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  1. IIRC, the story of the Interceptors in XvT:BoP was that they were kinda special unit. The ISD you were on was being sent into a remote region and therefore were specially equipped to be able to handle heavier and more varied missions without the need for extra types of fighter craft.
  2. Something like a Tector-class ISD? No hanger and no reactor bulb and heavier bottom armor? Was prob a stop-gap "we need a more battle ship as opposed to battle/carrier/troop/ground assault combo ship to combat the Mon Cal ships that the rebels were staring to field.
  3. The term Assault Gunboat is the moniker given it. Similar to how the A-10 is called the Warthog, while it's official name is the Thunderbolt II.
  4. They actually called it the correct name. "Assault Gunboat" was the moniker it was given, similar to how the A-10 is officially named the Thunderbolt II, but everyone calls it the Warthog.
  5. While I agree that we can have both, I'm not sure what FFG could put out that would be better then HotAC.
  6. Have you not heard/tried "Hero's of the Atari Cluster"? If you have not, you need to. Outstanding fan made co-op campaign. And many groups (myself included) have adapted Imperial missions for it.
  7. When they are getting ready to leave Yavin to head to Jedha you see it landed in the top left corner. After the group briefing where they refuse to fight and before Jyn starting talking to the rest of the squad you hear the call for Sendula
  8. Trying to find the source, but it was confirmed that yes that is the Ghost at Scariff. You also see it landed on Yavin 4 and you hear in the background on Yavin 4, "General Sendula, please report to the briefing room." It was confirmed by the producers/LFL that they are one in the same.
  9. I believe that the Vic is in some of the new cannon novels. Same as the Carracks class cruiser and Immobilizer 418 interdictor are (via the Tarkin novel IIRC). Many of the old legends ships are slowly trickling back into canon this way. I can not say for 100% certainty that the Vic has, but I'm pretty sure.
  10. If we do you can simply use these
  11. Yep, that's them right there
  12. My first thought was an old toy line from GI JOE in the late 80's, Tiger Force. (I think I just dated myself there, dear god I'm feeling old now)
  13. Holy Cow, Your correct. I had completely missed that!
  14. The "card" is done in HotAC style player card. The ARC-170 dial, I feel, is a good fit for the Gunboat. Just need a dial that fits the Missile Boat.