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  1. Except you're still not gaining a benefit. You get to see where one of your opponent's ships is going, but at the same time not only does your opponent also now get to know where one of your ships is going, your ship is now going in the direction that is most beneficial for your opponent. You wanted to cheat and now you know my ship is going to do a 2-bank instead of a 2-hard turn. Fine. I'll send the ship that you had lined up to intercept and shoot my ship in a direction that faces it's firing arc away from my ship, maybe even putting it in prime position to be shot while my ship(s) are safe from it. If I'm lucky the maneuver I choose for your ship will also stress it so it can't take any actions, thus leaving it defenseless. If it's a turret ship, I'll just pick a red maneuver to keep it from getting actions. Thanks for that advantage. Or better yet, I'll send it on an asteroid if I can. Not only will your ship not be shooting or getting actions this round, but there's a chance it will be taking damage too. Cool, that works for me too. And if one of your ships is close to the board edge, I'll send it off, getting me both points for a destroyed ship and denying you a shot at my ships. You say that you can look at the dial and know where your opponent's ship is going on a critical turn. But on that same critical turn you've now given your opponent the opportunity to get the advantage by knowing where your ship is going and putting it in the best position for them.
  2. Honestly I have little issue with the current rules. My suggestion was just based on what I've seen and heard from other games. A typical regen Norra Wexley or Miranda build is easily similar in point cost to many large-base ship builds. They have just as much health and similar green dice for defense. But you can get Miranda down to 1 health at the end of the game and get no points for it, but you're opponent still gets half points for the seven or so damage they dealt to your Rey. It does seem a bit unfair. And with making half points only for ships with 8 health or more, it keeps ships with weaker health values safe from pretty much giving your opponent free points.
  3. In my personal opinion, it doesn't seem unfair if it were ruling were to be changed to half points for every ship that has 8 or more total health (shields + hull). Still covers all the large-base ships as well as the tanky and regenerating small-base ships. I have to disagree with getting half points on all ships. It's incredibly easy to get 2-3 damage on all the 3-5 health ships (mostly because of bombs and turrets). It would make running them pointless because they'd be almost guaranteed half-points for your opponent.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if that's actually the reason there's the rule saying dials need to be placed next to ships on the board.
  5. I don't think you're going to have many people left to play with once your local group(s) quickly figure out you keep picking up a dial every game.
  6. Maybe it would help? The fighters alone seemed to do just fine at assaulting the Death Star and CR-90's are still very susceptible to turbolaser fire, of which the Death Star has lots of. CR-90's are smaller and more maneuverable than Nebulon-B's and larger but they're not going to be able to avoid turbolasers the way X-Wings and Y-Wings can. And again, sending in a larger force than what was shown in the movie also assumes that Empire would respond with a larger defense force. So not only will there be many more TIE Fighters, but it may be safe to assume TIE bombers are sent to clean up the CR-90's that aren't being picked off by the Death Star's turbolasers. So now the Rebels have to split their forces between trench run and defending their corvettes.
  7. That'd be tough to do considering it's only a year and a half between RotJ and the Battle of Jakku/Empire's surrender. Tough, but not impossible. Would post-Jakku work better given there's more timeline space for those events to happen?
  8. Did you just do a fancier version of "Back in my day all we had was ZORK! It only understood 300 words and we LIKED IT! Now that was a real game! None of that fancy-shmancy graphics, gameplay, or storytelling that you dern kids have in your games these days." Can we make you the Reminiscing Old Man of the forums? And yes, I have played ZORK.
  9. Meh, I shouldn't have gotten involved. But in all honesty, does it really matter? Does Kanan and/or Ezra's existence, whether they survive or whether they die really, truly matter? The events of the Original trilogy seemed to go on just fine whether they were still around or not.
  10. There's also the bit in season one where Tarkin even outright says he doesn't consider Kanan a Jedi, and it may be safe to assume he still thinks that of Kanan and Ezra.
  11. Keep in mind that in the Legends canon, there were quite a few Jedi that survived Order 66 (more than what Rebels has shown) and survived into the original trilogy (including post-Death Star) yet no one complained when Tarkin made the statement back then.
  12. I like this idea for limiting upgrades on a ship better than what my group ended up trying for a house rule (only one upgrade + title per ship). I'll suggest this to our group and would like to give it a try. Seems like a good way to keep upgrade shenanigans from happening too quickly after round one.
