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  1. I think it shouldn't be overlooked that the OP is suggesting giving the Imperials Raddus's ability in addition to whatever ability their admiral is giving. Seems a bit much, even with the slight changes suggested.
  2. Arguably, the strategy of Sloan is to utilize mass non-Rogue ships and focusing on fighter control, rather than running Rogues or minimum fighter screens.
  3. So very, very close. I'm still happy with how FFG designed them though.
  4. I've played two 400 point games with it so far and in both games it's been destroyed. Normally I'd chalk that up to me playing bad, but with the SSD only being able to be maneuvered so much, it really came down to how well the dice rolled. It feels bad when it seems a lot easier to kill in games than it does at first glance, but I have to assume that's for balance. One game was against Imperial, squadron-less MSU. 2 Gladiators, a Heavy Ion Emplacements Raider-II, a TRC Arquitens, and two flotillas. The amount of critical effects overwhelmed the contain defense tokens with Damage Control Officer (as well as all other defense tokens), and the sheer amount of damage output easily outpaced continual engineering commands my SSD spammed. It didn't help that it's painfully easy for ships to get double-arc shots on the SSD while remaining in one of the "safer" side arcs themselves. Even so, it took the very last shot of the game from the Arquitens, on the last round, to do exactly enough damage to destroy it. The raider, flotillas, and Insidious were destroyed and Demolisher had limped away with one hull left, but they put out enough combined firepower over all six rounds to get the job done. The second game was an SSD slugfest between my Piett commanding the Annihilator vs Sloan in the Eclipse with a squadron blob. Squads stripped enough defense tokens on the Annihilator for it to be destroyed by round 4. My theory is that the 400 point versions of the SSD were intentionally designed to only be so good so that it doesn't warp the meta around it. But I think it will shine much more in Sector Fleet games of 800+ when using the Executor-class versions.
  5. Ah yes, every single product added something new to the Star Wars lore. I'll have to go update Chewbacca's wookieepedia page for that time he flew in circles in the Falcon knocking over Stormtroopers like he did in the Loopin' Chewie game. Or that epic battle when our favorite heroes and villains lined up on a checkerboard field and battled it out in a real-life version of chess in Star Wars Chess. It was very polite of Darth Vader to step aside when R2-D2 moved onto his space, then sat aside while he watched the rest of the "battle" play out. It was even more surprising that he was willing to be the "Queen".
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Looking back on the game, I don't think I used it at the right timing but I only used it to grab a target lock anyways. I'm going to chalk it up to me misreading the card while too excited to try out all the new stuff all at once. I never coordinated the Baktoid prototype because I remembered that part, but I know I accidentally grabbed target locks before it's turn. Butterbot would then pass it a calculate token. The more I know the better. Ultimately, it didn't matter too much because I lost the game anyways. I still like the combination of those three in a list together.
  7. I finally got to use Hyena Bombers for the first time this past weekend and they certainly lived up to my hopes and then some. I took inspiration from stuff I'd seen posted here to come up with an all droids list that mixed Hyenas and Vultures together while trying out plenty of the new pilots and upgrades I had. Out of everything in my list, I was most impressed with the combination of DBS-32C's pilot ability + DFS-311 + Passive Sensors. Three start of engagement phase actions feels really, really good. And I think it really surprised my opponent at how token'd-up my ships could get even after a bump or two. 32C's price feels a bit more justified with how useful the pilot ability is, but I still think it could come down a few points. If only so I can fit Landing Struts on it. Scavenger Squad DBS-404 (30) - Energy Shell Charges (5) DBS-32C (42) - Kraken (10) Separatist Drone (21) - Energy Shell Charges (5) Separatist Drone (21) - Energy Shell Charges (5) Baktoid Prototype (28) - Passive Sensors (3) - Diamond Boron Missiles (6) - Landing Struts (1) DFS-311 (23) Total: 200
  8. Cool. I missed the part about the models being interchangeable.
  9. So what would be the ruling if someone was running Operative Vader but wanted to use the core set Vader model or vice-versa? I guess the same question or the Luke models. I'd think only the cards matter, but I'm not sure.
  10. The claw looks like one of those "made for the toy" kind of weapons to me. Doesn't look like something we'll see in the movie, but it's still so early on. You never know. And I agree. I'm still loving the look of these Sith Troopers. I guess that cuts out any theories that these troopers are independent of the First Order. Which is kinda disappointing because that might have been cool. Ah well, I'm still excited to see them in action in the movie.
