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  1. If I ever get to field a rebel version of a Providence-class, Recusant-class, and/or Munificent-class ship in Armada, I will be an even happier player. The CIS ship aesthetic was always really cool, and a nice contrast to the Republic's uniformity in their ships. Just as the Rebel ships are now. And while we're in the realm of magical Christmas land of ships, I would also like a Subjugator-class heavy cruiser in my Armada game. It's about the same size as an Imperial 1-class Star Destroyer. And I'd love to fire a massive Ion Cannon at my enemies.
  2. Makes sense though. The CIS Lucrehulk's were just cargo ships they stuck guns on. The size and slowness makes sense for a massive cargo ship. And for the speed, anytime we see Lucerhulk's in the movies they seem pretty stationary Their size and carrier capacity is probably what made them a viable battleship.
  3. I find it very difficult to believe that someone who was quoted with this: "ParaGoomba Slayer, on 09 Mar 2016 - 2:10 PM, said: Victory is much sweeter when you defeat your opponent in spirit in addition to the actual game." would be any sort of decent person to play against in person. I was surprised as anyone else, since I was well aware of his infamous reputation. I actually cringed a bit when I saw the pairings, but was quickly and pleasantly surprised to find he's actually an absolute delight to play against on the table. Courteous, careful, friendly, and professional. I'd much rather play against an opponent like PGS every round than some sloppy player who's bumping bases all over and knocking ships and obstacles about as they roll dice and who starts to whine and pout about every dice roll (which is a far more common kind of opponent, in my experience). After playing him a few times in tournaments, I've come to the conclusion that his online persona is just an act, either to intentionally troll or some misguided effort to prod discussion and persuasiveness. Just like I'm sure JRB7's online persona here is largely an act. I can't imagine he goes about his social circles and work circles perpetually shouting in stammered toddler syntax about childish and barely tangentially related topics as part of an everyday discussion about where everyone should go for lunch. I mean, could you see JRB7 sitting in a meeting with coworkers shouting "HELL YEA WORK-BRAHS, WE SHOULD ORD-AH DA CHINESE FOOD CUZ ITS YUM-YUM IN MY TUM-TUM, GLORY TO MSG!!!" I'm sure he acts like a god-damned person in real life, and that his persona here is an act to be obnoxious and annoying because he's simply out to troll. If it really was a persona of his, I just don't understand why he would do that. I can see how being more opinionated and "loud" on the forums would be used to bring attention to the issues he found with the game. But the way he treated people and acted turned so many against him rather than listen to what he had to say. I guess it's all water under the bridge now with him gone. I had already moved beyond hating him to pitying him anyways, regardless whether it was a persona or not.
  4. Quite true, that is an option. Though Thrawn is an incredibly popular character, letting the Ghost Rebels kill him off... it doesn't sit right. If Thrawn does die in Rebels, my money is on Agent Kallus killing him. It's already been proven that the voice of Fulcrum from the season 3 trailer is Kallus, and it would be fitting that an Imperial Thrawn believes is loyal would betray him. Mirroring how he was killed off in the books. This way he isn't outsmarted or truly "beaten" by the heroes, but betrayed by one he thought he could trust. A variable he couldn't account for.
  5. Two versions of the TIE/sf I've played so far. Both "Backdraft" just because he gives the best offensive efficiency from front or back. Build 1 "Backdraft" - Fire Control System - Sensor Cluster (will probably trade out for Pattern Analyzer when that's released). - Twin Ion Engine Mk.II Build #1 was a pretty obvious build, but it worked just as well as I'd hoped. Best part was when my opponent put his TIE Defender in "Backdraft's" rear arc at range one. He continually ion cannoned "Backdraft", which kept the Defender at range one. Needless to say, despite the hits my TIE/sf was taking, he chewed up that TIE Defender. I may try this build with "Quickdraw" once Pattern Analyzer comes out to see if I can turn my TIE/sf into a bit of an arc dodger. Really might surprise some people how maneuverable that thing will be when it doesn't have to worry about stress until after it's taken it's actions. Build 2 "Backdraft" - Predator - Sensor Jammer - Sensor Cluster - Twin Ion Engine Mk.II Build #2 ended up being quite a tank. While it did kind of suck to force myself to save my focuses for defense every time I was in arc of an enemy ship, Predator helped balance out the offensive capabilities a bit more. With sensor jammer and sensor cluster together, my opponent needed to be rolling at least 4 attack dice to put any damage on my sturdy little TIE/sf.
