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  1. Without an Engine Upgrade, how will the Millennium Falcon make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs? But in all seriousness, I'm not quite sure where I fall on if I'd be okay with Push the Limit and EU removed from the game. The repositioning feels so good to do, but I do understand where it can cause frustrations.
  2. But if Push the Limit were (in theory) to be banned, I'd never see my favorite Imperial TIE variant on the table ever again in competitive play.
  3. Wow, Rebels sure got dark. I guess I haven't seen the episode yet where an Imperial pilot gets splattered over the front of the Ghost, and they proudly display his/her bloodstain on the top-front of the Ghost.
  4. He could be a saint in person, but he still needs to stay banned from the forum. Whatever he's really like in person doesn't matter when his online presence is toxic to the community. His continued complaining was unnecessary (we got the point of why he didn't like Palp aces the first few times he ranted about it) and his attacks on anyone that dared to say they played or claim they liked to play PWT ships like the Falcon or Outrider were always uncalled for. And unfortunately, there are far more reports of him being as bad in person as he was online than reports of him being actually nice in person. Maybe you caught him on his good days or he liked you as an opponent. Who knows. But getting banned from his LGS says a lot about what he was like in person.
  5. This EPT is actually very close to one I was thinking of one day when I thought to myself "what would be an EPT or upgrade that could completely break X-Wing while still working within the mechanics of the game?" My version was this: Coordinated Fire When attacking, add one attack die for each friendly ship at range 1. Your version seems more powerful I think. Even though it gets rid of the ability for those other ships to attack, the one attack with all the added attack values throws enough dice out that it will obliterate most ships.
  6. So he was speaking the truth, I can see why that rubbed people the wrong way.Except that a lot of people, myself included, didn't agree with his "truth". Which would be why his persistence got him banned The way he said things was also a huge contributing factor. And that he refused to consider anyone else's opinions and thoughts that went against his "truth".
  7. Knows just where to poke the forum's coals to keep the fire burning hot.
  8. Literally? That's literally all he ever said? You're literally wrong. You are correct. He also said things like "Rebel Regen was the worst thing that happened to X-Wing" (before the whole Palp Aces phase) and "If you fly PWT ships like Dash or the Falcon, you're a garbage X-Wing player". You know, real winning stuff to up the class of the forums here.
  9. The minimum number of Wave 1 squadron packs you'll need to have enough bases for the all the new incoming pilots and squadrons is 2. This way, you'll have at least four bases for your A-Wings, B-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE Interceptors, TIE Advances, and TIE Bombers. This allows you to have a base and figures for the Wave 1 squadron pack unique pilots, the Corellian Conflict unique pilots, the unique squadrons (Rogue Squadron, Black Squadron, ect.), and a generic. The core set gives enough X-Wings and TIE Fighters to have bases for those unique pilots, unique squadrons, and generics.
  10. I do like the idea of playing "bare bones" X-Wing once in a while. Get a feel for how the ships fly against one another with just their base stats, abilities, and actions. It's a fun way to play and I would definitely do it. That said, it's not a format I would play that often. The sheer amount of upgrades can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming but they provide necessary variety for X-Wing. That massive amount of variety is what makes X-Wing so popular and fun to play. Plus, in a "bare bones" meta, the TIE Swarm reigns supreme over everything else.
  11. They probably didn't put an EPT on him because there's nothing in canon yet to prove this character is an elite pilot. All I can tell is that he's a named shuttle pilot, that's all. There's not even an entry for him on Wookipedia as far as I've been able to find. Also, it's probably to help lessen the abuse of the EPT on so many ships. But I also agree with your points because Push the Limit and Experimental Interface on an Upsilon would be expensive (especially once you start throwing on the crew), but also powerful with all those Action effects going off. (Edit) Just looked through the pilots again and saw Kylo Ren does have an Elite Pilot Talent. Makes me happy, but I'd rather have him as a crew with PtL and Experimental Interface for shenanigans. I don't like my opponent dictating where the "I'll Show you the Dark Side" condition is placed if I have Kylo as a pilot.