  11. It's a minor complaint, admittedly. It was just one of the first things I noticed when I picked them up as they sat next to the Naboo starfighter and Resistance transport. I've felt that a lot of the 2.0 re-released Imperial TIE's have a similar paint "issue" but it's pretty easy to look past and just play the game. Guess I just care more about my droids looking their best. I'm just happy to have them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be as fun to play as people here have made them sound. I have great plans for these Hyena bombers...
  12. Just picked up three Hyena Bombers today and I'm excited to try them out this weekend. Can't wait to see how these things play on the table. Gotta admit, I am a little disappointed in the paint quality though. The stripes and colors look nice, but it feels like FFG production skipped out on a final wash on the body to bring out the many grooves and lines some more. Sitting them side by side with the Vulture droids makes them look like the Attack Wing miniatures. Ah well. It won't stop me from playing them.
  13. I love the look of these guys. Can't wait to see them in action on screen. I wonder if the visor resemblance to the Episode III clone trooper helmet is an intentional callback. Probably, but who knows. I like it regardless.
  14. Well, Anakin and Ahsoka, along with their Gold Squadron escorts, were shot down by General Grievous and his posse of Vulture Droids. Republic morale is going to be taking quite the hit. So I'd say much worse for Palpatine in the short-term, better for the Jedi in the long-term.
  15. I've found that 5x Separatist Drones with Energy Shell Charges tends to be scary enough to divert some attention away from Outmaneuver Grievous. With the point changes, I can now run that same list, but with Grappling Struts on the Vulture Droids and one of the 5-point Tactical Relay upgrades on Grievous.
  16. My first idea build for the Hyenas was: Techni Union Bomber (26) - Discord Missiles (4) - Plasma Torpedoes (9) - Proton Bombs (5) - Landing Struts (1) Total = 43 Which sounds cool on paper but might be too much of a "jack-of-all-trades" build. Fire Discord Missiles, drop a bomb as it passes by the enemy fleet to get to a rock, land on the rock and target lock, turn around and shenanigans? Could just upgrade to a Separatist Bomber for the Pilot Skill bonus. I'm thinking of running 2 of them alongside 4 Separatist Drones with Energy Shell Charges and Grappling Struts, and that leaves 10 points for... something else? Problem is that it doesn't leave me with a Tactical Relay carrier and a swarm of Separatist droids without Grievous probably really wants a tactical relay upgrade.
  17. The Hammerhead is a great ship, best run as a pair or more in my experience. For just 43 points (Torpedo Corvette [36] + Ordnance Experts [4] + External Racks [3]) you have a ship that hits way above its point value. Six dice at close range from the front arc, four of them black dice with rerolls, can devastate any ship that isn't ready for it. And that's without considering any relevant Admiral bonuses you might have. The fact that you can pretty easily fit two of them in a list is just extra bonus. CR-90's are faster and better flankers, but the Hammerheads are just durable enough to charge headfirst in, fire their missiles, and get out. Even if you lose one, you're really not giving up that many points, just an activation. I've also learned that the Garel's Honor title tends to get more mileage than the Task Force titles do. At least when only running two Hammerheads.
  18. Hate should be costed by how hateful the character flying the ship is. The more hateful and angry pilot, the more Hate will cost them to use. Count Dooku? Doesn't seem all that hateful. Keep it at 3. Maul and Vader? Super hateful. It's kinda their thing. We'll up the point cost to 7 for them. Non-named Inquisitors? Ambiguous hate-levels. They can pay 4 points for Hate. 😁
  19. I feel like that kinda makes Kylo's position and abilities amongst them more unique though.
  20. That sounds like an oxymoron.
  21. Yes. Yes it is. That's Star Wars. Always has been and always will be. If you want a science fiction series that goes into tactical depth using real world tactics and tech, there's probably another series out there you can follow and will greatly enjoy. But if you're going to keep watching a space fantasy series expecting modern military tactics, you're going to keep being disappointed.
  22. Out of curiosity, for those of us (or maybe just one of us) who don't know... what iconic scene is this depicting? Art's still awesome though.
  23. This is why I'm happy to stick with Separatists as the faction I'll play. They can be on any terrain and not look out of place.
  24. I'm one who loves faction separation. But if I can have Anakin or Obi-Wan as the admiral of a Super Star Destroyer with the Demolisher at the side, or General Grievous leading a fleet of a Recusant-class destroyers and MC-30s supported by Vulture Droids and Y-Wings, I'm down with some cross-faction stuff. Might as well make some dream fleets.
  25. In Star Wars, "bounty hunter" does seem to be a catch-all term for "mercenary, assassin, bodyguard, hired military trainer, ect.", doesn't it? Honestly, I can only think of a handful of times in canon where they actually hunted bounties.
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