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  1. Don't forget that Tractor Beam only works on small ships. So he'll be just fine on the Falcon still.
  2. fieryseraph

    Boba crew

    I really, reallywish people would stop suggesting that Scum be hired out to other factions. I understand it thematically, but mechanically the factions need to be distinct, or there is no point to even having factions. They all need to have their strengths and weaknesses. Combining factions dilutes the game and makes it much less strategic.
  3. I've been running him with Wired and Zuckuss crew (plus title/tractor). Zuckuss means you can stress yourself anytime you want as long as you have someone to shoot (and can hit way harder against high agility ships than most 3-dice ships do), wired means you can still reroll focuses at least when you're stressed (such as if you multi-stress and can't pass it all off/clear it). Wired also gives you a form of dice modification (for both offense and defense) when you do red maneuvers. And my current build has sensor jammer on him since he's paired with palob to steal enemy focus tokens. My worry with a build like this is that to use Zuckuss to the fullest, you want a big stack of stress on you by the end of the game, and the Mist Hunter is the worst ship for him in that case. Then you wouldn't be able to use any red maneuvers. If you use the Zuck in moderation, it seems like it would be fine.
  4. This build is problematic because he only gets stressed when he does a red maneuver. In order to maximize his ability, he needs to be able to stress himself out every round and not be restricted to reds. I think he needs Push the Limit, and either Advanced Sensors (if you want to choose his action on a red maneuver), or Outlaw Tech (if you're fine with the focus on a red maneuver. This is also one point cheaper). This allows him to stress at will every round, and keep his actions. And when he's not taking a red maneuver, he'll get two actions. The Stay on Target build is interesting when combined with Advanced Sensors and Outlaw Tech. I'll have to think about that one more. That gives him 2 actions per turn no matter what, huh. I guess as long as you're okay with the second action always being a focus, that's fine. Too bad he's PS 6, it would be much more handy with a higher PS, that's for sure.
  5. Someone pointed out the other day that the Firespray has no red on its dial, with the exception of the k-turns, so it's not a bad choice for the "I didn't plan on taking any actions anyway" platform. I do like the YV-666, because as was said you can also take K4 and get an action that way.
  6. I think if it could evade, OR it had green 1 or 2 turns, it would be such a better ship. But as it is, it's just a very okay, expensive jouster.
  7. >Rihkxyrk I love saying this one, so it gets my vote.
  8. Someone posted this in a movie discussion thread on Reddit, looks like some possible source material for Scum & Villainy in the future: http://i.imgur.com/pQnQMqE.jpg
  9. Scum: what about Vizago and his ship? Azmorgan has one of the same kind, so they could get two rebels characters in with one release. Edit: Nvm, you already listed his ship. But you could add those two to the scum pilot section.
  10. Agree that the fix needs to include a hill point. Both times I've played with the Scyk, it was blown up in one shot, once in the first round of the game before it even did anything. :-/
  11. I'm hoping the base model of the Mist Hunter is 22 points, then you could bring two of those along for the ride.
  12. No doubt we'll soon see those special forces TIEs that have rear firing arcs. That's pretty close.
  13. Chances of seeing Vizago and his cool ship in the Scum faction at some point in the future? (That's all I could think about this episode)
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