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  1. i know this request is unblushing and weird, but is there a small chance for threat tracker?
  2. You nailed it. This is the perfect summary to where the game has developed. The elegance and beauty are gone. But somehow i still havent reached the last stage of mourning (acceptance). Each and every wave i go back to stage 1 denial for about a month. Than starts the anger (2.Stage), leading to Stage 3 bargaining (at the forum) followed by depression....than the next wave hits the shelfs and the cycle of suffering can start again.
  3. probably we need more powercreep to fight the existing powercreep. Maybe ordonance .. a new torp. PC-torp mkI: 3 Points 4 Attack [Attack] Dont have any focus, TL, or evade Tokens. You can fire out of your Arc. Reroll all blanks and change all focus to crits. If you are stressed and/or collided with a ship or asteroid this round add 5 Attackdice. I think this would fit perfectly in the general direction the game is heading... ...maybe it should also assign a condition......for funsies
  4. Its the exact opposite. Dominant Archetypes completly remove the bazzillon possible other squads from the Meta. Whisper removed EVERY jouster. Reducing meta to Fathan Deadeyejumpmaster removed a whole faction.And so on and on.... This SEEMS normal, cause it was almost always the case. If you want to play competitively (aka aim to win a tournament) you are reduced to approx 10-20 Pilots...... out of 234 . That is 5 to 10 %. Right now it is reduced to max. 10 out of 234 ...if you want to win a tournament. You have to have at least 2 out of the top 10 Pilots in your squad. Imagine any other strategiegame like total war warhammer or starcraft with such a distorted balance. Only using zealots and archons the rest is crap. X-wing right know totally runs on it formidabel core-mechanic. The balancing is outrigth terrible. It is obvious that their is no one responsible for balancing the game at FFG. Maybe this is intentional. Here are the foreseeable answers to my opinion: You dont have to play.....chose another game.....you dont have a clue.....i won yesterday against my granny so theres no problem...you cant win, so you want to nerf EVERYTHING...... If i might answer that bevorhand: I love to play, cause i love the game...more than any other game, cause its mechanic is brilliant....i am not only playing the game, but analys it since the i started in wave4...i have won tournaments.
  5. i could be mistaken, but hotcop fenn/ ezramaul lothal is the hardest possible counter to advoptics poe right now. I really wonder how plotarmour according to meta wing is one of the better squads against spectre7 only loosing 21:15. In my personal testsetups it is 2 : 4 .....meaning 2 times out of 6 plotarmour achieved to destroy fenn instead of beeing evapourated 0:100.
  6. it wasnt my intention but i really start to enjoy the deep and profound discussion culture this thread develops. My Top 5 arguments so far: 5. That’s not a very good idea.. 4. Terrible idea. Just awful. 3. forum fail 2. what a ******* stupid idea but the still unconquested Number 1 is......... "Good luck in other games out there!!!!!...... your crying won't be missed....watch the door!!!" What makes this argument the winner and much superior over its competitors is that it forces the recipient to remember that their are allways 3 possible solutions to every problem in life: change, leave, accept. By completely opposing the solution of change and strongly suggesting the option leave, actually this is a subtle recommendation for acceptance.
  7. The one thing in common of the lists that you mention is that they at least contain 4 Ships. There are no Uber-point-fortress-can-do-every-trick-Bomb-coordinate-without-actions-required-ships in it. When i recall correctly there are also no ships with more than 4 Upgrades. Which was the initally thougt of this thread. So i a agree that limiting only some cards would be the better answer.
  8. Even your post is useful. By trying to figure out if you are an old troll with a new account or a new troll i found this thread that i missed out: I really wish FFG would take some cues from other miniature games for a 2.0 version. which pretty muchs try to solve the same problems by a different approach. Thanks.
  9. maybe..its the same cancer as quadtlts with the difference of more defence instead of offence. its the same lazy flying forcing the opponent pretty much to play against a very uncomplex KI. (2 turns instead of 3 banks with the quadtlt). Its not my cup of tea to fly it, but its an interessting thing to fly against. Lets restrict some more: Basicrule No 2: maximum copys of any card: 2 (hmmm....maybe 1)
  10. ...and unsurprisingly ezra maul wins. ....against more than half the field prepared to beat it.
  11. This hand has been dealt pretty much since wave 4 through whisper leading to fat han. There where only small windows through the stresshog or imperaial a-holes that brought more versatile squads to the surface. The rest was dominated by MIN/MAX-squads going all out on one gamemechanic and rendering 95-99% of all other pilots useless. Like today its fenn/lothal, nymranda and some tanky ships with expertise. The MIN/MAX squads force everyone to bring an answer or immadetly loose.....if both squads are PLAYED CORRECTLY. I dont think i am the only one who can predict the winner of 95% of all games by taking a look at the matchup. I feel it is a problem when a game degenerates to that state, that matchups define the winner. Theirs no Problem when you have to adept to the meta but if you have constantly abandon Pilots or sometimes whole Factions cause they dont have an answer to the newest Metabully thats a problem. This has become a constant state the more cardinteractions exist and will not be solved by nerfing 1 or 2 cards per FAQ. After each new wave their is a shortly period of hope, that it will bring the balance, but this is just an illusion crumbling after some weeks. Also for me two uberships fighting two uberships doesnt feel very starwarsy but more like wrestling. Becoming less the art of manouvering than just a cardgame to find combos. Here is the history of Uberships since wave 4: Whisper->Fat Han -> Rac -> Dash-> Fat Han again -> (IG2000) ->Palpaces-> TLTs (Quad and Stresshog) -> TORPboats ->Torpboats vs Palpaces->Torpboats-> deadeye nerf -> Torpboats again -> Dengaroo ->X7Defender (aka easymode frontarcs) -> finally a nerf RESTRICTING the UPGRADE POSSIBILITYS on Jumpmasters -> Paratanni ->another restricting nerf for attani-> Mirandabombs -> Nymcrap and today fenn/lothal vs expertise. It allways ...ALLWAYS burns down to 2 or 3 viable squads. In my opinion it doesnt need to . PS: Epic isnt tournamentrelevant and of course there is allways the possibility to play with my balls instead. But that is not the solution i am looking for.
  12. i said 4 (maybe 3) anyways here we go: Sontir AT PTL Inq AT PTL Title Whisper ATC VI FCS POE BB8 ADVOPT AT SNAP Intensity FAA AT FENN PTL AT Thweek AT FCS Guri etc. Vader EU Title ATC Jake PTL AT Protons Duchess Ailerosn VI LWF Dash -LW-Title-HLC-rey Miranda-whateveryoulike but no 54 Point fortress ...just from the top of my head. All playable if their is no UBER-COMBO-CAN-DO-IT-ALL-SHIP
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