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  1. A very good looking ship. And it doesn't have the asymmetry of the other large Mon-Cal ships that I find quite irksome.
  2. I am very much looking forward to it. A non-Mon Cal big ship is what I've been wanting for a while.
  3. And then Thrawn's next line is "Get Captain Pellaeon." who responds, this implies that the "Our ships are just gone" is a hyperbolic way of saying they've been destroyed, not that all of their ships were pulled by the Purrgils into hyperspace. The only ISD we see pulled into hyperspace by the Purrgils is the Chimaera.
  4. I like the design. It kinda reminds me of the Earth Alliance destroyers from Babylon 5.
  5. My idea would be that the Droid control ship just has a the biggest squadron stat we've seen yet, but that all the droid fighters have a rule like Droid: This squadron's cost doesn't count towards your squadron total and cannot activate in the squadron phase.
  6. I think a third faction with a different feel would be great. However, I'm struggling to think of any medium or large based ships that the Crime syndicates could field.
  7. Resistance/FO. As a rebel player I want that MC85 since it's basically a Viscount-class from old canon/Legends.
  8. Sounds like the Battle of Orinda from Legends
  9. As I understand it, he doesn't. Motti works with small, medium, and large based ship while the Executor has a huge base.
  10. Small scale tournament, maybe 64 people. The arena looks like the Death star hanger bay. Rebel players dressed as rebel pilots, Imperial players as Tie pilots or officers if they've got any large ships, Fringe players get to choose what to wear as long as it's thematic.
  11. Admael


    You beat me to it.
  12. Admael

    777 pages

    I guess we all hit the jackpot together.
  13. You're thinking of the second Death Star, the first was only 120 kilometers across, meaning at 1/270 scale it would be a much more reasonable 444.4 meters, or a little under half a kilometer.
  14. Admael

    Your Fav Ship is

    It's weird, but I love me the Tie Advanced Prototype.
  15. When using Cluster Missiles along with Ruthlessness, does Ruthlessness trigger once for each successful attack from Cluster Missiles?
  16. Advanced Homing Missiles says "If this attack hits, deal 1 faceup Damage card to the defender. Then cancel all dice results." So if I hit at a ship with shields, does the defender get 1 face up damage or does he just lose 1 shield?
  17. Okay I'll need to put some thought into this one. I was thinking more in a casual play so you'd get to redo your squad and not loose the 19 point. Or you could say 'I'll pay 20 points for N'dru' and force the other guy to redesign their squad, who of course could bid even higher. How important is that unique to you're strategy? Or maybe some way to put your points towards a betrayal strategy card where you can change on your opponent's mercenaries' dials for one turn.
  18. Admael

    TL and Ordinance

    Yes, some of the Huge ships can shoot that far and come with two attachable range rulers.
  19. Not that I am at all disagreeing with you, but for what purpose? Intro questions? Early buying suggestions? Just looking for clarification.
  20. Admael

    Playing X-Wing...

    I like playing with The Force Unleashed soundtrack in the background.
  21. Admael

    X wing news

    This just in: after nearly two decades of incompetence and bureaucratic stalling his well designed and exceptionally well thought out economic stimulus plans and infrastructure expanding construction projects, our glorious Emperor Palpatine, long may he reign, has dissolved the Imperial Senate. This plan had apparently been in the works for some time as the regional governors have already assumed direct control of their territories. Grand Moff Tarkin has hailed the move, saying "The last remnants of the old Republic have been swept away."
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