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  1. rubberduck


    I work as an operator at an oil refinery.
  2. rubberduck

    R2-D2 vs. BB-8

    No question, R2-D2! I like BB-8 but R2 has the experience.
  3. rubberduck

    What X-Wing pilot do you want to fly again?

    Wedge, because he's awesome!
  4. rubberduck

    Tantive IV

    Well, there is that email from Frank Brooks floating around that says yes Esege's focus tokens work for the CR90.
  5. rubberduck

    Happy Chanukkah!

    Happy Chanukah to you Celestial Lizards! I'm hoping to get Gunboat! For Christmas, and maybe the resistance bomber too!
  6. rubberduck

    Colored Base Preference?

    I always go with green, because it's my favorite color.
  7. rubberduck

    The Walking Dead.

    I don't, but I'm led to believe that others do.
  8. rubberduck

    a thought ?

    Sounds like a version of the "fog of war" approach. I've played casual games this way and it's a lot of fun.
  9. rubberduck

    Heroes of Scarif closer than ever?

    In all his mustashio glory!
  10. rubberduck

    Heroes of Scarif closer than ever?

    I have $35! Who will give me $40? $35 going once!
  11. rubberduck

    Suggestions for introduction games? (demo-ing X-wing)

    Just give the Y wings the BTL-A4 title and ion cannon turret.
  12. rubberduck

    There is another...

    It's a beautiful dream.
  13. rubberduck

    There is another...

    Corvette sized scum epic?
  14. rubberduck

    Ideas for 0 or 1 cost Imperial Crew?

    LOL! Then have Moff Jerjerrod throw him out the airlock.
  15. rubberduck

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    You're dedication to the cause will not go unnoticed.