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  1. 21 minutes ago, 1 said:

     It's all WW1 maybe WW2 dressed up

    Yes. Yes it is.

    That's Star Wars. Always has been and always will be.

    If you want a science fiction series that goes into tactical depth using real world tactics and tech, there's probably another series out there you can follow and will greatly enjoy.

    But if you're going to keep watching a space fantasy series expecting modern military tactics, you're going to keep being disappointed.

  2. 1 hour ago, bydand said:

    Kind of thrilled it's such an iconic scene on the card. This is exactly my mental picture, minus the YT-2400's fire spranging off the missile as well. 

    Love it! 

    Out of curiosity, for those of us (or maybe just one of us) who don't know... what iconic scene is this depicting?

    Art's still awesome though.

  3. On ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2019 at 10:51 AM, Norsehound said:

    Personally I'm hoping for cross-faction CIS-Rebel and Republic-Empire allowance until the new factions' ship populations are high enough to stand on their own. Makes the most sense thematically while allowing the fleets to grow at a decent pace.

    I'm one who loves faction separation.

    But if I can have Anakin or Obi-Wan as the admiral of a Super Star Destroyer with the Demolisher at the side, or General Grievous leading a fleet of a Recusant-class destroyers and MC-30s supported by Vulture Droids and Y-Wings, I'm down with some cross-faction stuff. Might as well make some dream fleets.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Caimheul1313 said:

    To be fair, bounty hunters in Star Wars are only slightly different than "assassin" or "brutally effective mercenary" rather than "officer of the court." Still, probably not the best choice for training officers, as opposed to, I don't know, the commander of some planetary defence force? 

    In Star Wars, "bounty hunter" does seem to be a catch-all term for "mercenary, assassin, bodyguard, hired military trainer, ect.", doesn't it?

    Honestly, I can only think of a handful of times in canon where they actually hunted bounties.

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    Image result for What have I done, anakin

  6. 26 minutes ago, Norsehound said:

    One interesting question I would like to see answered is how republic ships will be scaled against the VSD.

    The VSD is/was supposed to be their late-war contemporary... the Victory was maintained in the Imperial lineup as Venators and Acclaimators were retired in favor of the Imperial. Given the VSD's, I daresay, dismal performance in Armada... what does it say about VEN and ACC performance in comparison?

    While I would expect the Venator to be locked at speed 2 with about as many red dice as the VSD (in spite of being a large ship), I expect it will magically out-perform the VSD because it's going to be the Republic Large ship, and it's something they have to use against ISDs for the sake of gameplay balance. I'm gonna be mad if somehow the Republic and CIS outperform the GCW ships. Not only is this soft enforcement of pushing players to buy the new factions, but it's unthematic.

    If we had sequel ships I'd be more forgiving of their overperformance... but I'd expect a suitable increase in cost and rarity by comparison. Those ships being superior makes sense from a thematic perspective (and gameplay, keeping them rarer and more exclusive).

    I'm also expecting Republic commanders to be overpowered, almost to the point of broken. But if they're high in points along with high-costs of their capital ships and fighters, hoepfully Republic commanders will be forced to do a lot with their expensive equipment and end up with exploitable gaps in their lists.

    I wouldn't hard-compare the Venator to the Victory too much. Not just because the Victory isn't canon anymore (because by that logic, so long as the Venator isn't the same as a Imperial-class, it's all good) but mainly because the Victory is a ship developed for Wave 1 of Armada and the Venator will be releasing after 7 (hopefully 8 ) waves of development and learning from mistakes. It's taken several waves and a few key upgrades to bring the Victory up to more playable standards since it was pushed out of the game pretty heavily in Wave 2, but the Venator doesn't have to start off as bad as the Victory once was. But that doesn't mean the Venator or any of the other Clone Wars ships will come out and immediately be able to take down an Imperial-class with no effort. It'll all come down to how well someone uses it in the fleet.

  7. First off, I'm beyond excited for the inclusion of Clone Wars. I've been hoping for prequel-era ships since Armada was first announced.

