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  1. Nah, you're thinking of the Empire. First Order's way more inclusive for men and women than the Empire in the movies. But no aliens though. Never aliens.
  2. A Q3 release makes me think the SSD will be released at Gencon. Right in the middle of Q3.
  3. The game spent all of first edition and all of second edition, up until now, teaching me that landing on asteroids or debris was a bad thing. It's taking a lot of habit-breaking to get the best use out of Grappling Struts, and for the first couple games I've played they've been a waste of 3 points per vulture droid. But, I think the struts will become much more useful as people start learning how to be tricky with their asteroid or debris placement to plan on landing on those spots to throw off their opponent.
  4. After the fourth trooper but before the sixth.
  5. Rumor has it that Disney is going to be taking away EA's exclusive rights to making Star Wars games and instead having the newly renamed Lucasfilm Games be the primary developer of Star Wars games.
  6. Being able to double reposition and/or have the ability for "free" dice modification feels like it deserves the price increase. At least until wave 3 is given time to settle and see if the points are overcosted, undercosted, or just right.
  7. I thought Saesee Tiin was claimed to be the best non-Anakin pilot in the Jedi order.
  8. I do have to wonder how a rebel fleet is supposed to take down an Executor-class Star Dreadnaught in sector fleet games. Even with the extra fleet points, chewing through at least 11 shields and 33 hull while having 8-10 dice being thrown back at you seems... difficult. Not even counting the rest of the Imperial fleet. Still, I am glad the SSD is so strong in Sector Fleet. It would feel like a waste of points (and money) if it couldn't hold its own and be the apex battleship on the field.
  9. That would be nice, but my wallet can't take expenses of that magnitude all at once. The super star destroyer hasn't even received a preview article yet, so it's seems unlikely to release this month though. The wait for Armada fans continues.
  10. It's a "What If" thread. Not a "Whine about the same thing that's being whined about in a dozen other threads" thread. Now shoo, and let people imagine what could be.
  11. I'd buy up an Eclipse model the second I saw it. Trying to think of what ships could be released as a con exclusive with an alternate paint scheme. While also in the same price range of the alt. paint Vulture Droid and alt. sculpt Vader. Maybe a CR-90 in the blue colors seen in Revenge of the Sith? A painted squadron pack? Gozanti transports in the Vector colors? Pay a little extra for a red Victory-class Star Destroyer? Even pricier Errant Venture red ISD? There really are plenty of cool options if FFG went for it.
  12. I haven't flown a Gladiator since wave 2 dropped. Yes, that includes Demolisher. Guess I'm just afraid of becoming too reliant on that ship and title.
  13. I've personally had bad dice rolls (some that cost me games), but I can't think of any that are particularly funny or memorable. However, one of my opponents at Regionals had dice luck turn against him. My GR-75 was caught at close range of the front arc of his ISD-2. Opponent activates his star destroyer and reveals a Concentrate Fire command. He targets my flotilla and fires away. First roll: All hits, no accuracies. Concentrate Fire command: Adds a blue and gets another hit. Leading Shots: Removes a blue die and rerolls all his dice. Rolls all hits and one or two blanks. My opponent had to settle for ramming into the flotilla (It was kinda in his way), and my GR-75 managed to escape to score off of Blockade Run when the game finished.
  14. Were you the one running double Peltas? I remember seeing at least one double Pelta list around that day with B-Wings, but I never had time to really see that fleet in action. I just thought it was cool to see not one, but two Peltas in a single list a regionals.
  15. I haven't seen the Chicago regionals posted, but I do know a Rieekan list won. Unfortunately I don't have any list data. If I remember right, there were also two Leia lists in the top eight, with one in the top 3, I think. Does this mean the rise of Rebel Leia lists is coming?
  16. Yes! YES! A uniquely colored vulture droid for my favorite faction will make me very happy indeed. I'm fortunate Adepticon isn't too far away. Assuming they don't sell out in the first two hours of the first day... (*cough cough* Gencon 2017 Guns for Hire *cough cough*)
  17. True, but I figured that case was more from FFG botching up their own article release schedule.
  18. By the Force! I think we've figured out their master plan.
  19. Good point. Forgot all about that one too. Adding that in would put the release at March 28th, which, in typical FFG last-minute release fashion, is still in quarter 1.
  20. The only reason I think there would be individual previews for the Vulture Droid and Delta-7 expansion packs is because they both have pilots that are not included in the Squadron Packs (though it looks like the Vulture Droid only has one unique pilot different from the Squadron Pack). FFG would probably also use the article as a way to show off the alternate paint scheme for both ships. I'm also not sure if they're going to do a preview for the Scum Z-95 Headhunter. If they do, then that makes 5 previews we're still waiting on and a March 21st release would be the earliest. If not, then I'm still guessing a March 14th release. If they skip the Z-95, Vulture Droid, and Delta-7 previews, then the release date could be pushed back up to February 28th.
  21. If we assume that FFG is going to preview all the remaining ships in the wave every Monday, that leaves us waiting on previews for the Vulture Droid, Sith Infiltrator, Delta-7, and ARC-170. That means the last preview would be released on March 11th, with a safe-ish assumption that Wave 3 would be released, at the earliest, on March 14th.
  22. For $50 I sure hope those cards are worth it. You'd think they'd drop the price down to at least $40 for a big hunk of terrain and some cards. Because I can get the almost the same effect as that terrain piece if I accidentally knock over my friend's Legion AT-ST while it's on the board and save him $50.
  23. Well thank goodness FFG put production on Armada expansions on hold so that they could spend more time making sure Legion got this super important terrain piece. /s
  24. Reading the opening post and the follow up posts from the OP is like reading a translated-to-text version of a bad Armada fever dream.
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