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  1. Thanks guys The A wings are actually my least favorite because of how simple they look lol. But I guess thats why I generally prefer Rebels to Imperials
  2. Sure thing! I didn't do close-ups before because I dont think these are as good. More for the 'swarm' effect
  3. Glad you like it! So I primed them all with Vallejo's Grey Primer using an airbrush. Then a basecoat of Deck Tan (Vallejo Model Color), then a wash of Agrax Earthshade (Citadel), re-did the lines/panels in Deck Tan again, Dark Grey for the engines and cockpits (VMC), a wash of Armor Wash on the grey parts (P3 Paints), highlight again with Dark Grey. The red squadron colors were also VMC, Cavalry Brown. On the B-wings it was Field Blue (VMC) and on the Y-wings, Sun Yellow (Vallejo Game Color). These are all paints I have for painting minis...if I'd had to buy them I probably would have gone with Citadel colors because they're easier to get at my FLGS although I hate the high prices. Hope that helps @Darthain, glad you like the lines haha. It's just a matter of washing to shade the outlines, and then to get the straight panel edges, put paint on the brush and then pull it side-ways across the surface. In other words, you're using the flattened 'side' of the brush bristles, instead of the tip. Also: use magnifying glasses. Helps a ton
  4. Thanks guys. Forgot about Warstore Also coolstuffinc. Only thing I find with stores that don't do free shipping is that I have to order a ton of stuff to make up for shipping costs...
  5. Thanks man. I'll check the Amazon sellers...they all seem to ALSO have pricey S&H. Miniatures Market I have only ever had bad experiences with unfortunately. How have you found them?
  6. Yes yes, perhaps this belongs in off-topic...but the forum description says 'NOT related to Armada' so...here I am lol. Anybody have any suggestions in the US for where to get Armada stuff? Ebay, Amazon, my FLGS, Monkeyminiatures, all sold out of pretty much everything Armada besides the base game and Neb B. With no idea when they'll get new stock in, my new Christmas money is burning a hole in my pocket So, any suggestions? Or any idea when it normally comes back in stock? FFG shipping is too pricey for me...and I refuse to pay higher than MSRP, just FYI.
  7. Nah, I prefer this look. The bright overhead light does wash out some of the detail, but I DID actually start with a wash: then went back and highlighted the raised parts. Here's a pic of the Ghost...maybe that will show it better. I don't like the 'grungy and stained' look...IMO, washes should be used to add depth and detail, but not left as-is
  8. Thanks benskywalker! @Darthain oops my bad. Rebels! Ketsu and her Shadow Caster are in Rebels. So I just googled a screencap of that. Yeah I have never worked on anything smaller than 28mm, until now. Im not a fan lol
  9. Thanks! Tried my best to copy the colors from the show. Also: please ignore the horrible texturing. This stuff is TINY lol >.<
  10. Hi all I've been painting for a long time, but never anything as small scale as Armada. I have a commission painting studio here in my area (OK) but have mainly been painting endless streams of Warmachine or Infinity and 40k. With the release of CC my FLGS is having a big multi-campaign event starting in January so I wanted to get all my fighters painted up before then. I've got a pic of that below. But today I realized something: painting those tiny snub fighters is a pain! Nor do I care to do a bunch of fancy brushwork and advanced techniques on these. But what triggered this realization was painting the Shadow Caster this afternoon. These larger 'rogue' ships are a LOT more enjoyable to paint! So here is Ketsu's Shadow Caster. And all the other fighters
  11. Yeah E wings look great! Im just trying to decide which role they should play. Probably shouldnt replace my X wings right? Hmmm...
  12. Hi all I just got the Rebel Squadrons 2 pack for Christmas, and while I feel like I know how to use the Arquitens and Phoenix Home, Ive been out of the Rebel squadron game for too long to know what to do with these new toys What do you guys think about using each of these squadrons/aces? The VCX looks cool but seems pricey at first glance. Likewise the Pursuer seems a bit meh at first, but Ketsu is awesome...and pricey lol. Thoughts?
  13. Im not who youre asking because I dont have CC yet, but if I could get a group Together, yeah. I love long campaign games. I do think though that Armada lends itself more to a campaign mode than XWing, and Im willing to bet that the kinds of folks who like Armada are probably also more likely to enjoy a campaign mode...but maybe thats just me
  14. What is the final, highest max point total for your fleet?
  15. Thank you again I have a couple games next week...Ill try to write battle reports and hopefully have some more precise info for you guys
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