    Secondly, I'm curious if there would be an interest in a campaign box that pitted all four factions against one another. No in-universe reason for why all four factions are inexplicably fighting each other, but just something fun for players. Everyone chooses their favorite faction (maybe up to teams of two for a total of 8 players) and dukes it out Corellian Conflict style to come out on top.

    I think that'd be cool if it could work.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Ophion said:

    Yep. The required whining and negativity has kicked in as scheduled.

    It was only a matter of time.

    Though I'm impressed at how long it took for the negativity to start really kicking in across all the FFG Star Wars forums. The X-Wing topic about the new movie took until page 3 or 4 for the real negative stuff (not just casual joking) to show up.

  9. 1 hour ago, Jo Jo said:

    Is every **** thing Disney is going to make have a new freaking Stormtrooper? 

    I mean... they're only just following the model that the movies and Legends EU set up before Disney took over.

  10. 20 hours ago, KommanderKeldoth said:

    Alex described the CIS as a 'min-max' army style with super cheap corps droids but some of the most expensive commanders (Grievous)

    Interesting, and very appropriate for the faction. Fingers crossed that the commanders are worth their very high point value then. It could also mean that it will be difficult to run double commanders in CIS armies since players could be losing out on a large majority of their corps and other units by doubling up on expensive commanders.

  11. I can only assume they'll treat the Celebration Vader the same way they treated the Adepticon vulture droid. Limited number sold per day (50 per day at Adepticon) so they don't run out the first day, only one per customer (so no one buys up 20 in one go to then go sell them on eBay for 10x the actual value), and first come first serve. If you get a ticket for one, you're good to pick up your Celebration Vader at any time during the rest of the day. It's there second attempt at limited edition miniatures and it's doubtful they're going to have everything running smoothly.

    The best advice is to get there and get in line as early as possible and make sure you're at the right line. At Adepticon, there was a line started over an hour before to get into the vendor hall to purchase vulture droids, but when the hall opened, FFG was already sold out. Apparently they had decided to let people lined up at a different door to come in 2 hours before everyone else had started lining up at the regular doors, just to purchase the day's tickets for vulture droids. Hopefully they don't pull that stunt again.

  12. 1 hour ago, MasterShake2 said:

    Honestly, I wasn't sold on B4.  Losing a mod to still take damage and maybe deal +1 damage on the next shot (assuming the die you removed from strain was going to not just roll a blank anyways) just didn't impress.

    Losing the mod does suck, and it's not uncommon that I'll lose a vulture droid. But I technically still have a mod through Networked Calculations. And if the opponent takes that strain then the four or five shots I have back on that ship can either kill or cripple it. Anything with one agility typically doesn't want to take the strain, so that's almost always going to be free evades to keep my ships alive a little longer than normal.

    I think objectively, Kraken is better. But at 10 points it's hard for me to fit him in squads where I want both a decent number of ESC vultures and either Grievous or Maul with 2-3 upgrades. K2-B4 is just cheap enough to fit into almost any squad and provides just enough bonus to make up the points.

  13. Playing the Separatist ships has been a lot of fun and are pushing me to play swarms some more. The vulture droids have been great for one or two strong rounds of attacking, but after the Energy Shell Charges are spent, they start dropping fast. After that, it comes down to my "ace" (either Darth Maul or Grievous) to do the heavy hitting while the vultures try to get in the way of the enemy ships and take what pot-shots they can.

    The vulture dials are finicky, but nothing that I haven't been able to get used to. And K2-B4 has been a really useful tactical relay by making my opponents ships so much easier for my vultures to hit when they take that strain.

    I'm also finding that more vulture droids usually equals more success and I3 Separatist Drones over I1 Trade Federation Drones makes a noticeable difference.

  14. I stand with the Clone Wars first.

    The ships look great on both sides, there are far more characters that can be upgrades, and both factions have distinct looks to them that will make them stand out from the existing factions. There's enough there for both factions to have multiple large, medium, small class ships as well as flotillas. There could even be a Huge ship in the Malevolence if FFG dared to make another one.

    Clone Wars is just more fleshed out right now to easily bring them into the game alongside what we already have.