  6. I find it very difficult to believe that someone who was quoted with this: "ParaGoomba Slayer, on 09 Mar 2016 - 2:10 PM, said: Victory is much sweeter when you defeat your opponent in spirit in addition to the actual game." would be any sort of decent person to play against in person.
  7. The benefit of Vader is that he lets you reroll any amount of dice without having to spend a die (Leading Shots). And since you're getting a reroll effect without needing Leading Shots or Ordinance Experts, those slots are free to have other powerful upgrades equipped. And, as Drasnighta said, Vader lets Imperials reroll red dice at long range. I would like it if Vader cost 30 instead of 36 though.
  8. I disagree that the TIE/x7 title should be 0 points. Both title upgrades seem appropriately costed exactly where their at. For the TIE/x7, I agree with the negative point cost because the title takes away two of your upgrade slots (limiting your build options with the Defender) and semi-locks you into a specific strategy with your Defender. If you're not going speed 3 or more each turn, you're not getting the benefit of a title you equipped. Yes, you probably will be going speed 3 or more each turn (especially with that 4 K-turn), but any turns you don't are turns that you're title does nothing for you. TIE/D on the other hand is giving you an entire second attack. Your single TIE Defender attacks become two each turn. If the TIE/D title had been a negative point cost (as some other comments are suggesting it should be), then you would be getting a cannon upgrade at a reduced cost. For example, if the TIE/D were -2 to equip, you'd get an Ion Cannon for 1 point or a Tractor Beam for free. That just seems way too good to me. If the TIE/D had cost any more than 0 points, I get the feeling it wouldn't be used much at all. It'd be making an already expensive ship that much more expensive. 0 points is just the right cost in my opinion.
  9. Between the two, Juke is the better choice. VI is nice, but at pilot skill 7 you're not going to be beating the pilot skills of many of the aces that show up on the board in competitive.
  10. Here's a tournament format done by my LFGS a while back. I unfortunately wasn't able to participate at the time, but the concept seemed like a cool way to get people to try playing non-standard unique pilots. Or at least a way to keep the high-power unique pilots and some upgrades from dominating games all the time. I did not create this format, just wanted to share it. I'll be honest, I don't know why it's called "Character Assassination" as you're not trying to assassinate a specific character on your opponent's team. Character Assassination Tournament Standard 100 point list. Three Swiss-style rounds Cut to Top 4 - If you and your opponent have the exact same unique pilot, you must flip the cardboard base to the non-unique pilot on the other side for the match. Any EPTs that can’t be used by the replacement pilot are flipped face down for the match. (If it’s a large base ship, you replace it with the non-unique from that expansion) - If you and your opponent have the exact same astromech, you must replace it with the generic R5 astromech. Any EPT granted by the droid is flipped face down. - If you and your opponent have the exact same unique salvaged astromech, title, or crew: they must be flipped facedown for the match. Any bonuses granted by aforementioned are also flipped face down. - If the expansion did not come with a generic pilot (i.e. IG-88 and attack shuttle) the individual pilot abilities will not be in effect for the game.
  11. I imagine this question is the reason why Palp Aces and Pocket Aces lists are so popular. Pilots like Soontir Fel, Darth Vader, and the Inquisitor can function very well on their own and don't need the same type of synergy that other pilots across all factions do. Blow up one ace and the rest will still work just fine.
  12. That's not a bad option at all. Makes the Interdictor a bit more offensive and can actually get into the fight more than being stuck more or less as pure support. Though I have started really loving the SW-7's since using them as they make every blue dice roll useful.