  12. If I had to put money on someone who's going to betray Thrawn at a critical moment (thus saving the Rebellion from being wiped out), I would put it on Agent Kallus.
  13. Yeah, that final speech from Rex did come off a bit cheesy. Especially for him. Though I think he meant it more as a symbolic end of the Clone Wars with him and General Kalani coming to a mutual understanding.
  14. So I finally got around to watching "The Last Battle" today and I have to say I was really pleased with it. I thought it was just going to be a Clone Wars throwback episode where the characters of Rebels could face off against battle droids for the fun of it, but thankfully that was not the case. We finally get a sort of conclusion to the Clone Wars, both the actual war and the television series. And the use of the Clone Wars music during the episode and the end credits made me smile. A much better episode than I thought it was going to be. Also, the encounter where the battle droids met the stormtroopers felt like an allegory for how the Original Trilogy fans treat those who are fans of the Prequel Trilogy.
  15. Oh believe me, I noticed that Recusant before anything else. Not only does the Predator art show an awesome Rebellion retrofitted Recusant-class destroyer (two even, because I think the ship at the bottom left of the pilot's viewport is the front of another Recusant) and a Rebellion Providence-class (possibly the Rebel One given the alteration of the back half), but I also believe that in the ship in front of the Providence-class is an Imperial Venator-class Star Destroyer. Just nice touches that are cool to see.
  16. Derpzilla88


    1. If I recall the rules correctly, you cannot perform actions when stressed. This includes free actions. The key word in the pilot ability is "perform". 2. No, it would not count against your one action per turn or Push the Limit because it is a "Free Action". Also: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/293-x-wing-rules-questions/
  17. A list I recently played against was a pretty cool list that functioned very well. My opponent would have beaten me pretty handily with this list if he hadn't made a few critical errors. Kath Scarlet's dangerous butt arc. Kath Scarlet - Mangler Cannon - Tail Gunner - Rigged Cargo Chute Concord Dawn Ace - Fearlessness - Autothrusters - Concord Dawn Protector Concord Dawn Ace - Fearlessness - Autothrusters - Concord Dawn Protector
  18. 1. There are only a handful of cards that read differently. And the changes to those cards don't alter what the card does or how it works in the game. Casual X-Wing gamers young and old are intelligent enough to remember slight changes to cards they play whether they're sticking with casual play or thinking of moving on to the tournament scene. Decloak - happens at the start of the activation phase instead of before the TIE Phantom moves. Tactician - Limited Heavy Scyk Title - Also adds +1 hull. Deadeye - Small ships only. 2. Torpscouts may not have won every tournament, but their power pushed out lists that helped balance the meta and made the meta far too static. 3. With any luck there won't be a "next thing". And if there is, it won't be for some time and after plenty of tournaments have offered some more data to see where the game's tournament scene is. 4. If I had to guess, FFG looked at tournament data and noticed the trend in what types of lists were being brought to tournaments. The overabundance of Palp Aces and Torpscouts probably showed the most. And after testing (and undoubtedly community input because they have stated they do look at the forums), they came to the conclusion that making Deadeye a small ship only card would be the best solution for bringing in other lists. With Torpscouts gone, the lists that do well against Palp Aces can make a return. The community "complaining" is not what led FFG to make the change. If they made changes based on how much the community complained about things on the forums or if they "catered to the masses, we'd have the (ugly) Imperial Gunboat, about a thousand T-65 X-Wing "fixes", and Palpatine would be for epic only. Among other things.
  19. I'll have to give that build with Manaroo a try. You are right through. Manaroo is just there to be a support ship by handing out Focus tokens and take pot shots at whatever ships she can. I like having lots of Focus tokens to give out thanks to Recon Specialist, but I'll give this "Bumparoo" build a try next time. Might be something I'll have to practice with though since I've never played a list with a ship dedicated to bumping.
