wing the same way the ARC-170 was. As retrofitted ships. Regardless of what people think of the prequels or Clone Wars, the ship designs are way too cool to be completely ignored. I think picking a select few to bring into the game would be a good choice. The tough part would be introducing the ships without making them better than the "newer" ships of the Galactic Civil War era, yet still playable.
  13. Would not surprise me at all if they release the Venator and Acclemator-class ships for Empire, and the Recusant-class and Providence-class for rebels. Could release those for Wave VI and title the article for it "Blast from the Past". Especially since Rebel-colored versions of the Providence-class and Recusant-class showed up on the art for Predator in X-Wing.
  14. More capital ship combat! More new strategies! More pew pew pew! Huzzah!
  15. So the basis for the OP now disliking the game is because he had a single bad game against new mechanics and thinks all their future games will be reenactments of that one bad game? Was the idea of adapting strategy to combat new mechanics and "anti-movement" strategy next time not considered post game? Or how not every match is going to be up against an Interdictor? Oh well, not my problem. I'm going to keep playing with all the cool new stuff.
  16. *yawn* You run Palp Aces. Also you said that about Superdash a few months ago. I run Palp Aces while fully acknowledging that it ruins the game. I record how much value I get from Palpatine every game, and tell opponents how broken Palp Aces is as I'm playing it. I tell them as I'm playing them that I'm beating them with a no skill list. But of course, "PGS uses Palp Aces, what a hypocrite! He has no right to complain about it!". And yes, Super Dash still ruins the game. Well I suppose you're not being hypocritical so long as you're apologizing to your opponent for using a list you see as overpowered and broken, don't get enjoyment over the wins you get with that list, and explaining to them in detail why the list is, in your eyes, ruining the game. You are doing all that, right?
  17. Ooooh, tough choice to pick who I want to see win. Lyraeus's fleet has a huge activation advantage and nasty ways to get severe critical effects. But I also love seeing big capital ships like the MC-80 used to devastating effect. A very tough choice to pick between the two. In the end, I think I'll vote for Lyraeus. He's got a cool dragon-monster thing as his avatar picture. Which is pretty cool.
  18. So people are upset that Rebels are getting a single ship that belonged to another faction just with different pilots? Were these same people just as upset when Scum and Villainy was announced and was filled with nothing but Rebel and Imperial ships that had different pilots (or same pilots with new abilities)? Y-Wing, Z-95's, Firespray, and HWK. Because I don't remember much complaining then. But maybe I wasn't checking the forums as much then.
  19. Here, two versions of a figure for an expansion that will never exist. Still fun to imagine and come up with stuff. For Reference: I have never played skirmish mode. I haven't been keeping up with FFG's changes to how some of the special abilities work. Based on the bit of campaign I've managed to get a group together for, this is my first rendition of how I would imagine this character playing out in either mode. General Grievous, Supreme Commander Leader Cyborg Cost: 14 ~ +2 damage I ~Focus I ~Pierce 1 -> Executive Order Droid Commander: Executive Order can be used on any friendly Droid figure within line of sight. ~ Military Efficiency (for Skirmish). OR ~Squad Command (Campaign) Health: 14 Speed: 4 Defense: BW Attack (Ranged): BR General Grievous, Jedi Hunter Leader Brawler Cyborg Cost: 14 ~ +2 damage I ~ Focus I ~ Pierce 3 -> Brutality Jedi Hunter: Attacks targeting a Force User gain +1 damage and +1 surge cancellation. Hunt Them Down: When you activate, if there is an enemy Force User within line of sight, you may gain 3 movement points. These points can only be used to move closer to an enemy Force User. Health: 14 Speed: 4 Defense: BB Attack (Melee): YGBR
  20. What's that? We Armada players can't hear you up there on top of your mountain of 8+ expansions of cool stuff. We're still trying to build up our hill past expansion 3 and 4.
  21. Congrats to the winners! What makes me happy is that both Imperial lists are similar to the two lists I made for the contest (and had to pick between the two). The only real difference was the Fighter and some choices. Just makes me happy to know I'm in the ball-park with some other good fleet idea thinkers.
  22. Just curious, but is this how anyone else sees how the pilot skills translating? 1-2: Rookie Pilot 3-5: Average Pilot 6-7: Experienced Pilot 8+: Ace
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    Everything's on fire! Oh my god! Even the Mods are burning! The spam is fueling it even more!
  24. So, I was at the local game store a few weeks ago playing Armada, and I got to thinking: "You know what would be cool? If my second favorite sci-fi franchise had a fleet battling game". Lo and behold, I was browsing the games and I saw Halo: Fleet Battles sitting on the shelf. Thankfully, I withheld my terrible impulse buying and went home to see some reviews of the product. The reviews are helpful, but I like hearing from other tabletop gamers about their experiences and opinions too. I got into Star Wars Armada because I really enjoy the capital ships of Star Wars duking it out in massive space battles. Halo has some really cool ship designs (especially on the Covenant's side, which I'd probably always play as) which I'd love to play with in such huge space battles. However, Fleet Battles is made by Spartan Games, and so it uses a very different game system. So I want to know if anyone here on the Armada forums has played Fleet Battles and if they think it's worth the buy from someone who really enjoys playing Armada. Is the game too complex for someone used to the Armada game system? Does the game give the same sense of epic capital ship combat that Armada tends to?
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