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  1. Salted Diamond

    Interdictor and NK 7 Ion Cannons

    Ok, I give up, what's RBD's?
  2. Salted Diamond

    Not the local bulk cruisers mind you.

    Was just thinking, most outer-rim planets would not have much in the way of "big" ships anyway. Ships the size of the C-ROC and smaller would prob be the norm, with Gonzati's being the usual imperial patrol ships. Han could be simply referring to Imperial/local CR-90's as they would feel big if you're not used to them.
  3. Salted Diamond

    Expansions are built on hope

    I would be happy with either the Braha'tok or the DP-20. The Braha'tok I feel is more likely as it is canon from multiple sources. It actually has more screen time then the B-wing.
  4. Salted Diamond


    I just played a friendly game vs a buddy with him and Profundy last night. Used Profundy to set aside a CR90, and Raddus to set aside a MC80BC (w/ gunnery teams). As both are "at the start of any round" and can be resolved in any order, I ran my MC75 up, and next turn dropped my CR90 at range one, and then set the MC80BC and range one of the CR90, but facing the side of his flagship. You can guess the results and I then tore into his other support ship w/ GT. While this was a gimmick list, it was SO fun to pull off as I have been on a loosing streak with this friend.
  5. Salted Diamond

    Not the local bulk cruisers mind you.

    (Old EU at least) not all ISD's were built at Kuat. Fondor, Bilbringi, and Rendili all built ISD's as well and Kuat. Kuat was simply where the ship was designed and first built. And for what Han was referring to, apparently the Gonzati is a CEC ship, and while not big, so it stands to reason that CEC probably makes other medium sized patrol ships.
  6. Salted Diamond

    Can we call Dreadnoughts, "Nunchucks"?

    How are they canon again? I must know!
  7. Salted Diamond

    E-Wing Recanonised

    Was just trying to compare 2 fighters. As F-22 is supposedly a better fighter but F-35 is meant to be more multi-roll (was Army myself, but have a buddy who was Air Force and got trained on maintenance for both). Maybe the RAH-66 Comanche vs. upgraded AH-64D Apache would work better (pretending that the RAH-66 actually got into production/deployment)
  8. Salted Diamond

    E-Wing Recanonised

    It was
  9. Salted Diamond

    E-Wing Recanonised

    I know from the new Cross-section and dictionary books that the T-70's engines are "Icom-Fretik", and in Legends Fretik was the company founded by the former Icom engineers that defected and later designed the E-wing. So it does still fit in easily enough. Simple solution was after the New Republic largely disarmed, E-wing production was no longer deemed needed and was superseded by the newer X-wing designs. Think F-22 (E-wing) vs F-35 (X-70/80). Prob a better fighter, but more expensive to build, maintain (specialized R7 droids were needed in old EU) , and train on. Maybe E-wing was more straight dog-fighter where X-wing was a better escort, and more useful in peacetime.
  10. Salted Diamond

    What will Wave 8 bring?

    I actually like this idea. Maybe spend defense tokens to add dice or something to balance it, exhaust to reroll
  11. Salted Diamond

    What will Wave 8 bring?

    Well, so is the B-wing, and it does appear twice in VI, but I yes it is very easy to blink and miss (unless you are folks like us ) This is incorrect. The AFMkII was a seprate design my Rendili Star Drive (who designed and built the dreads). They took the Dreadnaught and AFMk1 designs and then designed the MkII, but they were built as MkII's where the MkI's were modified Dreadnaughts. They never built MkI's straight as Mk1's. Wookieepedia article " Using the design of the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser as a starting point, the original Assault Frigate was created. This design was further modified by dissident engineers at Rendili StarDrive, creating the Mark II. The Mark II shirked much of its predecessors' history however, moving away from the standard Dreadnaught model toward a more original design."
  12. Salted Diamond

    What will Wave 8 bring?

    The old EU background was they were CR-90's more geared towards combat. Think WWII sub vs. destroyer in terms of space and amenities. They were also very good at AA. So something like 2 black or blue in front and sides, and 2 blue or red AA.
  13. Salted Diamond

    What will Wave 8 bring?

    The Dorean gunship has actually gotten cumulatively quite a bit of screen time. You see them in VI, Rogue One, and Rebels. They now have more screen time then B-wings.
  14. Salted Diamond


    http://lego.brickinstructions.com/lego_instructions/set/10221/Super_Star_Destroyer_ Open the pdf for the full 228 page book
  15. Salted Diamond

    Chimaera Unboxing

    Does EWS and 7th Fleet SD make a decent combo? Maybe a pair of Vic's with a Interdictor w/ projection experts?