    I still love the Resistance and First Order, but there just isn't enough at this time to have that makes up a fleet. The First Order is only known for one capital ship (I haven't read any of the comics to see any other ships), which might have to be a huge-class ship on it's own, which could mean an expensive price tag for anyone looking to get into that faction. Resistance has only been shown with four ship types, but there's still nothing known on what they truly have for ships in a normal fleet. At most, the Resistance would get three small ships and one huge-class ship.

    Not to mention that, aesthetically, there just wouldn't be much visual difference on the table if you had Resistance and/or First Order ships flying around against Rebel or Imperial ships.

  15. 1 hour ago, LordCola said:

    I think that train has already left the station. There are already to many CW era ships in the game (Arquitens, Pelta, Gozanti, CR90). I don't think you can make a Republic faction without using several ships that are already in the game.


    Plus, if they ever bring the Venator to Armada without an Imperial variant i will go on a strike. I want that imperial Venator! (and a republic one too)

    To be fair, the Republic Arquitens and Pelta are different variants (if only slightly in some cases. The Clone Wars pelta lacks the wings), so their attack dice, squad command, engineering value, and/or maneuvering could all be different enough to make them act like a different ship. The Gozanti's weren't tied to any faction (seen in Separatist fleets but I don't recall ever seeing one in battle) in the CW, so they could just stay Imperial.

    I'm definitely not against an Imperial Venator. But, that is the most iconic/recognizable Republic ship so if I had to place money on which faction would get it first...

  16. 20 minutes ago, Norsehound said:

    They did that for X-Wing (out of a 4-ship wave, 1 rebel, 1 empire, 2 scum) for a good portion of the latter half of the game. It's also part of the reason I jumped ship to Armada, not only was Armada coming out around the time, but I could stick with the factions I preferred.

    All I'm saying is that I don't want this for Armada. While I'd like to play with the clone wars ships, I would rather field them in the current factions than have a split-off faction with ships blocked behind a faction wall. It also doesn't make sense when factions in the Galactic Civil War actually flew these ships!

    So if they were to release two waves a year (in a hypothetical magical Christmas land of FFG releases for Armada), would one with one ship for each of the four factions and one wave with just Clone Wars ships be bad? That way Clone Wars gets to catch up a bit without Empire and Rebel players being left without new content for a year or more.

    Yes, the rebels used the occasional separatist ship and the Empire used republic ships for a little while after the war, but it would make far more sense to have the Clone Wars ships be in their own factions since that's what they're commonly known for. Throwing the Clone Wars ships into the existing factions also completely denies the release of CW era specific upgrades, like characters. 

    In the meantime, if you are looking for a fleet battle game that combines Rebels and Republic vs Empire and Separatist, you could always look at Wizards of the Coast's old Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles. Less faction boundaries but you may want to get used to having warped ships.

  17. Keeping my fingers crossed Clone Wars makes its way to Armada.

    Aside from the CW ships being visually pleasing, some more faction variety in Armada would be wonderful. I want to see different ships on the table in different fleet makeups. I'm getting a little bored of seeing Empire vs Rebel, Empire vs Empire, or Rebel vs Rebel. New factions might mean new/different archetypes to fleet building or theme that the existing factions don't follow. I personally think that Clone Wars factions will give a little more newness to the game than just sticking with the same two factions and giving them more and more ships.

    And I don't believe that CW content coming to Armada will mean a dead stop to Galactic Civil War era ships until the CW factions catch up. I think GCW new ships would just be released in a lesser amount for a time. Kind of like what it sounds like they'll be doing for Legion (80% Clone Wars expansions, 20% Empire and Rebel expansions).

  18. 3 minutes ago, Weyoun42 said:

    How did it look in action?  (Also, is there any issue with the plastic pieces that overlap the base in the front and back?  If I have to regularly remove the model from the base to play, that's going to make me sad.)

    By virtue of "my two foot long super star destroyer is on two bases and pegs," I personally believe that any ships on only one base and peg should be the ones getting removed from their base if model overlap happens, instead of the SSD.

    Taking the SSD off its pegs without shifting it too much or knocking stuff over in the process could be a nightmare otherwise.

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