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  1. I had considered using the MC80B (Mon Remonda), but I decided I wanted a non Mon Cal design. Both fit equally well though.
  2. I plan on getting the now Legends Nebula Star Destroyer from Mel's to count at the Starhawk. I liked most of the EU stuff so much better.
  3. Hey, even with a helmet, getting beamed in the head with a rock is going to stun you. I speak from experience as 15 year Army vet. Our body armor will stop a bullet, but you will probably end up with a major bruise or even broken ribs. Same idea, no broken skull but I'd bet credits that those stormtroopers received a concussion.
  4. "Real" star wars answer, it's to close for most of the guns to be able to traverse and hit it. Imagine that at black range you can no longer use your red dice, that's how it's surviving. The small issue people forget about this pic is notice the CR90 right next to the Neb-B, it's WAY too small for correct scale.
  5. I have not read it, but supposedly in the new canon novel "Tarkin" the Immoblizer 418 is made canon again. Was an earlier design that ceased production due to it being to soft of a target, but they continued to be in service through the GCW.
  6. In one of the new canon books (someone else please remind me which) an Imp commander comment something to the effect of "Can we for once not destroy a ship that we built" in reference to the Neb-B.
  7. I spent almost 3 years stationed at Fort Lost in the Woods, Misery. You have my condolences.
  8. I have an MC40 from Mels, and that's how I often field it, as an RAF-B carrier role I'd honestly like to see more versions of the ships we already have. The way that the Chimera expansion gave new options for the ISD, I'd like to see that treatment for other ships. Could add cross faction this way for the Neb-B and Dreadnaught (I'm 100% convinced it's going to come now that it's canon from Rebels and shown as pirate in new canon comics)
  9. Because Piett and the Emperor are from the movies as opposed to the books. More fans associate Piett as the commander of an SSD then any other character in Star Wars.
  10. When I'm trying to decide something like that, I try both on small sections on the bottom (where no one will ever notice).
  11. I'd recommend doing some touchup around the panels and blisters and them give it a wash. Not bad otherwise
  12. I like this card. While Thrawn gives the dial to each ship, you are locked in to those extra dials, and they are one use only. This means you can get the dial a ships needs more. Have a comm net to feed the extra token to the ship that needs it. ISD needs to repair but also turn hard to stay in the fight? Carrier needs to command fighters and has a great shot? Why not both? Thrawn might give a dial to a ship when it's not needed and would be a waste. I personally think he will be a useful tool. (Disclaimer, I do no play competitive tournaments)
  13. Was just thinking, most outer-rim planets would not have much in the way of "big" ships anyway. Ships the size of the C-ROC and smaller would prob be the norm, with Gonzati's being the usual imperial patrol ships. Han could be simply referring to Imperial/local CR-90's as they would feel big if you're not used to them.
  14. I would be happy with either the Braha'tok or the DP-20. The Braha'tok I feel is more likely as it is canon from multiple sources. It actually has more screen time then the B-wing.
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