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  1. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Well, so is the B-wing, and it does appear twice in VI, but I yes it is very easy to blink and miss (unless you are folks like us ) This is incorrect. The AFMkII was a seprate design my Rendili Star Drive (who designed and built the dreads). They took the Dreadnaught and AFMk1 designs and then designed the MkII, but they were built as MkII's where the MkI's were modified Dreadnaughts. They never built MkI's straight as Mk1's. Wookieepedia article " Using the design of the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser as a starting point, the original Assault Frigate was created. This design was further modified by dissident engineers at Rendili StarDrive, creating the Mark II. The Mark II shirked much of its predecessors' history however, moving away from the standard Dreadnaught model toward a more original design."
  2. What will Wave 8 bring?

    The old EU background was they were CR-90's more geared towards combat. Think WWII sub vs. destroyer in terms of space and amenities. They were also very good at AA. So something like 2 black or blue in front and sides, and 2 blue or red AA.
  3. What will Wave 8 bring?

    The Dorean gunship has actually gotten cumulatively quite a bit of screen time. You see them in VI, Rogue One, and Rebels. They now have more screen time then B-wings.
  4. SSD EXPANSION REVEALED Open the pdf for the full 228 page book
  5. Chimaera Unboxing

    Does EWS and 7th Fleet SD make a decent combo? Maybe a pair of Vic's with a Interdictor w/ projection experts?
  6. I find it interesting that 2 of my favorite ships are coming up. MC-80BC w/ leading shots , XI7, and spinal (or enhanced arm) works very well for me. 2 black AA shreads TIE's too RAF-A I use to support a flank and then swing wide. I like to drive it through fighter screens after my fighters engage where the extra AA does good. One of the few places I will consider QLT if I'm runing light squadrons. Afterwards, with a dial it does the same from every arc so it can then swing wide and hit flanks. I can't seem to find a place where I like hammerheads (either). They don't seem to pull their weight to me, would rather a CR90B w/ SW7 everytime I try them. Always seems to end just out of black range or I roll bad, and I don't want to add OE for like 1 round when I pop External racks.
  7. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    While I fully agree, lets save this topic for another thread as we are getting off on quite the rabbit trail right now. Back to what ships do we want to see Mel make!
  8. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    But Ackbar would never have left his subordinates in the dark about his plan, allowed a mutiny to occur, taken so long to react to the transports being shot at (how long did it take for her to even begin do anything), etc.....
  9. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    It's this ship from the background of VI. Mel has named it an MC-20 Mon Cal Corvette. Bottom is Sullustan Dreadnaught. The ships are canon, but there are no official designations for either.
  10. My first painted Mel’s ship

    Make a fractalsponge Ton-Falk carrier and it will get even bigger
  11. Figrin D'an's Good Time Drive Yards

    I am the same about WSF. I have over a dozen ships from Mels (16, I counted after making that claim) and everything is FUD (or extreme is available). I can't get myself to sacrifice the detail to save on cost.
  12. My first painted Mel’s ship

    Here are some pics of my fleet with stuff from Mels. Everything I get from him is in FUD (or Extreme detail if available). yes it costs more, but well worth it to me. Rebel Fleet Mobquet and Action VI that count as GR-75's DP-20 counts as a CR-90 RAF Mk 1 type 5, 2 are from mels and 1 from Tsalt/Utar (no longer available) MC-40. It gets used as a pelta or RAF -B Imperial support ships. Neb-B2 as a Glad. Lancer as a Raider. Carracks as Arquitens Immobilizer 418 ISD1 conversion kit (paint will a WIP) Dreadnoughts that can be wither VSD's or RAF's Let me know if there is anything you would like a more/better pics of
  13. My first painted Mel’s ship

    I have purchased over a dozen ships from Mel's, and I can attest that FUD is IMO the best way to go. Yes it costs more, but the quality and detail makes it money well spent. I'll post some if you want (both painted and unpainted)
  14. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    I love the AF1 Mk V's. I have 2 of Mels myself.
  15. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Just placed a order will Mel for X2 Carrack crusiers (counts as Arquitens), DP-20 Correllian Gunship (counts as CR-90), Action IV & Mobquet (counts as GR-75), and TIE Avenger (Counts as TIE Silencer) As soon as Mels makes a fractalsponge Ton-Falk I'll be placing another order.