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  1. With Integrated Astromech, I always imagine the pilot presses a button that ejects their astromech right into the path of a shot that would have hit their X-Wing, blowing the poor droid to pieces instead of the ship. R2 scream included as it's emergency ejected from its comfy home on the X-Wing. Which is kind of sad because I've had Luke Skywalker eject R2-D2 into the line of fire on multiple occasions.
  2. A closer look at the description of the Tracker 1 and the characters included make it look like it's from Lego's "Freemaker Chronicles". It absolutely looks like a version of the TIE Phantom, but will probably be only an exclusive Lego series ship.
  3. The functioning ISD didn't have a navigate command planned until two turns later. Probably had concentrate fire, then squadron command, then maybe a navigate command. Meanwhile Mr. Hammerhead was spamming those navigate commands like crazy. But in all reality, wouldn't it take time for an ISD that's stationary to get moving fast enough to dodge the other ISD that's, admittedly, coming in pretty fast? Not to mention the time to get the order from the bridge to the crews to get them to put the ISD into motion.The hammerhead also looked like it was angled just the right way (which the rebels probably did intentionally so this Star Destroyer mashup plan would work) so that it's trajectory sent it right into the other ISD without needing to adjust it's angle.
  4. Did the Hammerhead Ram need explanation though? They were in a zero G/low G environment, the Star Destroyer was disabled, the hammerhead pushed, and the laws of physics did the rest. Made sense to me the first time I saw Rogue One.
  5. If that were the case, based on the number of guns the model has, the TIE Defender would be rolling 14 attack dice. ... Nevermind, I'm all for this.
  6. It was a pretty impressive spread. Some of the players took pictures during the game. If I can find where they posted them, I'll see if I can get them up either here or in the Battle Reports subforum.
  7. With an X-Wing article out for this week, I'd like to believe that means the Hammerhead article will come sometime this week too. Fingers crossed. The new X-wing stuff looks cool though. Those ships have been waiting for a fix for a long time. Hopefully that will keep the X-Wing forum sated. For a few days at least.
  8. Our brave band of rebels came to the battle with 1 MC80 Assault Cruiser (Home One), 1 MC80 Battle Cruiser (Mon Karren), 3 Assault Frigate MKII B's, 1 MC30 Torpedo Frigate, 1 Pelta-class Assault Ship, 2 Nebulon-B Escort Frigates, 3 CR-90A's, and 2 GR-75 transports (one of which was Bright Hope). I will also note that we were playing with a house rule (one we all came to regret by the end of the campaign but stuck with it for consistency's sake) that each ship could only have one upgrade and one title through the entire campaign. So every ship on both sides only had a max of one upgrade and one title (if titles were taken). We wanted to keep a more "vanilla" feel to Armada as we played the Corellian Conflict. But this ended up heavily favoring the Imperials in the long-run. Won't be using that house rule for the next campaign.
  9. In the All Out Offensive that our six-person group played last week, the Imperials came to the battle with 6 ISDII's. Avenger and Relentless were brought to the battle but Devastator had been retired with a previous fleet before the All Out Offensive. The rest of the combined Imperial fleet was 4 Gozantis, the Demolisher, and enough fighter squadrons to blot out the stars. So many front arcs... so many fighters... I was fighting on the side of the brave band of Rebels, and it was a feat that we managed to take out 3 Star Destroyers before the end of the game. Unfortunately we had to cut the game short before we could get to 7 rounds because the store was going to close. we could have finished. If we had been able to keep going, we maybe could have taken out one more ISDII but it would have cost us the rest of our fleet.
  10. Maybe? Hopefully. 450 gives Imperials a lot of power to absolutely smash a 350 rebel fleet every time. Possibly before the rebels get a chance to hyperspace retreat.
  11. Thematically this all sounds cool and the idea of a "hard mode" is pretty neat. Also seems like you have some cool ideas for mixing up the CC campaign. But it also sounds like an absolutely miserable time for the Rebel players.
  12. I would think a Swarm Leader dependent list would be pretty crippled if the pilot with that upgrade were destroyed.
  13. Ben's red dice have double crits and double accuracies on each side.
  14. Ewww. I'm going to have to sterilize those theorized cards and dice first before use.
  15. I'd also like to point out that if there was a title that made the Quasar Fire a Rebel ship, then the Rebels get two new ships in wave 6 while the Imperials only get one. That seems a little unfair in my opinion.
  16. Is it fair if we all end up filling the whole Bingo sheet within the first page of the X-Wing fix threads?
  17. At our LFGS, the Defender list we all have difficulty beating is: Delta Squadron Pilot - Tractor Beam - TIE/D Delta Squadron Pilot - Ion Cannon - TIE/D Delta Squadron Pilot - Ion Cannon - TIE/D Switching out one of the Ion Cannons for a Flechette Cannon definitely wouldn't hurt and could make this list even more deadly. But the person who's been using this list has had no issues doubling up with Ion Cannon and making everyone terrified to play anything with less than 3 agility dice against him.
  18. Feels like I just watched a full movie of the forum the last week or so. Well done. I can't wait for Star Wars Armada Episode III.
  19. I can't wait to TIE/D up the competition next store championship with a few alternative TIE Defender builds that don't include X7's.
  20. I don't think you should be someone who tries teaching anyone how to play or get into X-Wing. The majority of X-Wing players, including those who are new, are indeed smart enough to read the cards and understand the majority of interactions. Especially if it's explained to them if they don't understand it at first. Only a handful of cards have been errated and many of the FAQ or "email answer" rulings come up on pretty rare occasions. Instead of telling a new player "all the ships you have suck in competitive. You'd best give up or spend money on all the ships," how about you focus on helping them improve what ships they have with what they own? Be honest with them that some ships just aren't very good competively, and that they're probably going to have a tougher time at their first few tournaments, but don't be the "Debbie Downer" and shut them down. If you're doing that, you're killing your own X-Wing community because you've now just turned a potential player away. Encourage them.
  21. Hammerheads make great, cheap Star Destroyer pushers too.
  22. 1. If you're running an Imperial list and you pick up a rebel dial (especially if you're running 8 TIE Fighters as you have absolutely no reason to even have your hand near a red dial), your chances of claiming it was an "accident" are going pretty much going to melt away as soon as the judge comes over. 2. If you're running 8 TIE Fighters or 4 B-Wings at a tournament, no amount of dial checking is going to get you placed very well in that tournament. Congrats on cheating for your participation promo card. 3. You're using two list examples that are rare/uncommon at tournaments. The majority of lists have 3-4 ships on average so you're example is an exception, not the norm. Having a dial changed by the opponent is almost always going to be a major disadvantage for the person who looked at the wrong dial.
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