  13. The strategy I've been trying to employ is to rush up at speed 3 with the ISD and target the ships that can't withstand the front arc for more than a turn. It's chewed through CR-90's and Nebulon B's very effectively since they don't get the time to avoid the front arc. I actually considered that a second ISD in this list would be better than the Interdictor, as point costs start to equal near the same (probably would have to drop the Gozanti) and I could load it up pretty heavily like the first. But I don't play in the competitive scene enough to warrant buying another ISD and I try to stick to buying only one of each expansion unless I find a really good reason to buy another one (like buying a second Rebel and Imperial fighter pack in preparation for Corellian Conflict). This is why I'm stuck with only one X17 card for potentially all of eternity. I haven't used Spinal Armament yet because I"m not sure if the one extra red dice out the front and back is worth it. Red dice are pretty fickle. But considering the reroll with Vader, it may be worth a try.
  14. Yes actually. The number of accuracies I consistently get when shooting out the front Arc of the ISD is at least 3+ every time. If I get at least one red accuracy, then that's two blue dice I don't have to use as accuracies and can convert to damage. Maybe I should have been more specific in saying that, in my opinion, Defense Tokens start becoming more and more useless to defend against attacks from opposing ships. Against fighter attacks, they still have their uses most of the time. I'm not running bombers because I've only bought one of every expansion (until recently where I bought a second Rebel and Imperial fighter pack to be ready for Corellian Conflict's new squadrons), so I've never had enough bombers to run them efficiently. I stick to a fighter screen most of the time. Locally there's been a lot of Rebel lists being used. Specifically I just happen to keep going up against variations on a build that contains: MC80 Liberty, 2x Nebulon B's, and a mix of CR-90's and/or GR-75's. This type of build is being used by multiple people. So no, ECM has not been much of a factor in what I've been going up against. Maybe I should throw on the MS-1 Ion Cannons onto the Interdictor to deal with ECM?
  15. I wouldn't mind some constructive criticism and input on this fleet. Take a look at the list and then I'll explain it a bit below. I've played 4 games with this fleet so far, and I'm sitting at 1 win and 3 losses. Objectives: Most Wanted, Fleet Ambush, Superior Positions Points: 390 Admiral: Darth Vader Imperial II-class Star Destroyer -Relentless -Captain Needa -Gunnery Team -Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams -Electronic Counter Measures -Quad Turbolaser Cannons -SW-7 Ion Batteries Interdictor Suppression Refit -Interdictor -Wulff Yularen -Projection Experts -Targeting Scrambler -G7-X Grav Well Projector Gozanti-class Cruisers -Suppressor -Repair Crews Fighter Squadrons Soontir Fel Howlrunner TIE Fighter Squadron x2 If it wasn't obvious, the focus of this fleet is the ISD rushing in and smashing through anything that can't handle it's forward firepower. And it's not hard to get ships in that forward arc at least once. And one time can be all that's needed. With the initiative bid I've been choosing second so I can play to my objectives. I've felt that a three-ship fleet is vulnerable to the fleets with more activations, so I keep choosing second to have an objective that helps give me a needed advantage. Unfortunately, not having initiative has hurt me more than it's helped and I'm going to have to try taking initiative in my next game to see if that helps or hurts the fleet. So from the games of Armada I've managed to play, I've started hitting the point where I feel like Defense Tokens start becoming irrelevant. With the sheer amount of ways for ships to get accuracy icons and/or negate defense tokens, I've started adopting this fleet to not care about Defense tokens altogether. It's going all offense. Hence why I chose Vader as my admiral. That, and Vader is a favorite character of mine and I want to make him work leading my fleets. Plus, Vader gives my entire fleet the Leading Shots ability without losing the Ion Cannon slot or sacrificing a blue die after the attack. And given the popularity and usefulness of Leading Shots, Vader's ability seems really good to me. I just would like if he were 30 points rather than 36. Oh well, it's not that bad. ISD with Interdictor support is nothing new now that Wave 3 and 4 is out, but I want to try my own version of it. The Interdictor and Gozanti help