  13. You're taking it literally (not figuratively literally) way out of context.
  14. But if you're saying everything about TFA is bad, then it should be quick and easy to come up with something better, right? Doesn't seem very fair to bash something without offering ways to (in your opinion) improve or change it. While still following the same restrictions those who made TFA were stuck with. How would a lot of the post-RotJ legends canon material even have been made into a movie as quickly as TFA could have? The main cast of the OT were a heck of a lot older than they are in any of those books. Hire look-alike actors to play the part of Luke, Han, Leia, and Lando? You can bet the fanbase would have been a storm of anger/disappointment if that were the case. And how likely would it have been that any of them would have wanted to sign on to play the main roles in another Star Wars trilogy? Sounds like Harrison Ford was happy with TFA being his final Star Wars film. And what do you cut out of those books to fit them in a movie-length timeframe? Can the Thrawn Trilogy or New Jedi Order series be trimmed down to three two and a half hour movies without losing anything of importance. Maybe? Maybe not? What if characters are portrayed exactly the way fans remembered it from the books?
  15. That doesn't answer the question. And immediately goes against the part where I said "can't use Legends canon storylines". Given the same restrictions the writers for TFA had (it has to be a movie and none of the material outside of movies and recent TV shows is canon) what would your sequel to Return of the Jedi be? What would be the general storyline for your Star Wars movie that has to both appeal to as many long-time fans as possible (those who grew up with the OT as well as those that grew up with the PT) and for newcomers to the saga that may know little to nothing about Star Wars? No, I'm not going to just shoot down your ideas or say they suck. I'm generally curious. I'm probably going to ask this same question to the people who hate TFA that frequent my LFGS.
  16. Out of curiosity (and in all honesty, I've been wanting to ask this to a lot of people that hate TFA just to see what the answers are) what would YOU have made the story be? Without just making movies of the Legends canon books, what would you have the overall storyline be for a sequel to Return of the Jedi?
  17. I won't pretend that The Last Jedi won't borrow bits and pieces from Empire (chances are high we'll see a Super Star Destroyer for the First Order. Empire's End pretty much highlighted that). But a few quick clips with only one sharing any true similarity to ESB is hardly reason to label the whole movie as ESB 2.0 right away before seeing the actual movie.
  18. Oh look, the first "The Last Jedi is just going to be Empire Strikes Back redone and I know this for absolute fact because of a two minute teaser trailer," complaint thread. Honestly it showed up later than I expected it to. You could always just not go see it instead of trying to bring down the movie before it's even released.
  19. If the game were to get new separate factions introduced, I demand my Republic and Separatist factions. If New Republic and First Order were to become a separate faction thing, I would want FFG to go all the way to cover all movie eras.
  20. Seems like a very odd and overly complicated way to increase one's fleet size after the first campaign round. But if that's the rule, that's the rule. I'll bring it up the next time we do a CC campaign. Hopefully my local playgroup will accept that ruling so that we don't get another super swarm fleet. The only reason they might not would be because it's "easier" to just autobump fleet points up to 500 and work with that.
  21. I believe you, but you might have to still explain it to me. When the fleet cap is 400 points I'm allowed 134 point so fighters. So when the cap is bumped up to 500 (so everyone is left at 400 out of 500 fleet point total), why wouldn't the points available for squadrons automatically go to 167? Are you saying that the squadron total can only be one third of whatever one's current fleet points are? So, for example, if my fleet was sitting at 439 points, only 146 points of fighters? Good advice for future campaigns. We do have a few Spynet planets under our control thankfully so the redeployment is a good idea to try and get him to split his forces. I guess the question then would be: what ship do I redeploy to try and split his forces? My guess would be my MC80 because it can tank damage for a good while if he goes after it with the majority of his forces and can do good damage back if he ignores it. If I go up against this fleet again before Final Assault, my goal would be to inflict as many casualties as possible. Enough so that he has to bring in his Star Destroyers or multiples of his many fighters in scarred. But the only way to accomplish that might be to table him, which runs a heavy risk of scarring a good chunk of my own fleet in the battle. Rebels are low on shipyards after a few failed defenses and I'm afraid to risk anything getting scarred with the Final Assault on the horizon. I'm fine with hyperspace retreating away after hitting his fleet hard (if I can) if it means that swarm fleet is weaker and more vulnerable for the next battle.
  22. After the first round of CC, the fleet point total bumps up to 500. 1/3 of 500 is 167 (rounded up) so that's how many points he can spend on squadrons, hence the massive amount of them. Unless we've been getting that part wrong?
  23. Maybe I can convince them to give that a shot (though stay starting at 400). It still kinda runs along the same theme we're using now (minimal upgrades and a more vanilla Armada feel). Even just a second upgrade would be a huge help.
  24. As the campaign's been going on, the flaw of the one upgrade + title house rule is getting more and more apparent. Your post here helps put into words what I've been noticing when playing on the table. Don't get me wrong though, we've been having a lot of fun with our CC campaign. Which is why I think it's going to be hard for me to convince my fellow Armada players to get rid of the house rule for the next campaign so everything can stay a little better balanced. They all seem to enjoy how it's been playing out. Probably because no one is intentionally abusing the limitation. This swarm fleet was made for fun, not to be as dangerous as it's ended up being.
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