  20. After so long of buying Scum ships for the upgrades (and having a third faction for my friends to play with if/when I need to share my X-Wing miniatures with them since they don't own any of the ships), I finally decided to actually try playing a Scum list. I typically play Imperials because I love the design of their ships. But I got the urge to try out the Fang Fighter in some sort of list. After all, what would have been the point of buying it? Plus, I always do enjoy trying out new squad builds. That's probably why I haven't mastered any single build of mine yet. I'm used to flying high pilot skill aces as the Empire (I don't have Palpatine, so triple aces is my usual go-to style of play), so that my list echoed that pretty strongly. I also made this list inspired by some of the stuff I had seen around on the forums. Fenn Rau - Protectorate Starighter - Fearlessness - Autothrusters - Concord Dawn Protector Talonbane Cobra - Kirahaz Fighter - Attani Mindlink - Cloaking Device - Vectored Thrusters Manaroo - Jumpmaster5000 - Attani Minlink - R5-P8 - Recon Specialist Total: 99 points I played this list at my LFGS on Saturday when they do their all-day X-Wing. I managed to get four games in and I was incredibly pleased with the results. I won every single game. To be fair, everyone was playing casual stuff or trying new lists out (that's what the X-Wing Saturdays at the store are for), but I thought it was a good way to test the waters with this list. I'll maybe post some battle report stuff in the appropriate forum area, but here are some of the pros and cons of the list I discovered. Pros - This list hits like a truck when it gets into range 1 (and in arc with Fenn). And it's not hard to make that happen In one round of attacking, I killed a full health + Hull Upgrade Dash Rendar (without any crits). And I ripped through everything else I went up against from combined fire between Fenn and Cobra Commander. - Manaroo passing off three Focus tokens a turn is a boon. - Opponents often have to make a choice between picking Fenn Rau or Cobra as the biggest threat. They tend to focus on Fenn, which gives Cobra the opportunity to get into range 1 and do some serious damage. Cons - A three ship list is probably still vulnerable to swarms. Haven't had the chance to test it out though. - I know, I know, I know I should be running Fenn Rau as an arc-dodger and not as an "in your face" jouster". But it's been working out so well! And the games I played with him, charging up into my opponent's face when they were probably expecting me to try arc dodging seemed to work to my benefit. I was in the mindset of "they can't kill my ship if I kill their ship first". - Cloaking Device can be a bit fickle. - If Manaroo goes down, it hurts the list a lot. R5-P8 is there to help deter some attackers. Considerations - I'm torn between Push the Limit and Fearlessness on Fenn Rau. Without an evade action, stressing him for a second action doesn't feel as worth it. Especially when (at this time) I'm not arc-dodging with him as much as I probably should be.
  21. The Syck. Even with the new FAQ for it's title, it's still not worth a buy for me. Ships like the Scyk need to be flown in groups, and I'm a "buy one of each expansion" kind of guy. I don't buy multiples of ships because I don't play competitively enough to warrant it. A single Scyk isn't very useful to me when I need at least 3 or 4 of them to make real good use of them. All other scum ships I can make work as a one-of. And there are no upgrade cards it has that I can't get from a different expansion (minus the title of course). If they had come in some sort of expansion that included two of them (like the TIE Fighter in the core set), I'd have probably bought a Scyk by now since I'd have enough of them to justify buying the extra expansion for it's pilots and cards.
  22. Star Wars Armada seems to carry the thematic roles of the different types of Starfighters pretty well. So if that's the kind of theme you're looking for, could always give that game a try. See if it fits better than it does in X-Wing.
  23. The TIE/sf has "TIE" and "Fighter" on it's card. Therefore, I don't see why it wouldn't benefit from Youngster's ability.
  24. I don't think damage from the effects of bombs and the like count as "attacks". None of them specifically state "make an attack" on their card.
  25. Guys if OP wanted a circle jerk of "fly casual!" he'd have asked for that. I hate how these forums take a thread asking for honest competitive advice and crap all over it with this care bear nonsense. As to the actual thread; Biggs isn't required, but you'll want to load Norra with C3P0 and R2D2 to help her survive the early game. However, this will cut down on her offense. I prefer to take Biggs and pump up Norra's offense. I totally agree. It's become so common that "Fly Casual" warnings should be given for the Brigade'ing it causes. Give the guy, feed back, encouragement, ancedotes...but "Fly Casual" is totally knee jerk stupidity. You seem salty. You should just fly casual dude.
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