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  1. Came to browse through the thread and see what ship ideas people had. Was genuinely curious what fresh designs could be brought into the game that we'd never seen before. After reading where the thread has gone, I not only regret my decision to open it but was quickly reminded why I've been avoiding Star Wars discussions in any way, shape, or form.
  2. I spy a Starhawk in the hologram at 0:51.
  3. Derpzilla88

    N-1 Exclusive

    I saw that Crabbok ran a poll through YouTube to see who and who didn't get a code for the silver N-1. Last I checked on the results, it looked like only 20% of everyone who applied for a code got one.
  4. Same. Not even a rejection email.
  5. When did that happen? Also, the Jedi do all those amazing things and still get killed like absolute punks in mere seconds from their own troops? Something doesn't add up.
  6. I'm still holding out hope that there will be an "official" FFG announcement of Clone Wars stuff at Adepticon. Hopefully with some images of the ship models too.
  7. I feel the unnecessary need to come to Armada's defense a bit here on a couple points. Though for clarification, I play both Armada and Legion and greatly enjoy both. For starters, you'll be happy to hear that Armada will be getting the beloved Republic and Separatists factions at the end of the year, so at least the option for four factions will be there. It's just going to take some more waiting. Like with most of FFG's stuff. I rarely see a Legion game that takes less than 2 hours, and that's even between experienced players who are playing practiced lists. Armada certainly can take up to 2 hours to play, but from my experience, average gameplay time can take about an hour to an hour and a half if both players have enough experience with their lists. There are less activations and actions to deal with so the games tend to wrap up faster. If anything, it's usually squadron activations and movement that can really slow down an Armada game. As for surprise attacks, there's plenty of options! Just not as easy as Legion allows. There's an objective that will allow the second player to drop in a ship at the start of any round, Admiral Raddus allows the Rebels to drop in a ship, and Raddus's ship, the Profundity, can hide a ship inside of it to drop out for a surprise attack! A rarely used upgrade, but an option, allows squadrons to hide inside of a ship to surprise attack too! There are a lot of strategic options beyond any of those that can really change the game in an instant. Timing and knowing when to activate a ship are just as important as any of the strategic activations in Legion. I feel like Legion could be summed up in a pretty similar way. Everyone deploys their units, runs to cover over one or two turns, then sits in cover most (if not the rest) of the game taking shots at each other until one side's dice fail them enough times and the unit is eliminated or panicked away. The only units I see doing anything but that are melee units that have to move around more to get into a better position or vehicles that have compulsory moves that force them into different positions throughout the game. Oh, and the one objective that forces you to move to get your units into your enemy's deployment zone. Armada doesn't have as many interesting actions, that's true. But the strategy in Armada comes from knowing target priority, maximizing attacks, focusing fire, how to move, how fast to move, what angle gets you best firing arc, and what move is going to keep you out of a deadly firing arc. It's just a different kind of strategy than Legion.
  8. From the picture leak that came out the day droid commandos were announced, it looks like the strike team also has AI: Dodge, Move too.
  9. What the Starhawk lacks in some areas compared to other Rebel ships, it makes up for in others that those same ships can't get to. For example, a Starhawk may not put out as much damage as a properly upgraded MC-75, but it can take multiple hits for longer during those engagements than the MC-75 can. Or it may be cheaper to take a Pelta with the title for two officer slots, or Yavaris for a strong, yet cheap, squadron pusher. But the Starhawk can output more damage than both those ships combined and, again, survive multiple shots back at it when those cheaper ships will die to one or two solid attacks against them. Not to mention the native Salvo token is a very underrated benefit of the ship. Agate is almost an auto-include on the ship to ensure its tanky-ness, but at only 20 points it's really not that much of a "loss". With her as the admiral and Walex as an officer it will out-tank any other Rebel ship. Even the MC-80 Home One with Electronic Countermeasures. The superweapon might be telegraphed when you're trying to do speed 0 shenanigans, but it has other uses that can help the fleet as a whole. It can keep a fast ship from escaping the Starhawk's effective firing range and/or it can slow a ship down so that your fighter squadrons can keep up with it for bombing runs a lot easier.
  10. Yep. They show up in the Citadel arc in Clone Wars.
  11. Tried out the Starhawk this past weekend and had a blast using it. I'd built it to do some speed 0 shenanigans, including the Concord title and Bail Organa for first activation attack after slowing something down. But I botched up the timing on when I would need to slow down to speed 0, so that plan went out the window and I just settled for double-arcing as much as possible while slowly moving forward. So I'll have to save a verdict on speed 0 shenanigans until I get it right. I couldn't decide on a Gunnery upgrade that felt like it fit (Caitken and Sholan are a good choice but they were on another ship) so I went with Shriv. That was fun to use him to remove my opponent's Electronic Countermeasures from his Star Destroyer. Leading Shots felt absolutely necessary because it's tough to get rerolls with that ship. Overall the Starhawk felt like a fun, tanky ship. The defenses with the titles and Kyrsta Agate as the admiral made it feel about as tanky as a super star destroyer, but the smaller base size gives it its own unique feel. However, even when double-arcing a ship I didn't feel like it hit much harder than an MC-75 double-arc does. Especially since it can't take any ordnance slots. I'm looking forward to play it some more. I'll be trying out the Onager this week and I'm looking forward to it. Admiral Screed feels like a perfect fit for that ship, but I'm still figuring out what ships are best for supporting that type of fleet.
  12. Sounds like the rudeness is already happening whether you say "no thanks" or not.
  13. Was the entire year of GCW era releases not enough for you?
  14. We have one thread talking about how the SSD is underpowered in 400 point games and this thread saying the SSD (with Ravager) is overpowered and needs changes. So with these opposite viewpoints, we can conclude the SSD is perfectly balanced as it is and needs no changes. Case closed. 😉
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