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  1. You know, I could be mistaken but I could have sworn there was a sort of campaign thing already out for X-Wing. I don't think FFG made it though. I can't be sure, but I think it had something to do with Heroes. And they were in some sort of Atari Cluster? I might have to browse really far back in the forums to find a topic that mentions it though.
  2. It would be a fun challenge to design the Malevolence to be a powerful threat with it's Ion Canon, yet still be fair within the mechanics of the game. If a custom-built Malevolence becomes available to play in fun games of Armada, it may be the very first custom-built ship I ever buy.
  3. Yes, sadly the one downside to trying to make the Malevolence a ship in Armada would be it's signature ion cannon. That thing was so OP it'd be difficult to transfer to card form.
  4. Depends on where it would hit it I think. If I recall, the Eclipse's super laser was said to be strong enough to crack the crust of a planet. Large or not, the SSD would be in trouble. Regardless, even if the Eclipse's super laser doesn't obliterate a SSD, wherever it hit would probably cause such significant damage that the SSD wouldn't be able to fight back and thus would be "destroyed".
  5. I would argue that, thematically, high pilot skill aces should be able to outmaneuver other ships even if they don't always guess their opponent's completely correctly. They're the best of the best and know how to reposition and adjust to the battlefield better than lower pilot skill pilots when their guesses are wrong. I'm not putting down your idea. I'd just say try playing it with friends as a home-brew and see how it plays out. See what issues it might fix or what it doesn't. Though I feel like Focus would become the only consistently used action, because it's the only one that would be consistently useful in a "pre-planned" action kind of game for X-Wing. You run the risk of being in the wrong position with boost, barrel roll, and SLAM. Target Lock lock and Evade can only be used on attack or defense respectively. But Focus wouldn't care if you weren't in the right position, and would be consistently useful.
  6. I can't disagree with any of that. I guess I want a bit more chess in my X-wing. Nothing says you can't home brew version of X-Wing, choosing actions before you move. Doesn't seem hard to do.
  7. To me, choosing your action after you move helps the game feel more like fast-paced starship dogfighting. Actions are the pilots' reactions to what's going on around them. An Academy Pilot choosing to barrel roll when he realizes it would get him out of the firing arc of an X-Wing. Fen Rau boosts forward after moving because it would get him into a more optimal position to do serious damage. Luke Skywalker locks onto a TIE fighter that he has dead in his sights. Soontir Fel has a perfect shot at an A-Wing but is also in danger of being shot by it's wingmate so he Focuses so he can be ready to hit harder or evade the return fire. Ec. Games where you have your actions preplanned feel more strategy-based to me. Like Armada or Rune Wars. Not that X-Wing doesn't have strategy, but X-Wing is more like checkers where as games like Armada or Rune Wars are like chess.
  8. And there are no green dice to account for in Armada.
  9. Armada. Imperial Assault. Since it's release I've only been able to get in one game of Rebellion. I'd probably put more time into playing that. Casually play the Game of Thrones LCG because it oozes theme. Especially in multiplayer. Star Wars: Destiny, once it's out. Gonna build my dream team of Star Wars heroes or villains. Keep an eye on Rune Wars in case they come out with a faction that I really want to play as. Warhammer and WH40K were far too expensive and complicated to get into, but Rune Wars might be something worth giving a shot given the lower starting cost.
  10. Oh man.................now look what you have done........you have scratched the new paint job.............the boss is not going to be happy.......... I'm sure I can explain this to the Emperor and Vader once they get back from that new Death Star.
  11. And enough vulture droids to choke all enemy squadrons. Hell yeah, I want a Subjugator Class! Malevolence is far less egregious in scale with the current ships then a SSD, it would probably work mechanically better as well. Large focus on broadsides but practically no dice on the front and back. Giant ion cannon for days!
  12. Forget size restrictions. I want.
  13. The Resistance said Starkiller base had a shield, hence the Falcon's lightspeed approach to the planet. If that counts.
  14. Yikes, came to just check in on people's opinions of the last episode and things are going waaaaay off topic. So... um... Wedge Antilles shows up this week. Hooray!? And from the preview clip (from Rebels Recon), a TIE Interceptor pilot who could maybe, possibly, be a re-canonization of Soontir Fel?
  15. You'll want at least 2 of each because of Corillian Conflict coming out. Just 1 of each doesn't give enough figures/bases for both the regular stuff from the squadron packs and the upcoming Corillian Conflict pilots and Elite Squadrons (outside of X-Wings and TIE Fighters because you get plenty of those in the Core set). Plus 2 of each will give you plenty of options for squadron building. Any more packs is personal preference.
  16. That would need a 4-bank template. I don't see one in my core set You could get one in the Upsilon expansion. Expansions are generally "fully self contained" and will work with a core set. Except that all tokens in the Upsilon expansion are visible and there's no 4 sloop template token.
  17. How would that be possible when there's not a template for a 4-speed segnor's loop in the game?
  18. It's a shuttle meant to take officers and the like from point A to point B. Not a Starfighter or a pursuit craft. I find it incredibly unlikely that it would have a K-turn. The Upsilon is most likely going to be an upgraded version of the Lambda with a marginally better dial.
  19. Force Friday was 1-Sep last year, not the 30th. It lead to the midnight announcement of the new core set. If so, then I stand corrected. Carry on.
  20. To be fair, aside from the fact that Wave 9 was released last week, FFG has no obligation to release or announce anything on Force Friday. The only Star Wars articles that was posted on September 30th last year was a preview for the Rogues and Villains ships in Star Wars Armada and a preview of the Hired Guns character expansion for Imperial Assault. And neither of those seemed like they were released to mark Force Friday. The forum community self-created the supposed Force Friday release/announcement.
  21. The TIE/sf can't use Comm Relay, and Weapons Guidance is a poor offensive upgrade. Sensor Cluster adds some much needed defensive ability (however minimal) to the TIE/sf. If you're running your TIE/sf with Fire Control System, it's easier to save your focus for defense since you'll be getting rerolls off your free target lock. I'm fairly certain once Heroes of the Resistance releases, the Sensor Cluster will be replaced with Pattern Analyzer.
  22. The Subjagator is nearly 5km long! That is more than an ISD. Huh... you're right. I've been looking at the wrong size charts! Still want it though. Impressive size for a battleship given it's era.
  23. If I ever get to field a rebel version of a Providence-class, Recusant-class, and/or Munificent-class ship in Armada, I will be an even happier player. The CIS ship aesthetic was always really cool, and a nice contrast to the Republic's uniformity in their ships. Just as the Rebel ships are now. And while we're in the realm of magical Christmas land of ships, I would also like a Subjugator-class heavy cruiser in my Armada game. It's about the same size as an Imperial 1-class Star Destroyer. And I'd love to fire a massive Ion Cannon at my enemies.
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