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  1. So I'm thinking that there's various clans in mandalore. Each clan would have traits. Plus theres the protectorate and that group of revolutionaries. So in a campaign you could have a clan affiliated with the empire led by Captain Badass. Then you would have Fenn leading a scum clan (protectorates). Then Sabine for the rebels. They would all be mandals though. Just affiliates. So in skirmish you would have enough units to field a squad. The box would come with several small base groups with different abilities. All Mandalorian. Probably a melee guardian/trooper for empire clan, a jet pack spy/smuggler for the protectorate, and a heavy weapon on Sabine's side. Their affiliation would only be important for campaign missions. In skirmish they would function as a separate faction. The box would come with a boba skirmish upgrade to make him better but used only as a mandalorian. Probably Shyla too, Just to add figures to the faction. And you could have 2-3 new Mandalorian heroes added in. They'd be "rebels" for the campaign, but Mandalorian in skirmish.
  2. I was talking with friends last week about creating awhole new Mandalorian faction.
  3. The only app I've used from FFG is the Mansions of Madness app. It has all the expansions on it. Why wouldn't the IA app have all the expansions?
  4. Also I like that the special actions are sweep and swipe.
  5. Maybe something like this: (Special Action) Sweep: choose a hostile figure two spaces away from you. Perform an attack on that figure. If no surges are rolled on the attack dice, the attack fails. Then if the attack succeeds you could spend the surges if they were not cancelled. Basically you give the figure conditional reach which is what I was shooting for.
  6. Sorry for the confusion. The surges should be separate. A surge for reach and a separate surge for +2. I thought a surge for reach would be a different dynamic. The gundark takes a risk attacking a figure two spaces away. You're most likely correct that you need to be able to attack the figure. Just thinking of fun new ways to do stuff. I also agree that 8 is undercosted. 10 seems a bit high. If were to cost it at 10 I might add a green or blue die to the initial attack. Non sentient is also good!!
  7. So here's my ideas for gundark stats: Elite only: 8 points Round base Creature, brawler Speed 4 Health 14 Melee attack: yellow red Defense: black Native pierce 2 Native evade Surge for reach and +2 damage Abilities: Swipe (special action): choose an adjacent hostile figure and roll 1 yellow die. The figure suffers strain equal to the surge results. Then perform an attack on a different hostile figure. Hunger (see wampa) Ideas?
  8. I love the people that I have met through playing this game. Whether it is in real life or on vassal, I feel a strong connection to those folks who spend the time to care about others and be genuinely friendly. It makes the world a better place for me.
  9. I won a 40+ person store championship with 2 kihraxz black sun aces, toting glitterstim, crackshot, and shield upgrade, alongside 3 black sun soldiers. I went 7-1, and beat all sorts of lists. The only list I lost to was Chirpy and Fel, but I flew 2 ships off the board. The only archetype list I did not face was Brobots. The Aces flew awesome and blasted all competition.
  10. Put atst head under hot water for just a few secondsand it will slip right in.
  11. FFG said they won't make those, they are afraid the ears will come off... Or some farmboy from Tatooine will tear them off.
  12. How about a Mara Jade scum pilot card (z95 maybe?) with the pilot ability "once per round you may choose the EPT or pilot ability of an enemy ship at range 1-3. Use that ability as your own until the end of the round. Too bad I'll never win worlds.
  13. I don't think navigator is compatible since when you slam you are not revealing a maneuver.
  14. I'm always interested in an ELO game but it seems that this summer brought a lot of new players who may not know about the rankings.
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