keep the ISD running so it can stay with Concentrate Fire commands to chew through enemy ships. I chose Quad Turbolaser Cannons over X17's or anything else because with Vader's reroll (remember, I don't care about spending defense tokens for rerolls because those tokens are more than likely going to be unusable on defense anyways) I almost always get at least one red accuracy while the rest can be damage. And that single red accuracy becomes two, which negates at least half the defense tokens on any ship. With Vader's ability I don't need Leading Shots so I can equip HW-7's to make sure my blue dice are always extra damage if not spent on negating the one or two defense dice left. Originally I was using the Devastator title on the ISD, given that it is Vader's original flagship and it adds more blue dice that will always, always be damage. But the sheer amount of accuracies the ISD gets hit with prevents me from spending the tokens (minus ECM, but even then that's more limited than Devastator wants to be). So if I can't use my defense tokens, I'm not getting any benefit from the title. Rather replace it with Relentless. The squadrons are there for fighter defense and some light screening. And this grouping has actually been pretty effective. Surprise squadron commands from my ISD has caught my opponents off guard, and I purposefully only have squadrons equal to the ISD's or the Interdictor+Gozanti's squadron values. TL;DR: All offense fleet focused on the ISD, with Vader providing Leading Shots effect because Defense Tokens feel like they're becoming increasingly irrelevant. I'll also get some replay reports next time I get to play this fleet.
  16. Good! Keep it up! If you have questions take pictures of your turns and post them and ask questions. Wouldn't mind some input on my list and tips on strategies. Obviously I'll get better with it the more I play, but would be nice to get some constructive criticism on it too. I'll post it in the Fleet Builds sub-forum.
  17. Well it just so happens that I've been playing Imperial games without Demolisher or Rhymer as there's no room for them in the list I'm trying to improve with. As it stands I'm at 1 win and 3 losses and I'll work my way towards the full 10 games. Though I base my loses not so much on my list build (and lack of Demolisher and/or Rhymer), but because I'm playing against really good Armada players. And I myself am still pretty novice at the strategy aspect of it.
  18. It's probably safe to assume that it's dial is only going to be marginally better than the Lambda shuttle's (Since the Upsilon is essentially the Lambda's descendent just with some more offensive power). It's a shuttle, meant to take it's passengers from point A to point B and occasionally give some fighter support. I wouldn't expect anything near the kinds of maneuvers the scum and rebel large ships can do because those ships are designed for pursuit and/or smuggling.
  19. As cool and powerful as the other ships in Wave 9 are, I keep hoping the TIE/sf will be some sort of sleeper hit once people start playing it. Not just because I like all TIE ships and like seeing them do well, but also out of spite for everyone that declared it DOA because it didn't fit the Empire's running "theme" of fast, arc-dodging ships.
  20. Empire all the way. Gotta love the various TIE designs. Keeps a nice uniformity through the whole faction but with just enough variation between the ships to keep them all looking cool.
  21. Grand Admiral Thrawn: At the beginning of the Status Phase, you may choose one enemy ship at Range 1-5 of one of your ships. You may look at the top Command dial of that ship. If you do, you may change the top command dial of one of your ships. Dunno what point cost that sort of admiral ability would be. This was just the first idea for Thrawn that popped into my head when I tried to think of an Admiral ability that might be good and thematic to Thrawn without making it too good. Knowing your opponent's next move and changing your tactics accordingly felt Thrawn-like. I don't design cards, so I have no idea how good or under-powered this ability might be. I'll leave that up to the forum to decide.
  22. If he was constantly doing navigate commands to counter your movement control, then your Interdictor worked. From a certain point of view. That's turns of revealing navigate commands instead of concentrate fire commands, squadron commands, or engineering commands.
  23. Found it. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-armada/products/imperial-class-star-destroyer-expansion-pack/
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