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  1. Not to spoil (the book is in stores now) but the signature abilities for the Clone Trooper and Jedi are both in Fall. The rule for buying a force rating at creation is there, its optional, and the intent is... well you can't make either of the jedi specialties in the book without it. Master requires 3 and General 2.
  2. With the Knight's access to both Improved Reflect and Improved Parry I feel much less need take more than one Lightsaber Tree. I'd just pick the one that focuses whatever stat I want to be my "thing" and feel good about it. My old character was going to be taking several specializations to add those talents to the one I started (Niman.)
  3. " That would be an awesome story if my players were all heroic. Sadly, they're EotE characters hiding behind FnD masks. " This is ironic since my character is essentially the opposite. I'm a FnD character and everyone else is an EotE character. Even my new apprentice (another player) started as a Smuggler/Pilot who went Force Sensitive Exile. He was present in the adventure when I got my crystal and though he was force sensitive the GM felt that he was not self aware enough to get his own crystal. Now it's several sessions later and we are starting to seek a crystal for him. In the meantime I crafted him a training saber (and one for myself) so that he can get experience with it.
  4. My character got her crystal from the short adventure from the GM's Screen. It seems like it could be fit into this setting.
  5. The Grand Inquisitor's picture is in the inquisitor section of Force and Destiny.
  6. Given the book it comes in, maybe it's meant to counter the armorer's ability to add more hard points? Unless that's just to his armor, then I dunno.
  7. I wanted to share my painting of my character but I'm having trouble getting it to show up here. Here's a link if people want to go check it out. http://mornmist.deviantart.com/art/Vision-of-Tatooine-570348211
  8. I've been wanting to do a group shot of our group as well. It's just that I don't have a good sense of what the majority of them really look like other than my own.
  9. Taking Force Sensitive Exile would get you a bunch of sneaky low-key talents and I'm pretty sure there's a second tier ability to make 2 skills class skills.
  10. "But, as soon as they dig into another tree, they pay 5 points to progress from 5 to 6.." To be fair, they are paying more like 25 or more likely 35 for that point of parry.
  11. It would be interesting if Farsight had an upgrade that let you remotely use other powers through it. Like a way to explain force choking someone over holo-call
  12. The philosophy of the gamer: "I want my class's splat-book next! Unless there's power-creep... then I want it last."
  13. In the movies we often saw R2 doing computer stuff (slicing) while the other characters are shooting or getting crushed by trash compactors. If you combine slicing encounters and combat encounters it can give the slicer, who may not be a skilled combatant, something to do during the encounter that doesn't feel like a waste of an initiative slot. I know when we first played Edge the medic character felt like they didn't have anything to contribute in the rounds before their allies started getting shot up.
  14. I do wish they had artist credits per page instead of just a list of artists. In fact, trying to track down who did what art-wise is how I came across these boards in the first place.
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